Best Bassinets 2024 – Buyer’s Guide And Reviews

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1.HALO Bassinet Swivel Sleeper Check Price on Amazon
2.Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper Cambria Bassinet Check Price on Amazon
3.Contours Classique Wood Bassinet Check Price on Amazon
4.Arm’s Reach Concepts Clear-Vue Co-Sleeper Check Price on Amazon
5.Summer Infant Bentwood Bassinet with Motion Check Price on Amazon
6.Safety 1st Nod-A-Way Bassinet Check Price on Amazon
7.Badger Basket Elegance Round Baby Bassinet Check Price on Amazon
8.Summer Infant Soothe and Sleep Bassinet Check Price on Amazon
9.Delta Children Gliding Bassinet Check Price on Amazon
10.Lamont Home Good Night Baby Bassinet Check Price on Amazon

In this detailed guide, we have listed and reviewed the best bassinets for 2024 to help first-time parents pick only the safest and most comfortable bassinets for their newborn babies. If this is the first time you’re thinking of purchasing a bassinet for your baby, then it’s important to know the two most important factors that make a great bassinet, and these two factors are safety and comfort.

Of course, there are other additional factors and features to look out for when you intend to buy a bassinet. Portability is also one of the main reasons why most parents prefer a bassinet over a full-sized crib because they want a comfortable and convenient sleeping product for the baby, whether it’s at home or even when on the go.

With this in mind, we highly recommend buying a bassinet that’s been tested and certified by various safety organizations such as ASTM and JPMA to ensure your baby’s safety and to provide you with the peace of mind you deserve as a parent. This is very important because with the exception of cribs, there are no federal safety standards that have been set for other sleeping products like bassinets, cradles, and bedside sleepers.

To learn more about the features, shopping tips and safety strategies one must consider before purchasing a particular bassinet, check out our informative buyer’s guide that tries to answer most of the common and pressing questions raised by most parents with regards to bassinets.

We also know from first-hand experience how the many brands and models of bassinets can make the selection process a bit confusing, especially for first time parents who are on the market looking to buy only the best bassinets for their newborn babies.

For this reason, we have created a top ten list for the best bassinets, which features the most up-to-date reviews of the top-rated bassinets on the market today. Any of the bassinets reviewed in this list should be able to meet your baby’s sleeping needs, especially in terms of safety and comfort.

Best Bassinets 2024

1.HALO Bassinet Swivel Sleeper

halo bassinet

First on our list of the best bassinets is the halo bassinet swivel sleeper which is packed with lots of impressive features that make it a top pick when it comes to bassinets. First, it can rotate or swivel up to 360 degrees to enable parents bring it closer to their bed to ensure the baby sleeps safely. If you want to tend to the baby easily, the side walls can be lowered and even locked in an upright position if you want to. This ability of the bassinet to rotate up to 360 degrees also makes the process of getting in and out of the bed hassle-free thus making it ideal for mothers who are recovering from C-sections and even nursing moms as well.

It features a sturdy and stable 4-point base that can be adjusted to fit beds whose heights range from 22 inches to 34 inches tall. In addition to this, the base can be easily tucked under the bed since it only requires a clearance of 32 inches from the wall thus making it ideal for small spaces. If you usually find it hard to soothe your baby to sleep, this bassinet will make this task easy for you since it features a nightlight, 3 lullabies, 3 soothing sounds, a nursing timer and 2 levels of vibration all with up to 30-minutes auto shutoff. Parents will also have an easy time when it comes to washing or cleaning this bassinet because it’s made from 100% polyester that can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and the sheet is also machine washable.

The only downside to this bassinet is that it requires 3 AA batteries which run out quickly and are a pain to change. Few parents also complain about the mattress that comes with this bassinet saying it is super thin and feels cheap.

With that said, the halo bassinet is a great one to consider thanks to all the helpful features it provides to both parents and babies. And the fact that it’s JPMA tested and certified makes it very safe for your little baby to use without the fear of any suffocation risks and it’s also recommended as one of the safest alternatives to bedsharing by the CJ Foundation for SIDS.

2.Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper Cambria Bassinet

arm's reach cambria

The arm’s reach co-sleeper cambria bassinet is another great bassinet to consider keeping in mind it comes highly rated and recommended by the happy customers who’ve already purchased it. It’s designed as a bedside bassinet that allows parents and their babies to sleep comfortably next to each other from the moment the baby is born and arrives at home. The linings feature a good amount of mesh for great breathability and visibility as well. The process of reaching over and drawing your baby closer for comforting and bonding is easy thanks to the side bar that comes off and this means you don’t have to lift the baby every time you want to tend to their needs. This innovative design also helps to make breastfeeding easy and hassle-free.

Right out of the box, this bassinet is easy to assemble and its assembled dimensions are 34 x 20 x 31 inches respectively making it compacted and thus a space saver for small rooms. The bassinet looks much better than most out there and yet it’s very sturdy and offers you the convenience of easy portability when you want to carry or move it around thanks to the four wheels fitted at the bottom of the four leg poles. The four legs feature built-in extensions for adjusting the height of the bassinet to provide the best position for parents to reach and tend to the baby especially when the parents are asleep. There’s also a very convenient storage space underneath the bassinet for putting all the baby’s essentials and requirements in close proximity. Note that this bassinet is perfect for beds whose heights start at 24 inches and this height is measured from the floor to the top of the adult mattress. Also keep in mind that the bassinet and co-sleeper modes are only for infants who are approximately up to 5 months old and it’s advised to move your baby to a crib once the baby begins to push up on hands and knees.

All in all, there’s nothing to complain about this wonderful bassinet from Arm’s Reach co-sleeper and most parents say they love it because it’s easy to use, very convenient, high in quality and a great product on the whole.

3.Contours Classique Wood Bassinet

contours classique

If you’re looking for a bassinet that comes with both a moses basket and a changing table all in one product, then the contours classique wood bassinet would be a great option to consider. This makes it a 3-in-1 bassinet that combines classic style with convenient features. The moses basket is removable and has handles that allow parents to easily carry the baby around the house and let her rest anywhere the parent wishes. The changing table is also removable and can be securely attached on top of the bassinet whenever the parent is changing the baby’s diaper and when not in use, it can be conveniently clipped underneath the bassinet. For even more convenience, the bassinet features a hanging deluxe storage organizer and a diaper stacker so you can keep all your baby’s items in handy and within easy reach.

The solid wood frame with a dark cherry finish makes the bassinet to blend well with your room’s décor while still providing stability to ensure your baby is safe and comfortable. We also like the quilted and padded interior fabric with mesh side windows that enhance good air flow inside the basket thus keeping the baby comfortable. Each of the four legs is fitted with lockable easy-roll casters at the bottom that make it easy to move the bassinet from one room to another and for safety, the casters can be locked to prevent the bassinet from moving especially if the baby is asleep.

As for the cons, few parents find the mattress to be very thin thus not the most comfortable for the baby and the fact that you can’t see through the bassinet’s fabric when you’re asleep is something that few parents find to be an issue since they need to get up several times to visually check on the baby. Other than that, there’s nothing else to complain about this bassinet.

All in all, the contours classique wood bassinet is therefore a great product to consider especially if you want the convenience of a 3-in-1 bassinet that is very sturdy, beautiful, pretty easy to assemble and a big space-saver for small rooms.

4.Arm’s Reach Concepts Clear-Vue Co-Sleeper

arm's reach concepts

When it comes to bassinets, Arm’s Reach is a well known and reputable brand that builds quality and safe bassinets for babies. With this in mind, we have a second bassinet from the same brand and it’s none other than the Arm’s Reach concepts clear-vue co-sleeper. This bassinet shares the same features that are found in the cambria bassinet reviewed above with the only difference of it being more cheaper and thus affordable than the cambria. With this particular model, parents are guaranteed to get up to 360 degrees view of the baby no matter what side or angle you’re viewing from. It was designed to allow for maximum visibility from any area in the room thus allowing paranoid moms to see their babies at all times.

As the ideal sleep solution for any concerned parent, it allows you and your little baby to sleep right next to each other so you can provide your baby with the attention she deserves in terms of comforting, bonding and even breastfeeding. It attaches to the parent’s bed so you don’t worry about it moving during the night and in addition to this, it comes attached with a large storage basket to ensure all the essentials and items that your baby needs are always within arm’s reach. Parents also like how the bassinet can be height adjusted to the side of the bed for a perfect fit. With the baby’s safety in mind, the sides are mesh and so there’s no chance of the baby suffocating in case they roll over. This is one of the features that help eliminate the concerns about SIDS in infants.

We also like how light weight this bassinet feels and it can be moved around easily from room to room thanks to the four caster wheels at the bottom of each leg. The assembled dimensions make it a good space-saver in case you have a small room. For these reasons, we think the Arm’s Reach Clear-Vue Co-sleeper is a great bassinet that’s sure to be loved by most of the parents.

Though the mattress is a bit thin, it’s not super soft either and this makes it comfortable enough for the baby but other than that, this bassinet is definitely a great baby product that is well worth the money.

5.Summer Infant Bentwood Bassinet with Motion

summer infant bentwood

The summer infant bentwood bassinet is a bit different from the others in our list in the sense that it features a revolutionary multi-speed silent sway that’s been designed to quietly soothe your baby to sleep without making distracting peeps. Parents have the option to increase or decrease the sway motion depending on the baby’s weight or preference. Thanks to this feature, this bassinet actually behaves just like a baby swing that’s designed to mimic the soothing motions of a mother who’s trying to soothe her baby to sleep and for this reason your little baby will fall asleep faster than you ever imagined. Soothing of the baby is further enhanced by a variety of sounds and melodies from which parents can choose up to four calming sounds, two peaceful nature sounds or one womb sound that are all geared towards making the baby sleep faster. To help extend and even preserve battery life, both the motion and music are shut-off automatically after 20 minutes by a timer.

We also like the small footprint of this bassinet that enables it to take up little space in your room while the timeless and beautiful design makes it a great addition to any nursery or home. The solid wood used in its construction makes the bassinet feel very sturdy and stable to provide a safe and comfortable sleeping place for your little bundle of joy. We also like the large storage basket underneath where parents can store all the important essentials or items for the baby and the adjustable canopy is very handy in keeping the sun out especially in the morning.

The only issue with this bassinet is the lack of wheels at the bottom and for this reason it is not a mobile bassinet which means you’ll have to carry it when you’re moving it from one room to another. But apart from that, everything else about this bassinet from Summer Infant is fantastic.

It is very easy to assemble out of the box, it features a swaying motion for soothing babies to sleep, it is beautiful and innovative yet it still comes at quite a reasonable price for all the important features it provides.

6.Safety 1st Nod-A-Way Bassinet

safety 1st

This is also another great bassinet in our list for all the right reasons. It features smart soother technology that allows your baby’s sounds to activate songs and vibrations to help soothe the baby back to sleep. Parents can choose from a variety of chimes, soothing lullabies, sleepy vibration and even soft glow nightlight that are all designed to help soothe your baby to sleep faster. Parents also like the “peek-a-boo” mesh side windows that provide for an easy view of the baby from across the room. Out of the box, this bassinet is pretty easy to assemble and parents can’t help but notice how beautiful and sturdy the bassinet looks and feels. As for the size, it is not too small and it’s not too large either but any parent will notice how roomy the bassinet is especially when compared to some of the smaller bassinets on the market today.

The full-size skirt also looks great and does a good job of concealing the convenient storage shelf that’s used for storing all your baby’s items and essentials within close proximity. The bassinet is also very mobile and moving it from one room to another is very easy thanks to the four convenient wheels at the bottom. Just like every other bassinet, this one also comes with a thin mattress which is something that’s standard for all bassinets and the mattress includes a removable sheet that can be machine washed when it gets dirty. To help keep out the sun, an easy and retractable canopy with adorable soft plush toys will do the job well.

As for the cons there aren’t any to report with regards to this wonderful bassinet from Safety 1st even though few parents wish it came with the rocking feature or sway motion that helps to soothe the baby to sleep effortlessly. But even so, the vibration and sound features included still do the job of soothing your baby to sleep fairly well.

All in all, this is definitely a great bassinet that will offer plenty of space for your baby to sleep comfortably and most parents are happy and satisfied with this product both in terms of quality and price.

7.Badger Basket Elegance Round Baby Bassinet

badger basket

If you’re looking for a round bassinet that’s comfortable for your baby and stylish enough to fit well with your room, then the Badger Basket Elegance Round Bassinet would be a good option to consider. The assembly instructions included are straight forward plus the assembly procedure is fast and easy. The assembled unit measures 32” L by 32” W by 49” H and this makes the bassinet generously spacious for your baby even though this makes the bassinet to occupy a good amount of space in your room and is therefore not a space-saver. Because of its large dimensions, it’s wise to assemble the bassinet in the room you want to put it especially if your doorways are not wider than 32 inches. Also included is a custom fitted, vinyl covered foam mattress pad which does not exceed 1 inch in thickness so as to comply with current safety standards. A graceful height adjustable canopy shades the bassinet’s interior to keep out harsh light when the baby is sleeping. However, this canopy is quite small as it only covers a small portion of the bassinet.

For ease of mobility, there are four wheels at the bottom just for this purpose and a storage shelf underneath the bassinet offers plenty of space for keeping your baby’s items within arm’s reach. The bedding set that’s included is made from both polyester and cotton materials and can be easily machine washed when they get dirty. It’s important to note here that this bassinet is recommended for use on infants who weigh up to 20 pounds at ages between 3-4 months and should be discarded the moment your baby can sit up unassisted.

The only downside with this bassinet is its large footprint that makes it occupy more space in your room and you may need to move things a bit in your room to create enough space for it. Other than that, it is a great and unique looking bassinet that does the job as intended. Most parents are happy with their purchase and they say it is a beautiful, elegant and great bassinet that comes at a good price.

8.Summer Infant Soothe and Sleep Bassinet

summer infant soothe

For a bassinet that costs less than one hundred dollars, you can’t find a better option than the summer infant soothe and sleep bassinet. However, unlike the bentwood bassinet that’s reviewed above, this one doesn’t have the sway motion that’s very effective in soothing your baby to sleep faster, but it features 4 musical melodies, one womb sound, 2 nature sounds and of course soothing vibrations that will still soothe your baby to sleep quite well. It is designed for babies starting from birth up to 15 pounds or until the time your baby starts to push up on hands and knees. Setting up this bassinet is a quite a breeze and once assembled the bassinet looks nice and feels sturdy. It also features a handy adjustable canopy which blocks overhead lighting from the sun or light bulb to prevent distracting your baby when asleep.

At the bottom are four castor wheels that allow for easy mobility between rooms and these wheels can also be locked when in-use for safety. Attached to the frame under the bassinet is an extra-large storage basket for putting diapers, wipes and any other important baby essentials within close reach. The bassinet also comes with a padded mattress that’s covered with a fitted sheet that’s machine washable whenever it gets dirty. The bassinet’s fabric is quilted with lovely embroidery that adds even more beauty to any room or nursery.

Because of the soothing features, 3AA batteries are required but are not included in the purchase and it’s important to note that these batteries die out pretty quickly. Few parents also complain that the mattress could be more comfortable if it had more padding on it since their babies show signs of discomfort even for short periods of sleep. Apart from that, there’s really no other faults you can pin-point with the Summer Infant soothe and sleep baby bassinet.

Considering its affordable price, its adorable beauty and sturdy feel, this is one sleeping product that should be at the top of any parents list as far as bassinets are concerned. Most of the parents say they are satisfied with it and love this bassinet because of the great and helpful features it provides at such a pocket-friendly price.

9.Delta Children Gliding Bassinet

delta children

This bassinet from Delta children also comes with the same standard features found on every other bassinet on market today. It’s designed for infants up to 15 pounds and it comes with an adjustable and removable canopy that does a good job in keeping out disturbing light from shining on your sleeping baby. Underneath the bassinet you’ll find a very handy two section storage basket that has enough space for keeping all your baby’s items and changing essentials such as diapers and wipes. Out of the box, it’s not difficult at all to assemble this bassinet and the dimensions measure as 45.5” L by 32” W by 17.5” H which makes it a good space-saver for any small nursery or room.

For ease of mobility between rooms, there are four caster wheels at the bottom and with your baby’s safety in mind, the wheels can be locked if need be. There’s also an electronic music module that emits a soft light and gentle vibration to help soothe the baby to sleep as soon as possible. However, most parents have complained that the timing for the music and vibration is short and this means you’ll have to hit the button for a number of times before your baby reaches the first REM sleep. The music volume is also very low that you can hardly hear it. The mattress that comes included is also very thin and so if your baby shows signs of discomfort you might be forced to spend extra money on a good mattress.

With that said, there aren’t any other issues to complain about the Delta children gliding bassinet. You can’t expect to get premium features on a bassinet that costs less than a hundred dollars but even so, this bassinet will still manage to provide a good sleeping place for your baby until the time to shift to a crib or better sleeping product arrives. On the whole, this is a beautiful bassinet that features a clever and beautiful old-fashioned design that makes it blend well with your room’s décor while still providing good features at an affordable price.

10.Lamont Home Good Night Baby Bassinet

lamont home

Last on our list is the Lamont home good night baby bassinet which has been designed to offer you with the perfect combination of safety and simplicity. Apart from providing a comfortable sleeping place for your little bundle of joy, it’s the safety aspect of this bassinet that has been given top priority. First, each of the foundational pieces used to build this bassinet are made in the USA and this is to ensure the quality and safety aspects are closely monitored. Secondly, the legs of the bassinet lock together with a three-point locking system to guarantee of its stability when in use. In addition to this, it has a wide base and curved floor rails that ensure the bassinet stays whenever it’s kept so the baby can stay safe always. The wide base also prevents it from being tipped over by playful kids especially when the baby is asleep in it.

Out of the box, the assembly procedure is easy thanks to the clear and easy to follow installation instructions written in English and Spanish. Once assembled, the bassinet looks appealing to the eyes, feels very stable and it’s easy to carry thanks to its light weight. We like how the sides of the bassinet have adequate ventilation to provide your baby with the perfect amount of airflow through the bassinet. There’s also a storage shelf where you can keep your baby’s diapers, wipes and any other important items within arm’s reach.

However, the lack of wheels at the bottom means it can’t be easily pushed from one room to another and the only option you have is to carry it from room to room which is something that’s not difficult because of its light weight. And the fact that it’s all constructed with plastic and cardboard is something that few parents find to be an issue and they think this bassinet is quite expensive for what it’s made of.

But even with those few cons, most parents still find this bassinet to be sturdy and very beautiful at the same time. And considering how the safety of this bassinet has been given top priority, parents can be sure to get the peace of mind they deserve.

Bassinets Buying Guide

What is a bassinet?

A bassinet is a small, compact baby bed that has a frame made of metal, wood, wicker or plastic tubing. On the inside, it’s usually covered with breathable fabric to ensure the baby gets enough air circulation while sleeping in it. The sides of some bassinets usually have windows or are transparent to provide the parent with a clear view of the baby from any angle or when viewing from across the room. Most of them have locking caster wheels at the bottom for ease of mobility between rooms and for safety purposes, the wheels can be locked if desired. They also come with a large storage basket underneath the bassinet for keeping important items and essentials like toys, diapers, and wipes in close proximity. To make the job of soothing the baby to sleep easy for the parent, most of the bassinets also feature vibration and soothing sounds or music that do a great job in soothing the baby to sleep faster and peacefully. Very few models also come with sway motion which can be increased or decreased to help comfort the baby just exactly the way a mother comforts and soothes a baby with both hands.

Most parents soon after giving birth tend to find bassinets as the perfect place for putting their newborn baby because they are portable, small, and cozy. But even though the bassinets might seem to be cute and convenient, they won’t offer you and your baby much use because babies usually outgrow them when they reach about four months old. In addition to this, it’s always good to remember that a crib is still the safest place for a baby to sleep because all of them have been tested and certified to be safe by various safety organizations such as JPMA and ASTM. As for bassinets, not all are safety certified and this creates doubts among parents as to whether buying a bassinet is even worth it in the first place. There are also no federal standards specifically for bassinets, cradles, Moses baskets, and bedside sleepers. However, if you feel you really need to buy a bassinet for your new baby, we recommend buying a basic model that’s been JPMA certified to ensure your baby’s safety. Furthermore, we have described some of the shopping tips and safety strategies that you can follow when purchasing and even using a bassinet.

Bassinet Shopping tips

Check for JPMA seal – look for bassinet brands that carry the JPMA seal because some of the bassinets pose safety problems such as rough, sharp edges inside, bars spaced so widely apart to trap a baby, and even soft sides that can pose as suffocation hazards.

Choose a bassinet with a wide, stable and sturdy bottom – this is to prevent the bassinet from being tipped over easily by playful kids especially when the baby is still asleep in the bassinet.

Check for folding mechanisms – ensure the legs or frame of the bassinet are collapsible for storage plus can be locked into place when the unit is set up.

Don’t complain about a “hard” mattress – most parents have an issue with the thin and hard mattresses that usually come with a bassinet. However, babies are not supposed to sleep on soft or squishy mattress but a firm one to prevent injuries or discomfort.

Choose bassinets with meshed or ventilated sides – this is to provide good amount of air circulation through the bassinet to protect the baby from suffocation hazards. Whenever bassinets have been linked to infant deaths, suffocation is usually the leading cause.

Only use a bassinet for the short-term – the moment your baby starts to push up on hands or knees and can even sit up unassisted, you should immediately move her to a better and safer sleeping place such as a crib. This should happen when the baby reaches 4 – 5 months old.

Keep all the packaging, materials and receipts that come with the product – this is important especially if you’ll need to return the bassinet if it is faulty or damaged.

Safety Strategies

We recommend opting for a full-sized crib from day one if you want to take care of the safety aspects of your baby. However, if you’re short on space then a bassinet can be another option to consider. In this case we have listed down some safety considerations to keep in mind.

Buy a new and certified bassinet – ensure the bassinet meets ASTM standard requirements like correct spacing of side slats or bars. Also look for JPMA seal for guidance and always buy a brand new one. Even though it’s not a 100% safety guarantee, choosing a certified bassinet helps to add a layer of protection.

Say no to an heirloom bassinet – it’s not a wise idea to use a bassinet that’s been in the family for many years especially because there’s a high chance of it not meeting today’s safety standards. Some of the risks with an old bassinet include puffy sides that can pose as suffocation hazards, uneven spaced slats which can trap a baby and even legs with out-dated latching mechanism that can release accidentally.

Ensure the wheels are locked – if the bassinet has wheels at the bottom for ease of mobility, always ensure they are locked as soon as you’ve moved the bassinet from one room to another to ensure the baby is safe.

Never carry or move the bassinet with the baby in it – this is to prevent injuries or accidents happening to your baby. Carrying a bassinet with a baby inside can lead to injuries caused by the bassinet accidentally flipping over causing the baby to fall off the bassinet and getting some serious injuries.

Don’t add stuffed bedding – things such as pillows, comforters, blankets and even extra mattresses or sleep positioners should never be put in the bassinet as they can pose as suffocation hazards. Also put the baby to sleep in a swaddle blanket instead of covering her with a blanket.

Put strings, suspended toys or cords far away from the bassinet – this is to prevent your baby from getting strangulated. Don’t add any suspended toys on your own and only use those that are provided with the mobile.

Features to look out for in a bassinet

Since your baby will only be using the bassinet for a short period of time, it’s important to look for the features that will serve you best while selecting a bassinet. Discussed below are the most important features that will enable you to pick a bassinet that meets most of your baby’s sleeping needs.

Storage – most bassinets usually come with storage baskets underneath the bassinet where parents have lots of space for keeping all the important baby items and essentials such as diapers, wipes, and creams within close reach. Also, opt for bassinets that have a short skirt since long skirts tend to block access to the storage basket underneath.

Canopy – a retractable or removable canopy is very handy in keeping distracting light out of the bassinet to prevent waking your baby from sleep. The fact that the canopy is retractable means it can get out of the way whenever you’re changing your baby in the bassinet. While fabric canopies that drape over the bassinet tend to look nice, they can pose a strangulation hazard to your baby and even though the risk is lower with the smallest babies who are not mobile, you can’t predict when he/she will be able to reach for something within their grasp.

Sound effects, vibration, and light – to help soothe your baby to sleep faster and without much effort on your part, most bassinets come with soothing sounds, music, heartbeat, ambient or nature sounds with volume control that can be controlled by a simple switch. A very convenient night-light also enables parents to peek in on their baby without causing any disturbance. It’s important to note that these soothing features run on extra batteries and this means added cost of replacing batteries every now and then depending on the usage and of course the model. The more soothing features a bassinet has, the more batteries you’ll require.

Toys – some of the bassinets also include playful toys that do a good job in keeping the baby entertained and playful so parents can have some free time to attend to the more important house chores. Just make sure the toys aren’t suspended on strings which can pose strangulation hazards to the baby.

Portability – for ease of movement or transportation from place to place, most bassinets come with caster wheels at the bottom that make the job of pushing it from one room to another very easy and hassle-free. Some have handles that make it easy to carry around but always remember not to carry or move the bassinet with the baby inside it for safety purposes.

Bedding – bassinets come with different types of fabrics such as toile, vintage florals, gingham, and some colorful checks and plaids. Always ensure the bedding is machine washable whenever it gets dirty. Most bassinets also come with removable sheets that fit perfectly with the mattress pad and can also be easily cleaned or machine washed when dirty.

Functionality – some of the bassinets are designed to provide parents with a number of different functionalities. There are 3-in-1 bassinets like the contours classique that’s reviewed above which can be used as a changing table when you want to change your wet baby. Apart from that, it has a removable Moses basket with handles that enable it to be carried around and placed where the parent feels more safe and comfortable for the baby to sleep. Of course, there’s a large storage basket for storing all the baby’s items like diapers and wipes in handy. Others can act as a bedside sleeper that attaches to an adult bed although this is not recommended because of safety reasons.

Movement – some bassinets have the ability to be turned into cradles by using a quick-release latch and retracting the wheels causing the unit to rock gently. Other models have the ability to glide while the unit’s wheels are stationary but they do require batteries for this function. Other models like the Zen collection gliding bassinet from Fisher-Price can move at a variety of speeds.


As we conclude this long and detailed guide on the best bassinets, it’s important to stress that the safest place for your baby to sleep immediately after birth still remains to be a crib. However, most parents opt for bassinets immediately after the baby arrives because of a few reasons.

First, there might not be enough room or space in the bedroom to comfortably fit a full-sized crib. Secondly, bassinets are more cute, small, and portable as opposed to cribs. Last but not least, the parent may be tight on budget and thus finds it cheaper and affordable to go for a bassinet instead of a crib.

However, when it comes to safety and comfort for your baby, the crib takes the cake as far as those two factors are concerned. Unlike bassinets, all cribs are tested and certified by various safety organizations like JPMA and ASTM to ensure they are the safest place for a baby to sleep.

When it comes to comfort, bassinets are quite uncomfortable due to the thin mattress that comes included with them while on the other hand, mattresses that come with full-sized cribs are thicker with additional padding and this makes cribs to be safer, more comfortable and spacious than bassinets.

But if for whatever reason you still decide to get your newborn baby a bassinet just for the short term before finally shifting to a full-sized crib, then our top ten listing for the best bassinets should enable you to pick a great bassinet that will solve some of your baby’s sleeping needs in terms of safety and comfort. You may check out our article on when to know if a baby is too big for a bassinet.

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