Best Jogging Strollers 2024 – An Expert’s Guide

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3.BOB Revolution Flex Check Price on Amazon
4.Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller Check Price on Amazon
5.Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger Check Price on Amazon
6.BOB Ironman Check Price on Amazon
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A must-have for any parent with an active lifestyle is a great jogging stroller that provides a smooth comfortable ride for their baby while enabling them to stay healthy and physically fit through the running or jogging exercises they perform when they’re out and about with the baby riding along in the jogger. For this purpose, we’ve listed and reviewed the best jogging strollers for 2024 so parents can pick a great jogging stroller that best suits their active lifestyle.

All the models reviewed in this list are suited for jogging even though a few of them are more suitable for serious runners who like to go for long distances around the city. Though jogging strollers are known to be more expensive than standard strollers, there are still a few jogging strollers on our list which are very affordable to cater to those who want to get a capable jogging stroller without breaking the bank. But keep in mind these cheaper options might not have the same sturdiness and build quality as the high-end expensive options.

Below the reviews, we have a detailed buyer’s guide that touches on every important feature a great jogging stroller should have. This guide is very useful, especially to first time parents who might not know what to look for in a jogging stroller. But first, let’s see what the best jogging strollers are, shall we?

Best Jogging Strollers 2024

1.Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger

graco fastaction

As one of the best sellers in the jogging strollers’ category, the Graco fastaction fold jogger is equipped with impressive features and yet it comes at a reasonably affordable price. Built with portability in mind, the stroller weighs only 30 pounds thus making it lightweight enough and thanks to the fastaction fold feature it can also be folded up in one second thus making it perfect for any parent who is always on the go. Once folded, it locks itself automatically and stands on its own if you want to put it in a secure place. In terms of storage convenience, it has an extra large storage basket capable of holding most of the essentials such as food, toys and diapers. There’s also a parent tray with two deep cup holders together with a secure smart phone holder so you can have enough room to keep everything you need within arm’s reach. The child tray for holding sippy cups, bottles and snacks can be pivoted or fully removed to make it very easy for you to lift your child in or out of the seat.

We like the locking front wheels that provide for superior maneuverability while still making it easy to transition from the normal day to day strolling to jogging irrespective of whether it’s indoors or outdoors. The tires are filled with air to offer suspension needed for smooth rides on different types of terrains. For even more comfort for your baby, the seat is padded and it features Graco’s multi-position recline feature so parents can find the right sitting position that suits their baby. The convertible 3-point and 5-point harness ensures your baby is secured safely on the seat when you’re jogging along. It also has an extra large canopy so that your baby can enjoy the rides while getting enough protection from bright sunlight.

But it’s important to keep in mind that this jogging stroller is huge and not compact enough for it to comfortably fit in the trunk of a small car. It also lacks a handbrake which is something we feel should be standard for any jogging stroller. However, everything else about this jogging stroller is just fantastic.

With that said, this is actually a very good jogging stroller that any parent can get their hands on and be very impressed with. The whole stroller is also very easy to assemble and it feels sturdy and safe and it also rides very well.

2.Thule Urban Glide Jogging Stroller

thule urban glide

If you’re looking for a sports stroller that’s perfect for urban mobility or even jogging on your favorite path then the Thule urban glide would definitely be a great option to consider. This jogging stroller is designed to be sleek and at only 23 pounds in weight it’s one of the lightest sports strollers and this makes it easy to transport and navigate around with it. To make it even more convenient for travel, it features a one-handed folding mechanism that enables parents to collapse the stroller easily even when they are holding their baby. Even better, it can be folded in half by simply sliding and twisting the lever to make it very convenient for storage or transportation. When you’re strolling along, the front wheel swivels freely to provide for easy maneuvers on any urban terrain and it can also be locked for more stability when you’re jogging.

Your baby’s comfort and safety have also been given top priority even when they are riding along in this sports stroller. It features a full rear-suspension system that helps to absorb all the impacts on different terrains to provide your baby with a smooth and bumpy free ride always. Your baby is also secured safely with the 5-point safety harness that’s padded and the seat (which supports a maximum weight of 75 pounds) is ventilated to make it breathable and it can also be laid flat for diaper or nappy changes when on the go. For optimum protection from the sun, the sun shade is fully-adjustable and has a peek-a-boo window that lets parents observe the baby from above.

What about its ease of use and the parent’s comfort? For this purpose, the ergonomic handle bar is padded and fully adjustable to accommodate parents of different height and a removable wrist strap is also included for those parents who want to be more active when they are out and about. We really like the large capacity storage bin that’s water-resistant and can be zipped shut securely to allow parents to fold-and-go without worrying about losing any of their important essentials.

So the Thule urban glide is a great jogging stroller in every respect and even though it features a foot-activated brake that can be engaged for safety purposes, it doesn’t have the option to activate the brakes with your hand which is something that’s a must for any jogging stroller. But on the whole, this is one of the best jogging strollers you can get your hands on thanks to the ease of use, portability, functionality, maneuverability and excellent build quality it provides to parents.

3.BOB Revolution Flex

bob revolution flex

We can’t mention jogging strollers without including a popular and reputable brand such as BOB. With that said, the BOB revolution flex comes highly recommended because of the helpful features it provides to both parents and children without sacrificing maneuverability. This jogging stroller is designed to handle any kind of terrain easily while still providing your little baby with comfortable and bumpy free rides across the city. The state-of-the-art adjustable suspension system combined with the air-filled tires that are wrapped around high-impact polymer wheels are designed to provide up to 3 inches of travel and 2 different stages of weight support to provide your baby with an ultra-smooth ride both on-road and off-road. The swivel-lock front wheel provides you with easy maneuvers around tight turns and locks forward to make it more stable when you’re jogging on uneven terrain.

You can easily and conveniently transport and store the BOB revolution flex thanks to the easy 2-step fold mechanism it provides to parents who are always on the go. We really like how the handle bar is padded to make it feel comfortable on your hands and can also be adjusted to 9 different positions to provide any parent with the perfect fit whether they are tall or short. The whole stroller can also be converted to a full travel system though you’ll incur extra expenses when purchasing the BOB infant car seat adapter that’s sold separately. When jogging or strolling along, your baby will definitely love the comfort and upright seating position of the seat which can also be reclined with just one hand to provide him/her with the most suitable sitting angle and the fabric used is very easy to wipe clean when it’s dirty. The extra large storage basket underneath the seat should be spacious enough to fit all your essentials, gear and a few toys when you and your baby are on adventure.

You can engage the brake very easily with just the tap of your foot even though most parents would be happier if the brake was hand-activated. But ultimately, what truly sets the BOB revolution flex apart is its excellent build quality that can’t be matched with any other jogging stroller competing in the same league. This thing is designed and built to be almost indestructible.

So if you’re seriously looking for a jogging stroller that’s easy to navigate over any terrain but still provide you and your baby with ultimate comfort, convenience, ease of use and durability, then the BOB revolution flex is the one to get.

4.Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller

joovy zoom 360

Just like its name suggests the joovy zoom 360 is designed to be one of the lightest as far as jogging strollers are concerned. At only 25.7 pounds in weight, it runs straighter and truer with the addition of a straight rear axle that puts this jogging stroller in line with most of the high end strollers competing in the same category. For portability and storage convenience, it can be folded easily and the quick-release wheels provide for an easy and hassle-free storage when it’s not in use. We really like the high riding position of the seat that provides your baby with great visibility when on the road. Additionally, this seat is sturdy enough to hold a child who weighs up to 75 pounds yet it’s also comfortable and supportive with convenient mesh pockets for putting snacks and other delicacies while on the go. Even impressive is how you can create your own travel system thanks to the car seat adapters with “click-in” functionality that make it easy for you to install any infant car seat that you’ve purchased separately.

Your baby’s comfort is also given top priority thanks to the shock absorbing suspension that helps to smooth out most of the bumps along the way to keep your little one smiling along. The 12-inch front wheel swivels in different directions to provide you with easy maneuvers and can also be locked for proper stability when running or jogging along. For safety purposes, the 16-inch rear wheels feature a one-step linked parking brake to allow you to stop the stroller when you need to. The needs of the parent have also been catered for with the convenient storage organizer for keeping phones, keys and favorite beverages when on the road. Additionally, this storage organizer can be easily machine washed if it gets dirty. The over sized sunshade can be adjusted to any position to provide your baby with maximum shade and the peek-a-boo window makes it possible for you to observe your baby even when jogging along.

However, the handle bars aren’t adjustable and this makes it inconvenient for short parents to push it from a comfortable position. It also has a large footprint so we can’t recommend it for use on tight spaces.

All in all, the joovy zoom 360 is a good jogging stroller that comes with a pretty easy and fast assembly procedure together with other helpful features that make it a great choice for most of the parents with an active lifestyle. In fact, this is one of the strollers we would recommend if you’re looking for a jogging stroller that rides smoothly over any terrain.

5.Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger

baby trend expedition double

As a double jogging stroller, the baby trend expedition double jogger is suitable for parents who have twin babies or two small babies who are just a few years apart in age. With that said, this is actually one of the most affordable models as far as double joggers are concerned and yet it’s designed to comfortably hold two babies each with a maximum weight of 50 pounds. Its total weight of 34 pounds makes it impressively light in weight as a double jogging stroller and it has a quick and easy compact fold mechanism that makes it quite convenient for transportation but still there are other jogging strollers on our list that fold even more compactly. The front wheel is swiveled for easy maneuvers around the city and it can also be locked for stability when jogging or running on rough terrain. Though it lacks a hand-activated brake system, it features a foot-activated rear brake system so you can engage the brakes while your hands are free to handle other important tasks when strolling along.

You can recline the seat to multiple sitting positions to offer both babies a suitable riding position while each child is secured safely using the 5-point safety harness. This double jogging stroller rides very well over any terrain and this is due to the all-terrain 16” rear and 12” front rubber pneumatic bicycle tires that also provide sufficient suspension to provide your babies with smooth and comfortable rides when on the go. In terms of storage, there’s a large storage basket with a covered storage compartment and a parent tray with 2 cup holders so you can carry most of the important items necessary for convenient travel. The handle bar has a nice touch to it and feels more quality and durable than those of most strollers. The sun shade is adjustable enough to keep the sun out of your babies’ eyes even though it doesn’t come down completely like that of other strollers.

So the expedition double jogger is definitely a great double jogging stroller that baby trend has brought on to the consumer market as it ticks all the right boxes as far as maneuverability, comfort, ease of use and durability are concerned. And as mentioned above, this is also the least expensive of nearly all the double jogging strollers currently on the market. Alternatively, if you only have one baby but you still want to get this particular model, you can instead get the single version that’s two times cheaper and highly rated by customers.

6.BOB Ironman

bob ironman

The BOB ironman shares the same features found in the BOB revolution flex that’s reviewed above even though the ironman has few additional features which the revolution flex doesn’t have. It comes with a fixed front wheel that guarantees proper stability during fast speeds across the city. In addition, its lightweight design together with the aluminum alloy wheels with 16” semi-slick tires is perfect for any pavement or terrain so you can ride it just like a road bike. This makes the ironman suitable for sprinting, endurance training and even a nice long walk around the city with your baby. However unlike the tires of the revolution flex which are bigger and wider thus perfect for off road strolling, the tires of the ironman are thinner and thus perfect for fast speeds but on smoother roads or pavements. We like the simple 2-step folding process that enables it to be collapsed down to a surprising small and compact size for storage or transportation. There’s also a snap that lets you know whether you’ve folded it down completely. Even though it requires some assembly once you get it out of the box, you don’t really need the instructions because it comes with few parts that provide for a fast and easy installation.

The seat can be reclined with just the push of a button and is very well cushioned to ensure your baby is as comfortable as possible when riding along. The same state-of-the-art adjustable suspension system found in the revolution flex is also included to provide your baby with an ultra-smooth ride irrespective of the kind of terrain you’re riding on. Parents will also appreciate the padded handle bar that can be adjusted to 9 different positions to suit their body height. It also comes with improved quick-release front and back wheels and plenty of storage space underneath to fit most of the essentials you need for travel. If the sun is too bright, you can almost completely extend the sun shade to provide your baby with maximum shade.

The one safety feature that’s included in the ironman but lacking in the revolution flex though is the hand-activated front caliper brake that gives you added control especially when you’re descending down a slope or downhill.

So the BOB ironman, just like the revolution flex, is great in every way even though the ironman features the very handy hand-activated brake that’s a must for safety purposes. The ironman is also just slightly cheaper than the revolution flex though the price difference isn’t very significant. But still it’s up to parents to decide which one between the two models is going to be suitable for them.

7.Schwinn Turismo Swivel Single Jogger

schwinn turismo

For the price, the Schwinn Turismo is a great jogging stroller especially when you consider all the important features it provides to both parents and their children. This is actually one of the few jogging strollers that feature an in-built MP3 speaker system to keep you and your little baby entertained while going on those long adventures around the city. The assembly procedure is easy and you can assemble it within minutes without assistance from anybody. You’ll also notice how good and sturdy the construction feels thanks to the aluminum frame that also helps to keep the weight down to only 24.5 pounds thus making it nimble and handle easily when navigating around. Most parents are impressed by the smooth ride provided by this jogging stroller due to the great suspension that helps to smoothen out any bumps along the road. We like how the front wheel folds underneath the unit but the process of unfolding is a bit awkward since you have to lift the unit to allow the front wheel to come out and in the process, it scrapes the front of the stroller.

Just like any jogging stroller, the front wheel is swiveled for easy maneuvers around town and can be locked for jogging purposes. We like the adjustable handlebar that accommodates your body height and the fact that it can accommodate most rear-facing infant car seats. You can secure your baby safely using the safety harness whose straps are very easy to adjust for a comfortable and snug fit. The sunshade is fully adjustable to protect your baby from bright sunlight and you can still get a full, unobstructed view of your baby since the back doesn’t attach to the unit. The child’s food tray is particularly small when compared to that of other strollers and the storage basket underneath is fairly small to only fit a handful of items.

And even though it has brakes that can be engaged for safety purposes, each of the two brakes at the back needs to be activated individually and this is a bit inconvenient especially when you’re jogging along. It also lacks a hand-activated brake which is very handy when you want to suddenly halt the stroller downhill.

All in all, we’ll have to give this jogging stroller credit for the smooth ride and comfort it provides to you and your baby whether you’re walking or running during those long adventures around the city. The color on the fabric also makes it visually appealing and makes it stand out from a collection of many strollers packed together.

8. Baby Jogger City Select Single Stroller

baby jogger city select

If ultimate versatility is what you’re looking for in a jogging stroller, then the Baby Jogger City Select should be at the top of your list. With more than 16 different configurations and a bunch of accessories that are sold separately, the baby jogger city select can be converted to meet and cater to the needs of any growing family quite conveniently. If you’ve given birth to a second baby, you can easily convert it to a double jogging stroller using second seats, bassinets, and car seat adapters that are sold separately. But even with its outstanding versatility, this jogging stroller is also very portable at the same time. In fact, you simply lift the sides and it folds itself compactly. For storage or transportation purposes, you just snap the latch to lock the stroller so you can easily stow it in your car or on a crowded city bus.

The 8-inch front swivel wheels allow for easy maneuvers around the city and can also be locked for increased stability during long-distance strolling. At 12-inches, the rear wheels are slightly larger than the front wheels to enable this jogging stroller to cover all kinds of terrains with ease. The seat can support weights of up to 45 pounds and can be reclined to multiple positions to ensure your baby is comfortable and safe when strolling along. For even more comfort, the canopy included can be adjusted to accommodate different head heights while still providing your baby with maximum shade from the sun or rain. Most parents like the telescoping handlebar that easily adjusts to the parent’s height to provide them with a customized and comfortable strolling experience. The parking brake is hand-operated to help keep all the other controls within reach. The storage space underneath is enough to fit most essentials needed for on-the-go convenience.

However, few parents complain about the sitting configuration provided by this stroller when converted to a double stroller. The fact that one seat is placed in front of the other seat adds some weight to the stroller and this makes it more difficult to push with ease. If it was configured to place the two seats side by side, then this wouldn’t make it heavy and difficult to push along. It also doesn’t fold very compactly once converted into a double stroller.

With that said, this jogging stroller from baby jogger city select is great in every way especially if used as a single stroller. It is very portable, easy to maneuver around any kind of terrain, and versatile enough to meet the needs of your growing family.

9. Chicco TRE Performance Jogging Stroller

chicco tre

The Chicco TRE Performance comes with very convenient features that aren’t found in most of the jogging strollers reviewed in this list. It’s designed to provide parents with ultimate control at their fingertips thanks to the TRE control console. The process of locking the swivel front wheel and engaging the deceleration brake and parking brake is hand-activated to make it very easy for you to operate this stroller even when you’re jogging along. We also like how the handlebars can be easily adjusted to different positions to provide for a customized and comfortable pushing position to parents of different heights. Even better, you can customize the riding experience of this jogging stroller over different types of terrains thanks to the foot-activated adjustable FlexCore suspension that enable parents to choose between a firm ride suitable for jogging or a soft ride for normal strolling. You can fold this jogging stroller compactly with just one hand to enable it fit very easily in the trunk of a small family car. It also stands by itself once it’s folded so you can put it safely in a secure place.

It’s also compatible with the Chicco KeyFit 30 infant car seat that’s very easy to install everytime you want to take your baby with you on those long adventures around the city. With your baby’s safety and comfort in mind, it features a five-point safety harness to help keep your baby secured safely when on the go. The sitting position can be reclined to five different positions with just one hand to provide your baby with a suitable sitting position for ultimate comfort. Both the 12” front wheel and the 16” rear wheels are air-filled to make this stroller roll smoothly and less cumbersome to push along.

We like how the canopy can be extended all the way down to protect your baby from bright sunlight and rain. The sporty fabrics used on this jogging stroller are designed to make the life of parents easy and convenient since they are durable, easy to clean, and water repellent during rainy seasons. The parent tray included isn’t large though it provides just enough space to fit your phone, keys and few of your baby’s items.

All in all, this is a great jogging stroller with no serious flaws to report about. It’s also not difficult to assemble and it has one of the best build qualities even when compared to other high-end jogging strollers on the market.

Jogging Strollers Buyer’s Guide

A great jogging stroller makes all the difference between a bumpy uncomfortable ride for your baby and a smooth or nice relaxing run for you and your baby. Unlike umbrella strollers which are designed with portability in mind and are more suited for normal walks or shopping errands around the city, jogging strollers on the other hand boast features that make them great for long-distance running and outdoor workouts with your baby riding along.

Important features that make a great jogging stroller


Jogging strollers come with bigger wheels whose diameter starts from 12 inches to as high as 16 inches or even 24 inches respectively. The wheels of a jogging stroller are the main stand-out feature that distinguishes them from other types of strollers such as umbrella strollers. The main reason for them having such big wheels is to enable parents to push the jogging stroller easily over any kind of terrain ranging from rough or uneven surfaces to soft dirt paths. The tires are also filled with air just like the tires of a bicycle to provide for a smooth ride when you’re jogging along with your baby on the stroller. The air-filled tires will also require regular checks of the air pressure and you need to have a bike pump handy to be able to inflate the tire if you happen to get a flat tire while on the road.

Fixed front wheel vs. swivel front wheel

The type of front-wheel you choose in a jogging stroller will determine whether you are going to use it for serious running or simply for normal walks or jogs around the city.

Fixed wheel – this is perfect for parents who prefer long-distance running while on an adventure with the baby. Since the wheel is locked in a forward-facing position, it makes it difficult to maneuver around corners with ease that’s why fixed wheels are more suited for outdoor use on wider paths. If you want to turn a jogging stroller with a fixed front wheel you’ll have to lift the front wheel upwards by leaning the whole stroller backward and then twisting it in your preferred direction. This usually takes some practice before learning how to do this effectively.

Swivel wheel – this is perfect for easy maneuvers around tight corners around the city. However, swivel wheels aren’t suitable for jogging or running purposes because if you’re jogging with a swiveled front wheel stroller and you accidentally hit a small bump, the wheel will change direction causing the jogging stroller to veer off course.

But if you want to get the best of both worlds in terms of easy maneuverability and running capability, then you can choose a jogging stroller that features a swivel-lock front wheel so you can unlock it when you want to walk easily around the city and then lock it for stability when you want to run or jog along.

Spokes and rims

The main purpose of rims and spokes is to help the wheels maintain the normal round shape while still supporting all the weight of the jogging stroller. There are two main types of materials used for spokes and rims and these are metal and plastic. Metal rims and spokes are very practical and they contribute significantly to the smoother ride your baby gets while riding along. When choosing a jogging stroller with metal rims and spokes ensure they are quality and made from stainless steel or alloy to be able to withstand rusting conditions especially if you live in a humid place or near the coast. For parents who are serious about fitness, metal spokes and rims is the way to go. Plastic rims and spokes on the other hand are more aesthetically pleasing to look at than metal spokes since plastic can be molded into different styles. Plastic spokes and rims are also lighter than metal rims and this helps significantly in keeping the weight of the stroller down. However, plastic is less durable than metal and is also prone to getting scratches and marks more easily than metal spokes and rims.

Size of the wheel

As mentioned above, the size of the wheel will determine how easily you’re going to go over different terrains. 12 inch wheels are more suitable for sidewalks, shopping centers and pavements. 16 inch wheels will perform better on concrete and light off-road environments. 20 inch wheels are capable of rolling over the most difficult terrains such as bumps, curbs, cracks and even loose soil or sand. However, keep in mind that bigger wheels make it more inconvenient to store or transport the jogging stroller as they take up lots of space and add some weight to the stroller.

Tire tread

When it comes to tire treads we have two main varieties which are bumpy tread and smooth tread. Bumpy treads provide much better grip especially when riding on slippery surfaces or rough grounds. Smooth treads are also known as slicks and they allow for easy maneuvers through crowded places or around tight bends on flat surfaces.

Tire width

How wide or narrow the width of the tire is will also determine how easy or difficult it’s going to be when riding off road or on gravel and dirt paths. For off road purposes, wider tires are much better than narrow tires. For surfaces that are hard and flat, a narrow thin tire will ride pretty easily.

Wheel reflectors

The main purpose of wheel reflectors is to enable passing cars to be aware of your location especially at night. This is very important since wheel reflectors help to prevent unwanted accidents at night. The wheel reflectors do this by reflecting the light shining on them coming from a street light or from the headlights of passing cars.


For safety purposes, brakes come in two different types and they are parking brake and hand brake. A parking brake is engaged to prevent the stroller from rolling away when your baby is still inside. You can engage the parking brake when you’ve stopped jogging in order to relax for a few minutes or you want to grab a drink and enjoy the beautiful scenery around you. Most jogging strollers feature a foot-activated parking brake that prevents you from bending over and using your hands to lock the wheels. Luckily, all strollers nowadays come with a parking brake as standard. A hand brake on the other hand, is used to stop the jogging stroller especially when running down a steep slope or downhill. In such a case you may want to be able to immediately halt the stroller if a car appears in front of you suddenly. The heavier your baby gets the more important a hand brake becomes since the extra weight of your baby might start to pull you along at a faster rate than you can handle when jogging downhill. Simply put, a hand brake is found on the handlebar and it gives you full control when you’re jogging downhill.

Suspension (shock absorbers)

A shock absorber is basically a coiled spring that is part of the jogging stroller’s suspension system. While riding over rough or uneven terrain, shock absorbers allow the wheels to bounce up and down without causing the stroller and the baby to bounce in the same violent motion. Some high end jogging strollers feature adjustable shocks so you can adjust the bounciness according to the terrain and your baby’s weight. Even though shock absorbers are mainly found on the rear tires, few jogging strollers also come with a front shock absorber especially in the case of double jogging strollers to help smoothen out the ride for the additional baby’s weight inside. However, some of the cheaper models don’t feature any suspension system at all and that’s okay if you’re riding on flat surfaces. But for off road use, a jogging stroller with no suspension will provide a very rough, uncomfortable and bouncy ride for your baby which can even result in injury.

Adjustable Handle bar

Though some jogging strollers come with a fixed non-adjustable handle bar, it’s important to choose a jogging stroller with an adjustable handle bar to be able to raise or lower it to the perfect position according to your body’s height. The handle bar should also be ergonomically positioned at a suitable angle to enable you to hold it without putting unnecessary pressure on your wrists. This is especially important for long distance runners.


The seat is where your baby will be spending most of his/her time on and for this reason, comfort should be a top priority. There are three features that combine to ensure your baby is as comfortable as possible on the seat when riding along.

Padding – the more padding a seat has the more comfortable it is. The thickness of padding on the seat will vary from brand to brand. The fabric of the material used also adds to baby comfort and will determine how easy it is to wash or clean when it gets dirty.

Safety harness – most jogging strollers feature a 5-point harness that’s used to secure the baby safely on the seat when jogging along. These safety straps should be padded for comfort and adjustable to accommodate your baby’s growth.

Reclining seat – you may want to recline the seat to different sitting positions that suit your baby when strolling along. The angle of recline also varies from brand to brand and some models have seats which can be laid completely flat when your baby wants to sleep or when you want to change your baby’s nappy when on the go.

Folding ability

For easy portability and storage, a jogging stroller should be able to be folded down to a small compact size easily and quickly. Jogging strollers which employ a “folding mechanism” are very easy and quick to fold by the simple push of a button or pull of a lever. Others feature a “quick fold technology” that enables you to fold up the jogger with only one hand while the other hand is holding your baby. Jogging strollers which employ “compact folding” are more time consuming and require the use of both hands to fold them up. However, compact folding allows the jogger to be folded down to a smaller and more compact size than those that employ “folding mechanism”.


Being able to pack and carry every item that’s necessary for convenient travel is very important. With this in mind, it’s wise to ensure you pick a jogging stroller that has an extra large storage basket, cup holders, parent trays for both you and your baby and zippered pockets where you can safely put your phone, keys and other important items when you’re jogging along. Remember that the size of storage baskets and those other storage parts will vary from one model to another. Some may come with all the storage options while others may only include a storage basket without pockets and cup holders.

Extendable Canopy with peek-a-boo window

All jogging strollers feature a sunshade that can be extended to provide your baby with enough shade from bright sunlight. Some canopies are fixed to the back of the seat while others are not attached to the seat so you can extend them down or forward as far as you would like to. A peek-a-boo window simply allows you to get a clear view of your baby from above even when you’re running or jogging. When fully extended, a canopy which lacks a peek-a-boo window makes it nearly impossible for the parent to see what the baby is doing.

Safety strap

Not all jogging strollers come with a hand brake and it’s in such a case where a safety strap is very handy. The safety strap is basically looped around the handle bar and is attached to the parent’s wrist when he/she is jogging along. Because it’s attached to your wrist, the jogging stroller won’t be able to escape from you when you accidentally trip over or when you forget to activate the parking brake. For comfort and safety purposes, this safety strap should be just long enough so that you feel comfortable but also not too long that it accidentally gets caught or trapped in nearby objects.

Double jogging strollers

For parents who have twins or two babies that are just a few years apart in age, then a double jogging stroller will be the best option to consider. The features outlined above are the same you would look for when choosing a double jogging stroller but there’s one extra feature which is the seat configuration that you’ll need to pay close attention to before you make that bold decision to buy a double jogging stroller.

Seat configuration

There are two different ways in which the seat on a double jogging stroller can be configured. We have the side-by-side seat configuration and the tandem seat configuration.

Side by side configuration – this is perfect for twin babies whose weight is basically the same. If you put two babies whose difference in weight is very significant you may find it difficult to push the stroller. Side-by-side configuration comes with a number of advantages. First, the stroller is easier to push due to the nearly equal weight distribution. Both babies can also see, play, and interact with each other while the parent is getting a clear view of both babies. However, the side-by-side configuration is less suited for use in crowded places due to the big size that also takes up lots of space in storage.

Tandem configuration – in this arrangement, one seat is placed in front of the other with the front seat being lower and the back seat being higher. The tandem configuration is suited for those parents that like to hang out in crowded places in the city. This configuration allows for a narrow frame that makes it easy to maneuver and occupies less space during storage. However, the uneven weight distribution makes it more difficult to push especially when going up a gentle slope.


That wraps it up for this detailed and monstrous guide on the best jogging strollers. Hopefully, the information in this guide will be able to answer most of the questions parents have when it comes to choosing and buying a great jogging stroller that’s perfect for those long jogs and runs around the parks or city.

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If you have any questions about any of the jogging strollers reviewed in this guide you can simply leave them in the comments section and we’ll answer them to the best of our ability.

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  1. I have the baby jogger stroller and their website specifically says it is not intended for jogging. They only have one model recommended for jogging the x3.

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