Best Baby Jumpers 2024 – Buyer’s Guide

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1.Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper Check Price on Amazon
2.Evenflo Exersaucer Jump and Learn Stationary Jumper Check Price on Amazon
3.Jolly Jumper With Super Stand Check Price on Amazon
4.Baby Einstein Neptune Jumper Check Price on Amazon
5.Jolly Jumper Exerciser With Door Clamp Check Price on Amazon
6.Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo Check Price on Amazon
7.Evenflo Exersaucer Jump and Learn Jumper Check Price on Amazon
8.Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo Check Price on Amazon
9.Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Jumperoo Check Price on Amazon
10.Bright Starts Explore and Roar Activity Jumper Check Price on Amazon

Choosing a single baby jumper can be a daunting task when you have many brands and model options to select from and that’s why we have created a top 10 list that features the best baby jumpers for 2024. This should help parents know which are the best jumpers on the market that will meet the entertainment and safety needs of their little babies.

Baby jumpers are great for keeping babies entertained at home and they also help babies develop strength, stability and movement coordination. They also promote visual, audible and mental development through the wide variety of toys that keep the baby playful and engaged throughout the day.

Some of the toys that come integrated into the jumper also act as a learning or educational tool for the baby and with this in mind, the importance of activity jumpers cannot be underestimated since they play a very important role in the mental, health and physical development of a young baby.

However, there are three different types of baby jumpers and the type you choose will determine the kind of activity your baby can do with it. There are stationary jumpers which can only be used for jumping actions only and then we have stationary activity jumpers that feature both a jumper and in-built toys for entertainment and learning purposes.

If you’re planning to buy any of the baby jumper types available on the market, we would advice you to first have a look at our top ten list for the best baby jumpers together with the buyer’s guide that explains in detail what to look out for in a baby jumper to ensure you start on the right track to finding a baby jumper that comes with all the interesting features that make it worth the price.

Best Baby Jumpers 2024

1.Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper

baby einstein musical jumper

First on our list for the best baby jumpers is the baby Einstein musical motion activity jumper that comes recommended for use on babies who are at least four months old. To help keep your little baby entertained, it features classical melodies, language discovery and up to 12 fun activities including a light up piano with volume control and 3 different play modes. The seat is padded to provide your baby with enhanced comfort and support with the option of removing the seat for easy cleaning operations.

With your baby’s growth in mind, the jumper’s height can be adjusted to 5 different levels that are suitable with the height of your growing baby. We also like how the seat rotates to a full 360 degrees to enable the baby access all the toy stations that are integrated into the jumper. To ensure your baby stays safe while playing and jumping on the jumper, each of the four feet features a non-skid pad at the bottom to keep the jumper firmly in place. The building materials include a mix of polyester, plastic and metal which help to make this jumper stable and durable at the same time.

As for the cons, a few parents complain that this jumper feels bulky considering it weighs about 23 pounds and it doesn’t fold flat completely making it difficult to be moved around. We also noticed that it is less jumpy when compared to other jumpers like the rain forest jumper.

With those few cons aside, the baby Einstein jumper is still a great one if you’re looking for a jumper to keep your baby entertained at home. We like how easy it is to assemble it and the toys are very fun and entertaining for both little babies and adults alike. If the slightly high price is not an issue to you, we would definitely advice you to grab this jumper as soon as possible.

2.Evenflo Exersaucer Jump and Learn Stationary Jumper

evenflo exersaucer stationary jumper

If you’re looking for a baby jumper that will provide your baby with a secured learning and playing environment then you can’t go wrong with the Evenflo jump and learn jumper. The base of this jumper is designed to offer your baby a soft landing pad that helps to promote stability in the early developmental stages of the baby. Apart from this, the jumper comes with features that allow for rocking, spinning and jumping capabilities to provide babies with lots of exercises suitable for strengthening the legs, back and neck muscles of the baby.

There are up to 67 fun learning activities and a wide variety of age appropriate toys to help your baby achieve important developmental milestones as he/she is growing up. The seat is padded to offer your baby the proper support and comfort she requires while jumping and playing in the jumper. If the seat gets messed up by the baby, you can simply remove it for a quick machine washing operation. All the plastics used to build this jumper are BPA free to ensure your baby is safe and that it doesn’t pose any health risks to babies.

For the downsides, this jumper has a large footprint and is therefore not a space saver if your baby’s nursery is small. You also need to keep a close eye on the baby since we noticed that the jumper can flip over if your baby likes to lean forward and this poses as a safety hazard to the baby. Some parents also complain that it comes with build quality problems.

All in all, this baby jumper from evenflo is still a good choice for parents looking for a product to keep their little babies playful and entertained at home. The toy options are fantastic and the construction feels very sturdy and well made especially for the price.

3.Jolly Jumper With Super Stand

jolly jumper super stand

The jolly jumper is a bit different from all the jumpers in our list in the sense that it’s designed specifically for jumping actions and nothing else. It doesn’t feature any toys or lights for keeping your baby occupied and this makes it very simple and straight forward for any baby to use. The fact that no tools are required in order to assemble this jumper provides for a very fast and easy assembly procedure.

If you didn’t know already, the main purpose of this jumper is to help your little baby improve balance, develop rhythm and coordination together with strengthening the muscles of the baby. The jumper also allows your baby to achieve high levels of jumps in the safest way possible thanks to the super stand that provides ultra-bounce via the new premium spring action. This super stand also makes this jumper suitable for use both indoors and outdoors with no doorways needed and this saves you the extra costs of purchasing a separate door frame conversion kit.

But it’s the kind of support that the saddle offers your baby that makes this jumper a cut above the rest. This saddle is designed to fit your baby perfectly just like a second skin and the fit is similar to that of a surgical back support or even a weight lifter’s belt. This offers your baby enjoyable and healthy exercises from as early as 3 months to walking age with a maximum weight of 28 pounds. If the jumper is not in use, you can simply fold the unit flat for quick and easy storage.

As for the cons, we found it a bit difficult to put the baby in the harness but that’s the only downside to this wonderful jolly jumper. With that said, the jolly jumper is an excellent baby jumper that comes highly recommended plus the aesthetics and movability it provides make it worth the money.

4.Baby Einstein Neptune Jumper

baby einstein neptune jumper

The baby Einstein Neptune jumper is an upgraded and newer version to the baby Einstein musical motion jumper that’s reviewed above and in fact they both share most of the features with the exception of few new features introduced in the Neptune jumper. This Neptune jumper is a big space saver thanks to its small footprint that enables it to keep the baby entertained without taking up the entire nursery room. It also allows your baby to explore different languages by discovering colors and numbers in English, Spanish and French. The electronic turtle station is packed with exciting electronic toys with music, lights and sounds plus this entertainment console can be removed for easy portability.

The seat, just like in the baby Einstein musical jumper is padded for comfort and rotates to a full 360 degrees so the baby can spin around to reach all toy stations with ease. Height adjustments have been made far more easier thanks to Neptune jumper’s new design that comes with up to 4 different height positions to cater to your baby’s growth. One of the features found in this Neptune jumper but is lacking in the musical motion jumper is the flash cards with real life imagery and ocean-themed toys that help your baby discover the ocean by keeping her hands busy and exploring. You can also purchase your favorite baby Einstein episodes that are available on Amazon video and play anywhere, anytime you like.

As for the cons, we found the extended backrest to be a joke since it doesn’t provide the required support for the baby’s head. The jumper is also inconvenient for storage since it doesn’t fold even in the slightest bit. But even with those few cons, we still find this jumper to be a good upgrade of the musical motion jumper since it comes almost fully assembled thus providing for a very easy set up procedure plus its light-weight characteristic makes it easy to be moved around.

5.Jolly Jumper Exerciser With Door Clamp

jolly jumper with door clamp

Another jolly jumper on our list but unlike the one reviewed above that comes with a super stand, this jolly jumper comes with a door clamp instead. With this in mind, it is recommended for use only with the appropriate door frames with frame openings having a maximum wall thickness of 6 inches and the frame mouldings should have a flat top surface of no less than 0.5 inches.

This jumper offers your baby the complete freedom of movement while still allowing for easy and natural breathing. It’s also designed for the main purpose of allowing your baby to build strength, balance and movement coordination in the safest and most comfortable way possible. However, you need to note that this jumper can only be used on babies who can comfortably hold their head up with full neck support and the baby should have a maximum weight limit of up to 28 pounds. With that said, any parent who has previously bought any of the traditional activity jumpers like the baby Einstein or fisher-price jumperoos, will notice a big difference in the kind of seating support that this jolly jumper offers to a baby. Unlike the other seat type jumpers that cause a baby to fall from side to side, jolly jumper’s harness for holding the baby is way more effective, supportive and as a result safer.

Also when it comes to ease of set up and the convenience of portability, no baby jumper comes close to the jolly jumper. Apart from this, the high levels of jumps it offers to your baby is incomparable to the seat type jumpers and this makes it more fun and enjoyable as a result. As for the cons, there aren’t any to report whatsoever.

Yes! This jolly jumper is that great if you’re wondering. Most parents give it a five star rating saying it’s the best jumper you can ever get your hands on and its build quality is awesome thus making it worth the price. Get this jumper today and we promise you won’t be disappointed.

6.Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

fisher-price rainforest jumperoo

The fisher-price rainforest jumperoo is selling very well on Amazon with very high customer ratings from the thousands of reviews written by happy and satisfied customers. In fact, for baby jumpers that cost less than one hundred dollars, this is the best you can ever get your hands on. It offers a stimulating interactive play since everything your baby needs at play-time can be found in this jumperoo. The large and wide variety of fun and playful toys is what sets the rainforest jumperoo apart from the rest. The toys include a monkey swinging from a vine, a parrot hanging from bead bar, a tiger that plays hide and seek, a spinning lizard that makes rattling sounds, a bobbling elephant and a stack of chips with eye-catching graphics for your baby to explore.

Apart from the large collection of interesting toys, this jumperoo also provides your baby with the safest and most comfortable place for sitting or playing from. The seat is padded and provides better support when compared to other jumpers like the baby Einstein. We also like how this seat has an extra cushioning behind the head to prevent your baby from wobbling when she moves back and forth in the seat and how it can rotate to a full 360 degrees to allow your baby to play or interact from any side.

We also found the rainforest jumperoo to be very easy to set up, store and even carry around. Since the frame pivots to a nested position, it can be quickly tacked away when it’s not in use and folded conveniently for portability. So there’s a lot to like about this rainforest jumperoo from fisher-price and if you’re curious to know whether it has any cons or downsides, then the simple answer is a resounding NO! It is almost perfect if we can describe it in simpler terms.

So gladly go ahead and grab this wonderful and fantastic jumperoo from Fisher-Price since you can’t find a better baby jumper at this price range and it’s the best jumperoo for any parent who’s on a budget.

7.Evenflo Exersaucer Jump and Learn Jumper

evenflo exersaucer jumper

This is the second jumper on our list from Evenflo and it shares most of the features found in the Evenflo stationary jumper reviewed above. As a brand, Evenflo has developed strong reputation as the leading manufacturer for high quality products for babies.In case you’re a parent and wondering how this baby jumper would be beneficial to the growth and playful character of your baby, then here are the reasons why you should consider this jumper as a playing and learning tool for your baby.

First and foremost it is designed to provide babies with a stable and safe environment for jumping, learning and playing. Its jumping, rocking and spinning capabilities provide little babies with plenty of exciting exercises that help strengthen gross motor skills while the unique bouncing base gives your baby a soft landing pad to help build strength, coordination and stability. The activity tray is designed to bring toys closer to your baby with engaging lights and sounds together with up to 58 fun learning activities that enable your baby achieve important developmental milestones.

We also like the 3-position height adjustment for raising or lowering the jumper in order to accommodate the growth of your baby. The seat is padded for enhanced comfort and the fact it’s removable makes it easy to machine-wash whenever your baby messes on it. For a customizable learning and playing experience, the toys can be taken with the baby anywhere she goes.

But are there any cons that could make you reconsider your decision about buying this jumper? Well, depending on the size of your baby’s nursery, this jumper can take up lots of space if your baby’s room is small. That’s the only downside to this jumper which doesn’t seem to bother many parents whatsoever.

With that said, the evenflo exersaucer jump and learn jumper should be at the top of any parents list if a jumper that’s durable and entertaining is something that you’re looking to buy for your baby.

8.Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo

fisher-price luv u zoo jumperoo

As a best selling product on amazon, the fisher-price luv u zoo jumperoo comes with interesting features that tick all the right boxes as far as baby jumpers are concerned. The steel frame used to construct this jumper is sturdy and comes fitted with non-slip footings at the bottom to enable this jumper self-stand on its own without having to be secured to anything. This steel frame also makes it durable and safe enough for the baby to jump in it without any risks of breaking apart.

One feature we really like that makes this jumper convenient for storage and portability is the fact that the tubes can be removed easily from the base leaving behind a compacted piece of activity tray that’s easy to store away when not in use. This is the same feature that makes this jumper very easy and quick to assemble right out of the box. The padded seat is comfortable for the baby and can rotate fully to allow baby to look all around and access all the toy stations. Of course we can’t forget to mention the colorful toys together with fun sounds and music that help stimulate the baby’s visual and auditory senses. It’s important also to mention at this point that this jumper is recommended for use on babies who are able to hold their heads upright unassisted without the ability of walking or climbing out of the jumper.

As for the cons, some parents complain that this jumper comes with build quality issues and that it is unstable when the baby is jumping in it thus posing as a safety risk to the baby. That’s why we recommend going for expensive jumpers since cheaper models come with some quality issues. It’s also wise to examine the jumper the moment you get it out of the box so as to pin point any faults and return it before it’s too late. But even so, we still think this jumper is going to keep your baby entertained for as long as it lasts.

9.Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Jumperoo

fisher-price laugh learn jumperoo

As its name suggests the fisher-price laugh and learn jumperoo is designed to provide your baby with lots of learning activities and funny sounds to keep the baby laughing all day long. It comes with two modes of play for early development. The first mode is the “musical fun mode” that features six different toy stations with two additional overhead toys that let the baby activate lights and five fun melodies. In the second mode which is the “early learning fun mode” there are colors, shapes, objects, animal identification and sounds which are introduced as the baby’s jumping action activates lights and up to three sing along songs. Mothers can also activate 10 minutes of musical play with the selection of different melodies like hey diddle, Mary had a little lamb and farmer in the dell.

For safety and stability, the jumper is built with sturdy steel frame that doesn’t need to be attached to a doorway since the strong, steel-constructed base with non-slip footings helps to keep the jumper firmly in place. The seat pad is machine washable and dryer safe plus it can be easily adjusted to three different heights so as to accommodate the growth of your baby and the assembly procedure is also easy and quick right out of the box.

As for the cons, the plastics feel cheaply made and some of the toys are a waste of space since they do nothing noticeable. The footprint of this jumper is also larger when compared to other jumpers but again this is not an issue at all with many parents.

However, if you’re tight on budget and still want a great baby jumper that will perform and meet the safety and jumping requirements of your baby, then the fisher-price rainforest jumperoo that’s been reviewed above would be a great alternative to consider since it is slightly a bit cheaper and yet it comes highly recommended with high customer ratings.

10.Bright Starts Explore and Roar Activity Jumper

bright starts jumper

This is also a good baby jumper to consider especially if you consider all the playful toys that come featured in this activity jumper from Bright Stars. Over 12 fun activities that include lights and sounds help to keep your little baby entertained and the piano station features three modes of fun for melodies, learning and piano sounds. You baby will also be able to discover and explore certain animal names, colors and numbers that are called out in English, Spanish and French languages.

Parents will also appreciate the removable toy stations that make them very convenient for taking on-the-go. These toy stations are very entertaining and engaging since they include spinner globes with rattling beads and some friendly cast of characters that include a giraffe, lion and a monkey. Designed with your baby’s growth in mind, the jumper’s height can be raised or lowered to accommodate tall or short babies alike plus the seat pad can rotate to a full 360 degrees to enable the baby access all the interesting toy stations.

The space-saving design of this jumper is what impresses most parents since it can fit perfectly in the corner of your baby’s nursery room and the jumper can also be transported easily from place to place. As for the cons however, we found that the toys keep falling off due to poor construction of the plastic used to hold the toys in place. In fact, we discovered that the construction for holding the toys firmly in place was lacking and this is something that’s been confirmed with other customers as well.

All in all the Bright Stars Explore and Roar Activity Jumper is still a good option to consider especially for the price. It comes with a small footprint thus making it a space-saver and the wide selection of engaging toys should be enough to keep babies playful and entertained so as to create some spare time for moms to attend to more important house chores.

Baby Jumper Buying Guide

What is a baby jumper?

Just like the name suggests baby jumper is equipment that comes featuring a suspended seat on which a baby can sit on, jump on and bounce on. If you didn’t know, the benefits of baby jumpers are not just for entertainment purposes but they also help improve the motor skills, core strength, coordination and balance of the baby. They also teach the baby cause and effect through the different activities that involve the act of the baby doing something to affect the action of something else such as music starting, sounds being produced and lights flashing.

At around the age of four months when babies can comfortably sit upright with the neck having developed enough support; this is the best time for parents to invest in baby jumpers. The importance of physical exercises can’t be overlooked especially when your baby is still young. A baby that gets involved in plenty of physical and mental activities during the day will get a very good sleep at night and become calmer and less fussy.

The importance of infant exercises

The benefits of physical exercises to the well being and healthy development of your baby is something that’s very important and so parents should ensure their little babies get plenty of it in order to reap the benefits brought about by frequent infant exercises. Discussed below are some of the benefits of infant exercises:

Helps prevent obesity in infants – the problem of infant obesity is something that’s become a huge burden especially in terms of the health risks associated with obesity. Many of the lifestyle diseases that are common nowadays have been linked to obesity and for this reason it’s important to ensure your baby starts getting enough physical exercises when they are young to help develop an active habit that will stick with them throughout their entire lives.

It has positive effects on cognitive function – when your baby is involved in physical and mental activities when still young, they will start developing better attention spam, memory and all the other cognitive functions as early as possible. This may help them become smarter and clever when it comes to learning and education.

Better sleep, eating habits and health – if you didn’t know that physical exercise has a positive and long-term effect on the eating habits, sleeping pattern and good health of your baby, then it’s time to know the truth. In fact, if these habits are started earlier on and adhered to, they will have long term effects that last through to adulthood.

Helps promote relaxation and enhances good moods – a baby who is frequently involved in physical and mental activities will start to see improved moods and feel better relaxed all day long. Apart from helping the body, exercise also comes with mental benefits such as enhanced mental clarity and sharpness.

Difference between jumpers, bouncers and swings

Lots of people can’t tell the functional differences between jumpers, bouncers and swings and from first glance it can be difficult to identify the functional differences between these three baby products. Well, to help make things clear and straight forward for those who are still confused, we have described the main difference among the three products below:

Baby jumpers – they only bounce up or down whenever your baby jumps off the floor.

Baby bouncers – they bounce according to the wiggly movements of your baby when he/she is on the bouncer’s seat.

Baby swings – the main purpose of swings is to comfort a baby just like how a mother holds the baby in her arms to soothe and comfort the baby. They operate by swinging back and forth without any movement required from the baby.

Types of baby jumpers

There are three main types of baby jumpers to choose from and each has been described below in detail:

Stationary jumpers – these consist of a seat with an elastic cord and a frame. They only provide the baby with jumping capabilities and nothing else. These are however very fun and entertaining since they enable babies to jump higher than the other types of jumpers.

Stationary activity jumpers – these have a frame, seat, and activity tray for placing different toys for keeping the baby playing and learning at the same time. They are great since they provide additional activities for the mental, visual, and audio development of the baby through the wide variety of engaging toys integrated into the activity tray. The bounce capability of these is less when compared to stationary jumpers.

Doorway jumpers – these consist of a seat that’s suspended from straps attached to a bungie like cable. Like their name suggests, they can only be used on doorways fitted with door frames from where a clap found at the end of the bungie attaches.

Important features to look for in a baby jumper

Weight limit – you should know the recommended maximum weight limit of the particular jumper you want to purchase. This is important to ensure your baby’s weight is not more than the jumper’s weight support limit so as to prevent the jumper from breaking and injuring your baby.

Seat – the seat is where the baby will spend all of their time in and so it must be comfortable and supportive enough for the baby. Also for easy washing and cleaning operations, the seat must be easy to remove and must also be height adjustable to accommodate both tall and short babies alike. One feature that’s also important as far as stationary activity jumpers are concerned is the rotation ability of the seat. The seat should be fully rotational to allow the baby access to all toys from any side.

Storage – when it’s not being used by the baby, a good jumper should offer parents the convenience of easy storage and even portability. If your baby’s room is short of space, then make sure you have a jumper that can be folded flat or disassembled into smaller pieces for quick and easy storage or even transportation.

Toys and activities – of all the three types of jumpers discussed above, it’s only the stationary activity jumpers that come featured with toys and learning activities for keeping the baby engaged and busy. Toys may include animal characters like lions, giraffes etc and the activities usually include lights, funny sounds, and even music to keep the baby entertained so that the mother can have spare time for taking care of other important house chores.

General jumper safety tips

The following safety tips should be adhered to whenever your baby is busy playing and jumping in the baby jumper:

• Never place the jumper near stairways, swimming pools, grills, ovens and any other area that pose a safety hazard to your baby.

• Always make sure to keep a close eye on your baby whenever they are playing or jumping in the jumper and never leave the room while your baby is still in the jumper.

• Never attach toys that have strings on the jumper since these strings can pose strangulation hazards to the baby.

• Once your baby becomes heavier than the recommended weight limit of the jumper, you should ensure the baby doesn’t use it anymore to avoid injuries when the jumper accidentally breaks.

• The surface on which the jumper is placed should be flat and even and also ensure the floor is free from sharp pointed objects that your baby can accidentally jump on causing serious cuts and injuries.

• If the jumper is broken or damaged when you first get it out of the box, don’t use it and return it back as soon as possible for a replacement.

• Whenever you’re moving the jumper from one room to another, always ensure your baby is out of the jumper first before moving it. Moving the jumper while the baby is in the seat can result in injuries.

• Always check Consumer Product Safety Commission’s sites to see whether the jumper was recalled in the past because of safety concerns. Also for used jumpers, it is advisable not to buy them even if it’s in excellent condition. If you must buy a used jumper, make sure you’ve thoroughly cleaned and sanitized it before the baby uses it.

• If it’s a doorway jumper, ensure the doorway for attaching the jumper meets all specifications.

• If the baby is on a doorway jumper, make sure there are no loose pets that can run through the doorway and knock the baby into the door frame’s side.

• It’s also important to limit the jumping sessions to about 15 minutes to prevent the baby from feeling nauseous and always use the jumper before meals to prevent the baby from spitting up.


We’ve come to the conclusion of a detailed and informative buyer’s guide that will help parents choose the best baby jumpers to keep their playful babies busy and entertained at home. We know there are many brands and models to choose from and this alone is enough to leave most parents confused when they’re on the market looking to buy a baby jumper.

For this reason, our list of the best baby jumpers has been created to make things easy and straightforward for those parents who want to learn the important features that make a great and safe baby jumper and therefore feel confident when it comes to buying the best baby jumpers. All the jumpers reviewed in this list have been chosen after thorough research to ensure we only recommend baby jumpers that meet the safety needs of both parents and babies alike.

In a few months, your baby may start walking so also check out our review of the best baby walkers.

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