7 Week Old Baby: Checking Your Child’s Development

It can be nerve-wracking to have a 7-week-old baby, especially when it comes to their growth and development. 7 weeks is still early in your baby’s life. So, do not worry if you feel like they are behind in certain areas. This is because there is still time for them to catch up. You might consider creating a baby schedule to track your child’s activity.

Physical Development


Eyesight is something that all parents want to know about their baby. Knowing what your baby’s vision is at this age can help you take care of them when they are older. One of the most important things a baby needs to develop is their eyesight. The 7-week-old baby’s eyesight is still developing.

The retina has developed enough that your baby will now respond to fairly significant changes in brightness with eye blinking. This means that they will react if a bright light flashes on their face or a sudden light goes on when they open their eyes after being dark for a while. A 7-week-old baby would also try to track moving lights, such as the mother’s face.


Hearing tests may be done at this age. For example, your 7-week-old by now should know what familiar voices sound like. At this age, babies will likely try to look at someone who is speaking if they are right in front of them.

Physical Touch

Babies have more control over their hand movements and can grab things with one hand. They will also be able to open their hands if they’d like to! 7-week-olds can even grab your finger if you put it in front of their face. However, they might not be able to let go.

They may not be able to feel pain yet but they can certainly feel touch! A baby should be able to tell the difference between a light touch and deep touches, such as when you grab on to their hand or when an object touches them.

7 week old baby

7-8 Hours of Sleep

By 7 weeks old, 7-8 hours of sleep is recommended for 7-week-old babies. Sleeping through the night can be hard for a 7-week-old baby. This is because they need to feed every few hours but this should change as they grow older. 7-week-old babies can sleep for up to 8 hours at night as long as they have their feeding during the day as well as before bed.

A baby who cannot sleep through the night is not automatically a bad sign. It just means that they are not ready to sleep through the night yet. 7-8 hours of sleep for 7-week-old babies is great. So 7-week-old babies should be getting this much throughout the night.

Baby Food

At 7 weeks old, babies are still most comfortable with milk products. 7-week-old babies are usually given breast milk or formula milk. If you do give your 7-week-old baby food, it is advised to give them rice cereal and other similar foods.

Emotional and Social Development

7 Week Old Baby: Cries A Lot

By 7 weeks, the baby will cry a lot during the day. Crying is a way for babies to communicate their needs. So they cry when they are hungry or even just uncomfortable. Crying can be very hard on parents because babies can have loud screams. However, crying does not mean that something wrong is happening to your baby. Be sure to make a 7-week-old baby comfortable if they are crying. 7-week-old babies tend to cry a lot because of the way their body works at 7 weeks old.

They are still too young to be able to roll over and play with toys. Babies can often be seen stretching and kicking their tiny legs in discomfort. They are also at that age when they start spending most of their time awake. So many 7-week-old babies are tired especially when crying.

Make Crying Baby Comfortable

As mentioned above, babies are just beginning their lives outside the womb, and adjusting well takes time. Parents should be prepared for many sleepless nights as their babies’ cries need to be responded to. Things you can do to stop your baby from crying:

  1. Babies may be comforted by only the presence of their mothers or fathers while crying.
  2. Might also feel better after being wrapped tightly in a blanket.
  3. They love soft sounds like soothing music or the sound of running water. Try using earphones or speakers set on low volume that will play this type of white noise.
  4. They also love being held by their parents firmly while gently swaying back and forth.

7 week old baby


The baby may even be able to tell the difference between some expressions. It happens just by looking carefully at your face or by listening closely to the tone of voice. Not only do babies learn about their own feelings like what they like and dislike, but also, they begin to understand how other people feel as well.

In this way, social interaction with others becomes very important for proper emotional development in a child’s first year. To demonstrate that children are experiencing empathy during this period, scientists have tried giving children the opportunity to help others. This helps children who have trouble with social interaction.

Baby Food

At 7-weeks-old, babies are still most comfortable with milk products. 7-week-old babies are usually given breast milk or formula milk. If you do give your 7-week-old baby food, it is advised to give them rice cereal and other similar foods.

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Breastfeeding is very important to babies. Breastmilk is the best source of nutrition for a 7-week-old baby. Breast milk contains all the necessary nutrients for the baby. It provides the perfect balance of vitamins, proteins, and lipids to babies.


You may start introducing cereals to your baby’s diet since it helps them digest easily because of the presence of starch in them. Cereal-based foods have carbohydrate content. It is broken down by digestive enzymes present in saliva before being absorbed into the bloodstream. 7-week-olds may eat oatmeal porridge, wheat flakes, or rice cereal mixed with 7-week-old breastmilk or milk formula.

7 Week Old Baby: Checkup

A checkup is important for 7-week-old babies. This can tell you a lot about how your baby has been doing in the first few months of life. The checkup includes getting weighed and measured to make sure that they are growing normally and doing well. Most pediatricians ask if their babies have vaccines such as flu shots.

Final Thoughts

The development of your 7-week-old baby is already showing. It is important to put your attention and care on them more to track their growth. Always monitor your baby’s health.

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