Best Baby Gates 2024 – Buyer’s Guide

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1.North States Supergate Deluxe Decor Metal Gate Check Price on Amazon
2.Munchkin Luna Safety Gate With LED Light Check Price on Amazon
3.North States Supergate Easy Close Metal Gate Check Price on Amazon
4.Munchkin Loft Aluminum Infant Safety Gate Check Price on Amazon
5.Regalo 192-Inch Super Wide Gate Check Price on Amazon
6.Summer Infant 6 Foot Wide Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate Check Price on Amazon
7.North States Superyard 3-in-1 Metal Gate Check Price on Amazon
8.North States Superyard Colorplay Ultimate Playard Check Price on Amazon
9.Lascal KiddyGuard Avant Retractable Baby Gate Check Price on Amazon
10.Cardinal Gates Heirloom Wood Gate Check Price on Amazon

For any parent who’s looking to buy the best baby gates for 2024 on the market today, it is important too, first of all, do thorough research online so as to make sure you confidently know what to look for and also to avoid choosing and buying the wrong product that will not satisfy or meet most of the safety needs that you have.

When it comes to baby safety, there are many devices available that can help parents keep a close eye on their babies or children. Baby gates are very important in ensuring your baby doesn’t access dangerous places in the house but they are also not convenient for parents who want to see and hear each and everything the baby is doing especially when they are not around or in close proximity. In this kind of situation, a baby monitor will serve you well since it will enable you to get both visual and audible feedback from your baby when you’re far from them.

But these two safety devices have their own merits and demerits since one device can do something that the other can’t do. With a safety gate, you can prevent the baby from accessing dangerous places in your house but you can’t see what your baby is doing if you’re far away. Likewise, for a baby monitor, you can see and hear what the baby is doing even from a distance but it doesn’t prevent the baby from reaching dangerous places in the house. A wise parent would therefore invest in both safety devices if they want the best of both worlds.

For most parents, however, a baby gate would be enough to ensure their baby’s safety in the home setting. It is for this reason that we created this informative buyer’s guide together with the most up-to-date reviews on the best baby gates available on the market today. The whole guide is aimed at helping you make the right decision and choose a safety gate that will cater to the safety concerns of your baby around the house.

Best Baby Gates 2024

(a)Baby Gates For Stairs

1. North States Supergate Deluxe Decor Metal Gate

north states supergate deluxe decor

The north states deluxe décor gate is hardware-mountable and comes with interesting features that make it a great choice over and above other baby gates in the same category. it is built to blend and complement any home décor thanks to the matte bronze finishing on its heavy-duty metal construction.

The design enables the gate to adjust to fit openings whose width range from 38.3 to 72 inches wide and it has a height of 30 inches tall. This makes the deluxe décor gate ideal for extra-wide openings like spaces between rooms or the bottom of stairs. For even wider openings, the gate can be expanded using a 6-bar extension that adds an additional 15 inches to the gate.

Busy parents should also be able to pass through the gate easily when moving from room to room and this is made possible by the arched door panel that has an impressive width of 25.5 inches with a convenient stay-open feature that prevents the door from closing if you want it to stay open for a long time.

The gate is also highly configurable since it can be mounted on either straight or angled walls. The panels can be moved independently to provide the perfect fit on any wall configuration thanks to the built-in pivot points on the gates panels.

And in times when the gate is not in use, you can very quickly and easily detach it from the mounting hardware for easy storage and portability.

2. Munchkin Luna Safety Gate With LED Light

munchkin luna safety gate led

The munchkin luna safety gate with LED light is in a league of its own when it comes to baby gates. It is a pressure-mounted gate that comes in a fully assembled package and offers blazing fast installation that uses your own unique turnkey mounting tools. It is perfect for use in stairways and doorways.

It has a high-tech motion-activated LED light that is automatically activated for 15 seconds when you are at a distance of six feet from the gate. This is a safety feature that reminds you there’s a gate in the hallway, especially in less-lit hallways that don’t have enough light during the night.

The gate is designed to fit openings ranging from 30 to 40.5 inches wide and it stands at 29 inches tall though there are additional extensions sold separately for wider openings. There are up to three types of extensions to be bought and the largest can span widths of up to 54 inches. For use on stairways, the gate’s door can be set to open in only one-way while for use in doorways, the door acts as a two-way opening door.

Batteries are also required to operate the motion-activated LED lights effectively. Included in the package are 2 AAA batteries that can last for about 48 hours without a recharge.

3. North States Supergate Easy Close Metal Gate

north states supergate easy close

This safety gate from North States is suitable for use on children and pets in the house. It is packed with amazing features and it doesn’t require any assembly to set it up. You just need to extend the tension knobs until the gate fits tightly in place.

It comes with a self-closing door that has a hold-open feature for keeping the gate open at a 90 degrees angle for easy walk-through until you manually decide to close it. Note that the gate swings open in both ways and has a triple locking safety system that’s easy for adults to open with one hand but difficult enough for the baby or child to unlock.

This safety gate is designed to fit openings or spaces ranging from 28 to 30 inches wide and has a height of 29 inches. If you need to enclose wider spaces, you can buy two separate extensions that increase the fitting width to 38.5 inches. Also, note that it is recommended for use in children who are between 6 to 24 months old.

You can comfortably use this gate to enclose the bottom of stairs, hallways, and even spaces between rooms thanks to its heavy-duty metal construction that also adds to its strength and sturdiness. The straight-line detail together with the bronze finishing will blend well with any home décor.

4. Munchkin Loft Aluminum Infant Safety Gate

munchkin loft infant safety gate

This baby gate from munchkin loft is built to offer the latest in safety gate technology. It comes with two important features that enable it to fit on spaces of varying widths and irregular walls of varying heights.

The first feature is the indexed sizing system that allows for quick width adjustments and enables it to accommodate openings of 26-1/2 to 40 inches wide thus making it ideal for use on kitchen doorways to the top of the stairways. But the second feature is what sets this safety gate apart from the rest. With its integrated tuning system, it provides for a level vertical fit by adjusting itself to accommodate irregular walls of different heights.

For the sake of your baby’s safety, it has a double-lock handle that’s easy for adults to open but difficult for the baby to unlock. To give the gate a sleek look, this double-lock handle is carefully integrated into the design. This safety gate is also very convenient to be used in places with high traffic. It can slide in and out very easily plus the extra-wide walk-through makes it perfect for busy areas. The wall mounts can be quickly released to allow for easy removal of the entire gate if it’s not in use.

Its aluminum construction with a silver-toned finish makes it blend and complement any home décor while still providing it with durability and strength.

(b)Extra Wide Baby Gate

5. Regalo 192-Inch Super Wide Gate

regalo 192-inch super wide gate

If you’re looking for a super wide play yard baby gate that’s going to keep your baby safe while offering a spacious place for the baby to play, then the Regalo 192-inch super wide gate may be just perfect for you. It is designed to be portable and easy to set up.

This play yard gate can be configured in many ways to fit the different spaces within your house. You can set it up as a stand-alone play yard that creates up to 19 square feet of playing space for your baby to enjoy comfortably and its height of 28 inches tall ensures the baby cannot climb over. Apart from that, it can also be used to enclose a dangerous place like a fireplace to keep your baby out of harm’s way. You can also mount it between walls or use it as a free-standing barrier for hard-to-secure structures like the bottom of stairs.

It is good to know that all the wall-mounting hardware is included in the package if you’ll need to set it up as a wall-mounted gate and this gives you the added convenience you need. This convenience is also enhanced by the walk-through design that provides adults with easy access due to a quick, one-touch safety lock release lever. The gate is also very portable since it can be easily taken down and folded compactly for easy storage and transportation.

The all-steel-frame material used in its construction is not only strong and supportive but it’s also PVC-free and approved by the American Society for Testing Materials to make sure it’s not hazardous to your baby’s health.

(c)Extra Tall Baby Gate

6. Summer Infant 6 Foot Wide Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate

summer infant extra tall walk-thru

If you have a young child who has a habit of climbing over obstacles, then for sure you must be looking for an extra-tall safety gate to help put a stop to your child’s stubborn behavior. For this, the summer infant metal expansion 6 foot wide extra-tall walk-thru gate may just be perfect for you.

It is designed to be securely hardware mounted and comes with 4 extensions that enable it to be used effectively between extra-wide spaces or openings such as between rooms. Without the extensions, it can fit openings ranging from 44 to 72 inches wide and its impressive height of 36 inches ensures your child cannot climb or jump over the gate.

The 6 foot wide extra tall walk-through door is very convenient for easy access between rooms and can be easily opened by a simple, one-hand operation. To prevent the gate from scratching surfaces such as hardwood floors, it is fitted with a soft scratch guard on the bottom rail.

The gate is also constructed with metal that gives it the durability, strength, and support it needs plus the styling bronze metal finish makes it complement and fit well with most home décor.

(d)Play Yard Gates

7. North States Superyard 3-in-1 Metal Gate

north states superyard 3-in-1 gate

The North States Superyard 3-in-1 gate will offer your child or pet a great playing area whether it’s inside or outside the house. With up to six removable and adjustable panels, it offers a playing area of 10 square feet for your baby or even a small pet and has a height of 30 inches tall. As a free-standing yard, you can set it up on hardwood floors, tiles, and even carpets without worrying the gate is going to scratch the surface thanks to a pre-attached rubber foot.

If you need to increase the play area for your child, you can do so with an optional two-panel extension that will increase the play area from 10 to 19 square feet. Apart from it being used as a play yard, it can also be hardware mounted to provide an extra-wide barrier for spaces between rooms or as a fireplace screen.

For your child’s safety, it comes with a swinging walk-through door panel that has a child-proof double-locking system that allows for easy access or passing through. In addition, the steel panels used in its construction provide the strength and support that’s needed to keep your child safe and the warm taupe finish on the steel panels means this gate will complement any home décor.

8. North States Superyard Colorplay Ultimate Playard

north states superyard colorplay

This colorful play yard gate from North States can be used comfortably on any kind of surface including hardwood floors, carpets, or tiles thanks to its skid-resistance pads that prevent scratching or slipping of the panels. At a net weight of only 20 pounds, this colorful safety gate is very easy to transport and the simple folding of the panels in alternating directions makes it very quick to pack ready to go. A convenient carry handle makes carrying the gate even easier.

And since it requires no assembly, you can easily just click the panels into place like a puzzle by lifting up on one panel while pressing down on the second panel. And to make sure the fit is secure enough, there’s a pin on either end of the panel that perfectly sits in the plunger.

This safety gate is built to be used either indoors or outdoors. As a play yard, it encloses a play area of up to 18.5 square feet and is 26 inches in height. This creates a comfortable space for your baby to play in peace and the panels are also weather-resistant thus making them easy to clean.

For ease of access, it comes with an access door that’s easy to operate and has a double-lock feature for your baby’s security. Additionally, this gate can also be expanded to increase the play area from 18.5 to 34.4 square feet using a two-panel extension that’s sold separately.

(e)Retractable baby gate

9. Lascal KiddyGuard Avant Retractable Baby Gate

lascal kiddyguard avant retractable

As a fully retractable safety gate, the Lascal Kiddyguard is ideal for use at the top of stairs, in room-to-room openings, and also in doorways. When this gate is fully opened or if it’s not in use, the mesh panel completely disappears into its housing thus leaving no trip hazards on your way.

It is designed to offer easy installation and its adaptable configuration means it can be installed inside an opening, on the outside of openings, on walls that have baseboards or not, on top of stairs, on the bottom of stairs, and with available accessories, it can also be installed on banisters. It fits perfectly on openings of up to 48 inches wide.

It features a very handy timing system that enables you to silently open, pass and close the gate without making any noise for your sleeping baby. The gate can also be operated easily using one hand only thanks to its simple release and lock mechanism that makes it very convenient for heavy traffic areas in your house.

The mesh panel used in its construction is strong, flexible, and built to the highest safety standards that meet the tough EN 1930 European Standard plus the elegant Swedish design complements well with your interior or décor.

(f)Wooden Baby Gate

10. Cardinal Gates Heirloom Wood Gate

cardinal gates heirloom wood

The Cardinal Gates heirloom wood gate is designed for the top of a stairway although it can still be used in many other different areas of the house. It is easy to install and comes with helpful features that make this gate a must-have for any parents with little babies or children.

With child safety in mind, it comes with a latch that can be easily opened with just one hand by adults but is troublesome enough for the baby or young toddler to open. Note that the gate opens in both directions and also has an optional one-way swinging safety feature.

For openings angled up to 30 degrees, this gate will fit perfectly as intended. If you don’t want to drill holes on your walls or banisters, you can opt for clamps that are sold separately and fit square, round, and even spindle banisters. Also available are extensions that are sold separately. These are important, especially in cases where the gate is not wide enough to fully enclose a space or stairway.

Baby gates buyer’s guide

Parenting is not an easy task especially when your little baby starts to grow. Little babies are curious beings and this curiosity is part and parcel of their development stage. When they are growing up, babies will crawl, climb and do all sorts of messy stuff around the house. It is in this kind of situation that accidents are bound to happen and for this reason, you need to start thinking about your baby’s safety whether it’s inside or outside the house. There are different types of accidents involving babies or little children that can happen at home. Drowning, falling, getting burned, suffocation, and even poisoning, all are very likely to happen to your baby if you don’t keep a close eye on the baby.

It is therefore important to invest in some sort of baby safety device to help protect and keep your baby safe from the looming dangers surrounding them. Baby safety gates are one such device that comes in handy especially if your baby is the restless type who likes to move around the house or climb and jump over obstacles. Though some parents might argue that safety gates are not a necessity, the safety of little children around the home settings should be a top priority for any parent with little babies.

Creating boundaries for your baby around the house is really helpful since you don’t have the time to keep an eye on your baby the whole day. With other important tasks to do around the house, a wise parent should aim at creating a safe playing area for their baby to ensure the child is safe even when the parent is not in close proximity. Something like a small pack n play could also be useful in this situation.

There are many reasons for having a safety gate in your house. Apart from safety, baby gates are also important in the sense that they prevent the baby from disturbing you when you’re busy doing other household chores. You can imagine being in the kitchen preparing some delicious delights and out of nowhere your baby crawls in and starts to pull or grab your dress, grabbing the cutlery or dishes thus causing chaos in the kitchen. These kinds of situations are very common in our everyday life but they can also be prevented if you invest in a safety gate that encloses your baby in a private play area far from harm and danger.

Factors to consider when buying a baby gate

You can’t just assume that any safety gate is going to do the job you anticipated. Simply getting into a store and picking any baby gate at random is not a wise decision for any parent who knows what they want in a baby gate and more importantly why they need it. As you’re aware, there are many brands and models on the market to choose from and this alone is enough to make you choose the wrong safety gate that’s not going to meet your safety needs. For this reason, there are a number of factors you’ll need to consider before making that final decision. You need to know the different types of baby gates available on the market and what type do you actually need for your situation.

Types of baby gates

The type of safety gate you settle on should be dictated by the safety needs you want to fulfill. Different types of baby gates also mean that there is a gate for each and every person with different tastes or preferences. Since the market is flooded with many gate products, manufacturers have to slush the prices for these baby gates in order to keep up with the competition, and this as a result comes as an advantage to the consumers. It is thus important to note that the type of gate you choose will also determine the amount of money you’ll spend on these safety devices. Discussed below are some of the most common types of baby gates available:

Pressure-mounted gates

As its name suggests, these are held in place by letting the gate press on two opposing or vertical walls. The installation is basically easy and doesn’t require any hardware. These type of gates are more suited for places where falling is not a hazard such as the bottom of stairs, between two rooms but not on top of stairs. There are two main types of pressure-mounted gates and they are, walk-thru pressure-mounted gates and portable pressure mounted gates.

Walk-thru pressure mounted gates are designed for use in high traffic areas of the house. They come with a handy door that swings open in both ways thus making them convenient for easy access or passage from one room to the other.

Portable pressure-mounted gates are designed to be easily portable and they have two sliding panels that implement a safety locking mechanism. Since they don’t have doors, accessibility is usually a problem even for adults since you have to take it down or jump over it when you want to pass.

Hardware-mounted gates

Unlike pressure-mounted gates which are not ideal for use on top of stairs due to the risk of tripping and falling, hardware-mounted gates are perfect for safely securing the top of stairways. To install these gates, you definitely need some hardware to fit these gates on to a wall or door frame safely and sturdily. But you should also take caution to ensure the material on which you’re mounting the gate on is reliable enough to hold and secure the gate safely in place. A bad practice, for example, would be mounting the gate to a plaster as this will provide a false sense of security. Always make sure to mount the gate on a strong and reliable material such as the framing inside the walls.

Play yards or free standing enclosures

These safety gates can be used both inside and outside the house. They come with a number of panels that can be inter-locked to create a safe and spacious enclosed playing area for your baby or pet. Some of them come with extensions which help to increase the enclosed play area for your child. When these gates are not being used as play yards, they can very conveniently be used to enclose dangerous places such as fireplaces thanks to their extra-wide dimensions. Being freestanding also means they don’t need to be held in place by walls or doorways.

Retractable baby gates

Retractable gates are usually constructed with strong and flexible mesh material of elegant design that fits perfectly with most interior home décor. When fully opened, the mesh panel disappears completely into the gates housing thus leaving no trip hazards on your way. Enclosing open spaces is also very easy since you just pull the mesh panel until it fully encloses the doorway or opening you want to secure.

Important features in a safety gate

Some of the features that ensure a baby gate serves its safety purpose are discussed below:

Height of the gate – this is important for your baby’s safety especially if your baby has the habit of climbing or jumping over obstacles. You need to look for a safety gate that’s high enough for the baby not to climb over. We recommend a gate height of at least three quarters of your baby’s height and always look for gates tagged as ‘’extra-tall gates’’ for this purpose.

Slat spacing – the spacing between the slats of the gate should be narrow enough to prevent head entrapment. Basically the spacing should be less than 3 inches apart.

Construction – The materials used to construct safety gates should be strong and sturdy enough to provide the security your baby needs. Look for labels that certify the gate has met certain safety standards. Also important to look out for are the finishing on the gates panels. A good finish will complement with your décor while still ensuring the surface of the panel is soft, smooth and free from sharp edges to avoid scratching or cutting your baby.

Latches – the locking action of a safety gate should be easy and quick for the parent to open but difficult for the baby to unlock or open. Look for double-locking mechanisms that ensure your baby can’t open the gate easily but not difficult for adults to operate or unlock.

Latch indicators – these are important in situations where a parent forgets to close or open the safety gate. Even after closing the baby gate, it’s important to make sure it is latched. Alarms or indicators are good for this purpose and some may even sound an alarm should you forget to latch the gate after closing it. It’s also wise to counter check with your own eyes and hands just to be certain.

Installation flexibility – the safety gate you choose should be flexible enough to be installed even on irregular walls or surfaces. From angled walls to irregular walls of different heights, a flexible baby gate should allow you to configure it in such a way so as to accommodate those uneven and irregular mounting surfaces.

Where will you be using the safety gate?

The place where you’re going to be using the baby gate is also something to consider before buying it. Openings of different widths can demand gates of different types.


Small children tend to avoid fireplaces or places with heat and for this reasons many parents don’t think fireplaces pose any risk to their babies. However, when the baby starts to grow and learns how to walk, run and even talk, they get the freedom of running and playing around in the house. In such situations, accidents can happen and you don’t know whether the child could get third degree burns from the fireplace. Having a barricade in the form of a safety gate around the fireplace will help prevent unwanted burns on your playful baby.


Stairs are also very risky to young babies since there is the danger of falling down from top to the bottom and this may inflict fatal injuries on your baby. The most important place to install a safety gate is at the top of the stairs but even at the bottom of stairs is equally important since toddlers have the tendency of climbing up the stairs to see and explore what’s on the upper floors. Just make sure to install a hardware-mounted baby gate at the top of the stairs to prevent the danger of tripping that’s common with pressure-mounted gates.

Electrical equipment

If you have electronics and electrical appliances in your house, it is wise to ensure your baby doesn’t get close enough to these appliances. We all know there is the danger of electrical shock or even fire outbreaks if the baby happens to temper with these devices. It is strongly recommended that you put or hide any electrical appliances far from the baby and as an additional safety precaution, barricade all areas where electrical equipments are placed.

The size and age of your child matters

As your baby grows older and gets heavier, they will try to carry and even push more weight out of curiosity. If you’re enclosing a toddler who weighs over 40 pounds and is taller than 35 inches in a play yard, chances of the toddler knocking down the gates are very high. At this age, it is recommended you get rid of this safety gates completely since they don’t serve their purpose anymore.

Are you on a budget?

It is normal for any parent to wish for the best baby gate out there on the market that will serve the purpose of keeping their babies safe and secure at home. But not all are willing to spend big bucks on a safety gate, some want affordable baby gates that will still fulfill almost all of their safety needs. The problem with being on a budget is the fact that the gate you choose to buy will fall short in quality and performance especially when compared to the more expensive baby gates. But from our own experience, pricier gates are not necessarily better than cheaper gates since each type of gate is designed to accomplish a particular task that the other models can’t. So in the end, it all boils down to your own tastes, preferences and needs. Try to compare your needs to what each type of safety gate can offer you.


We’ve come to the conclusion of a monstrous buyer’s guide and we hope we’ve covered all the important aspects that parents need to know about the best baby gates on the market today. If you have wonderful babies at home to care for, it’s such a good feeling to know that your baby is safe whether you’re around or not.

Of course every parent would want to see their wonderful babies grow up and play in a safe environment free from harm whether it’s indoors or outdoors. A parent who is therefore serious about the safety of their little children would go ahead and invest in a safety gate to provide a secure playing zone for the baby and ensure of the baby’s safety at all times.

And it doesn’t matter whether you’re on a budget or not since there are baby gates for people on any amount of budget. You shouldn’t come up with excuses for not having a baby gate around your house if you have playful babies at home.

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