5 Week Old Baby: Checking Your Child’s Development

The 5-week-old baby is continuing to grow and develop at a rapid pace. Between 5 weeks of age, parents will likely start to notice changes in their baby’s growth. Babies are continuing to develop at an astounding rate during this period of time–even more so than any other 5-week-old baby stretch. This article provides information on what’s currently known about 5-week-old babies.

Physical Development

Physical development is a major milestone for 5-week-old babies. In this time, babies are now capable of physical development. This includes rolling over and lifting their head and chest off the floor when lying on their stomachs. They can hold objects with their thumb and forefinger, or grasp hanging toys within sight. They are also blinking both eyes in response to something, touching the lower lid.

Developing Senses

The 5-week-old baby should continue to gain weight and grow in length. The baby’s head should be proportionate to his body. The baby’s muscles should start to develop more coordination. Eyesight continues to improve–can follow objects that are close by. The 5-week-old baby should start to babble and make other noises as they practice their vocal cords.

At 5 weeks, the baby will be able to see close objects clearly with both eyes after development is finished. This means that they are now ready to focus on things such as family members or toys that are about 2 feet away from them while sitting on someone’s lap. They can also enjoy watching what you are doing. This is because they begin learning how actions result in certain outcomes by using their sense of vision.

Since babies like looking at anything bright, their vision also allows seeing colors like blue and green. 5-week-old babies will still be able to see things up to about 8 feet away, though, so keep this in mind when your 5-week-olds is crawling around your house.

5 week old baby

Developing Taste and Smell

The sense of taste is beginning to develop towards the end of the 5-week-old baby’s development. They like sweet flavors over sour ones because their tastebuds are still maturing. However, even though they might prefer sweet things, doesn’t mean they won’t drink formula if a bottle has a very slight flavor difference. They can be picky. You need to watch out for how much sugar you put in their formula. This is because babies need milk that doesn’t have too much sugar which might make them fussy.

Their smell also starts to develop, but they still prefer the smell of breastmilk over anything else at this time. Even though they can smell other things besides your scent, it is important to keep strong odors away from your babies to avoid confusing or overwhelming them with new smells.

Manual Dexterity

The size of their hands is about 1 inch long and a little bit wider. Babies can use both hands at the same time to pick up objects that are small. However, they still won’t be able to grasp things like blocks or crayons very well.

Emotional and Social Development

Babies as young as 5 weeks old may become irritable if they are in pain or have a soiled diaper, both of which are normal occurrences in infants of this age. After some time has passed, it is possible to become more attached to one’s caregivers and family members. It’s possible that your baby will cry for no apparent reason at any point. It is the earliest stage in the development of a personality.

Giving Comfort

5-week-old babies will react to touch. They love being touched on the face and having you stroke their hair since they have become accustomed to your smell. This is why they respond well to massages. This includes calming techniques that can be done while holding them in your arms. It helps to develop their sense of security since they must learn how to relax by themselves without outside help from parents or caretakers.

Once you start using soothing techniques like swaying back and forth with your baby in your arms (known as the “rock ‘n play”) they will learn to relax very quickly. They respond well to music and sound so playing music for your 5-week-old baby can help them fall asleep at night since it stimulates their brain development.

5 week old baby

Cognitive Development

Babies this age are learning about cause and effect. For example, if they drop a toy, they may watch it fall and then observe what happens when they pick it up again. They are also starting to learn about the world around them, including different shapes, colors, and sizes. Babies this age can usually recognize their parents’ faces. They may also begin responding to simple commands such as “up” and “down”.

Sleep Time

Babies will still be tired at the end of the day but they will find it harder to sleep at night. The babies around this age start going through a separation anxiety stage. That makes it hard for 5-week-olds to fall asleep without someone nearby. You might have better luck finding a spot for your child to take a quick nap. You can take them outside since babies like the sunniness as well as fresh air during this time. It is important, though, not to sleep outside for too long even though 5-week-olds can’t stay awake as long as they used to.


Babies will continue to eat as much as they did before even though their stomach is still relatively small. However, babies at this age might start getting pickier about what they eat. They might not always want what you’re having for dinner. This happens because babies develop a sense of taste around now. This means that unless you offer them something besides breastmilk or formula, they might refuse to eat since this is the only thing that has the flavor they are used to tasting.

Final Thoughts

The 5-week-old baby is continuing to grow and develop at a rapid pace. As always, if you have any concerns about your child’s development, please speak with your pediatrician. Thanks for reading!

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