Best Umbrella Strollers 2024 – Reviews

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1.Gb Pockit Stroller Check Price on Amazon
2.ZOE Umbrella XL1 Single Stroller Check Price on Amazon
3.Summer Infant 3Dtote Convenience Stroller Check Price on Amazon
4.Graco Breaze Click Connect Stroller Check Price on Amazon
5.Baby Stroller Lightweight Stroller Check Price on Amazon
6.Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller Check Price on Amazon
7.Evenflo Minno Lightweight Stroller Check Price on Amazon
8.Summer Infant 3Dlite Convenience Stroller Check Price on Amazon
9.Maclaren Major Elite Transport Chair Check Price on Amazon
10.Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller Check Price on Amazon

In this guide we’ve listed and reviewed the 10 best umbrella strollers in 2024 to enable parents pick the perfect model that will enable them to travel with their babies around the city easily and conveniently.

Additionally, we’ve evaluated the models listed here in terms of portability, ease of use, sturdiness, durability, maneuverability and also convenience to ensure they meet most of the needs that parents and babies have with regards to umbrella strollers.

We know that portability is the most important feature that most parents look for when buying an umbrella stroller and that’s why umbrella strollers are designed to be very light in weight to make them easy to carry or transport from place to place especially if the baby is not riding along.

However, when the baby is riding along, there are other important features such as ease of maneuverability, comfort and storage convenience that will also make the umbrella stroller to be great for travel. And so those are the most important features that any parent should look for whenever they are looking to buy an umbrella stroller.

With this in mind, we’ve created this guide on the best umbrella strollers to make sure your search and purchasing process is as easy as possible.

Best Umbrella Strollers 2024

1.Gb Pockit Stroller

gb pockit

Starting our list is the GB pockit stroller that comes highly recommended due to its small, compact size and portability. If you’re looking for a lightweight stroller suitable for trips by plane, train, and car or even visiting your favorite restaurants in your neighborhood, then the GB pockit stroller would be a good choice for you. This stroller from GB pockit holds the world’s records for being the smallest stroller when compactly folded. Because it’s a lightweight stroller, it weighs less than 11 pounds and this makes it very easy and convenient to carry, stow and push. In addition, it is very small and compact when folded enabling it to fit pretty easily in a handbag. Even better, it can stand alone when folded to enable you to put it aside at your favorite café or restaurant if you don’t wish to put it in your handbag. However, don’t let its small and lightweight characteristics fool you because it is also quite strong and built with durability in mind. The materials used to build it are durable enough plus it is expertly designed to make it practical, convenient and capable of holding a child who weighs up to 55 pounds.

With your child’s comfort in mind, it comes with an adjustable harness system that features a secure safety belt with protective comfort pads that can be set at different heights while still allowing you to either fasten or loosen it to provide your child with a cozy and secure fit when on the road. When it comes to ease of maneuverability, the front wheels can swivel to a full 360 degrees when unlocked and they can also be locked for increased stability when riding over uneven surfaces. Just under the child’s seat is a convenient storage basket capable of holding up to 11 pounds of items and other important necessities when on the go.

But even though this stroller is very small and compact when folded, the ultra folding process is a bit difficult and time-consuming. It could also do better if it came with a recline feature and the sunshade also provides minimal protection for your baby. The super-light characteristic also makes it feel less sturdy when compared to other heavy strollers out there.

With that said, the GB pockit stroller should be at the top of your list if portability and travel is your main concern. It can fit perfectly into any overhead compartment or under the seat in front of you in most planes and it’s also a quintessential option for any parent who is passionate about city travel and exploring the city.

2. ZOE Umbrella XL1 Single Stroller

zoe umbrella xl1

There’s a lot to like about the ZOE umbrella XL1 single stroller not just in terms of features but also in terms of the lifetime warranty and guarantee you are going to get on its wheels. As a super lightweight stroller, it weighs an impressive 10 pounds which is actually less than half the weight of most jogging strollers and even a few lightweight strollers on the market currently. This lightweight characteristic together with the quick, compact, and easy one-hand fold feature makes it a perfect companion for airline travel and public transportation. We like how it can be easily maneuvered with just one hand and the suspension is good enough to make your child’s ride in the city comfortable. The wheels also enable it to stroll through snow without any difficulty. In addition, the aluminum frame used in its construction adds to its durability while making it feel as stable and sturdy just like most of the high-end strollers available.

Your child will also get enough shade from the sun thanks to the huge, extendable canopy with a large hidden extension that protects your child from the harmful radiations of the sun when on the go. There’s also a large storage pocket on the back of the canopy where you can put your keys and cell phone and for even more storage convenience, there’s a large storage basket that can comfortably fit shopping bags, your diaper bag, and any additional items you may have. For your child’s comfort and safety, there’s a deep and padded seat that can be reclined to 135 degrees and support up to 50 pounds of weight. In addition, the 5-point harness helps to secure your child safely in the seat when on the move.

However, we found it a bit hard to unlatch one of the safety buckles since it gets jammed a lot. The process of adjusting the straps is also a bit frustrating and time-consuming. But other than those few issues, there isn’t anything else to complain about this wonderful ultra-lightweight stroller from ZOE XL1.

With that said, this is actually one of the best lightweight strollers you can ever get your hands on. Not only is it well made and sturdy, but it’s also easy to maneuver around even when it’s packed with your child’s items and other essentials. It’s also super easy to use, quick and very portable thus perfect for travel.

3. Summer Infant 3Dtote Convenience Stroller

summer infant 3dtote

Just like its name suggests, the summer infant 3Dtote is designed to provide both parents and children with unbelievable storage and ultimate convenience when on the go. In fact, this lightweight stroller has one of the largest storage baskets of any stroller on the market and this means parents will be able to pack and carry everything they need to make their travel easy and convenient. In addition, it is also decked out with oodles of storage pockets, toy loops, and extra cup holders to make you fully prepared and ready for any kind of adventure. You can also hang your diaper bags and shopping bags with confidence without any fear that the stroller will tip and this is due to the built-in clips together with the geometrical design of this stroller that enables it to accommodate a maximum hanging weight of up to 5 pounds.

In terms of safety and comfort for your baby, it has a 5-point harness with 3 different height adjustable positions and additional padding to accommodate your baby’s growth while providing him/her with the comfort required. For more comfort when riding along, it has large and durable 6-inch wheels with easy glide bearings and front suspension for a smoother ride. The front wheels can also swivel for easy maneuverability and in case of stability, they can be locked if need be. We also like the compact and easy 3-step folding process together with the auto-lock and carry strap that makes it very easy to carry it when on the go. The aluminum frame used makes it more durable while keeping the weight as light as possible.

We like how the seat can be laid flat for napping or even diaper changes on the go. With just one hand you can recline the seat to 3 different positions to support both your child’s growth and mood in comfort. There’s also a large canopy with a pop-out sun visor in case your child needs maximum protection from the sun. And what makes this lightweight stroller even more amazing is how summer infant has managed to package all these important features into it and yet it weighs only 17 pounds.

And in case you’re curious to know, this lightweight stroller doesn’t have any flaws whatsoever. Yes! It is a very good stroller that ticks all the right boxes as far as convenience, ease of use, maneuverability, portability, and quality are concerned. In fact, we can confidently say that it should be on the top of any parent’s list if a great and convenient lightweight stroller is what you are looking for.

4.Graco Breaze Click Connect Stroller

graco breaze

The Graco Breaze click connect is another lightweight stroller that comes highly recommended because of the helpful features it provides to both children and parents alike. It features a multi-position reclining seat that can be laid flat to help accommodate your baby’s growth from infancy to toddlerhood. The whole stroller can support a child who weighs up to 50 pounds and this means more years of travel comfort for your child. Even better, you can convert it into a travel system because it can easily accept all Graco click connect infant car seats with a simple and secure one-step attachment. Even though the frame is light in weight, it’s also sturdy enough for maximum durability and portability, therefore, making it very convenient for moms who are always on the go.

This stroller is also one of the easiest and quickest to fold thanks to its innovative one-hand fold feature. Once folded, it automatically locks itself for safety purposes and the carry strap makes it even more convenient to carry around. The front-swivel wheels can be locked for increased stability on rough surfaces and can also be unlocked for easy maneuverability. In addition, the suspension adds to a smooth and bump-free ride for your child without compromising on comfort. The harness can be converted to a 3-point or 5-point harness and adjusted to provide your child with a snug fit while accommodating his/her growth. There’s also an extra-large canopy with a pop-out visor for maximum protection from ultra-violet rays of the sun.

We also like the gender-neutral fashion on the fabric and straps together with the sophisticated geometric pattern that can attract the attention of any child. The extra-large storage basket that is easy to access together with the removable cup holder for the parent will provide enough space for putting most of the important items you and your child require when on the road. The assembly process is very easy and when the seat gets dirty you can quickly and easily wipe it clean using a damp cloth. The process of pressing and releasing the foot brake is also easy whenever you want to activate the brakes for safety.

The only issue we have with this stroller is the fact that it can’t stand by itself when it’s folded. The storage basket is also not big enough especially if you have lots of items to carry around. However, those are the only minor faults to what is easily one of the best lightweight strollers you can ever get on the market today.

5. Baby Stroller Lightweight Stroller

baby stroller

This lightweight stroller comes packed with most of the important features you would expect to find in a stroller of its caliber. At 12.8 pounds in weight, it is definitely very light in weight even though some of the strollers on our list weigh even less than this. Its narrow design makes it easy to pass through tight or narrow doorways without any difficulty and it can also fit comfortably into an airplane’s overhead locker when packed in its own carry bag with a strap. The assembly process is easy and the process of folding and unfolding this stroller is also easy though you can’t do it with just one hand as the manufacturer claims. When you want to unfold, you simply lift the locking mechanism, hold the handle and then give it a slight flick. If you want to fold it, you simply lift the locking mechanism, push the handle down lightly and it is fully folded. The two front wheels make it easy to maneuver around the city without any problem and their built-in suspension provides your child with comfortable and less bumpy rides. Additionally, the wheels feel sturdy enough and the aluminum frame makes it feel strong and high quality.

The 5-point safety adjustment belt will provide your child with a snug and safe fit while still accommodating his/her growth. Your child will also love the multiple reclining positions featured in this stroller. With up to 3 different positions that include the sitting position up to an angle of 90 degrees, recline position, and sleeping positions, you can choose the best position according to your baby’s preference. The backrest and the seat are well padded to provide your baby with additional comfort and the canopy that comes with it isn’t huge but it still does the job of shielding your child from the sun as intended. Other accessories include a cup holder, mosquito net/cover, and seat cover.

But even as most parents are impressed with the lightweight characteristics and quality they get in this stroller, it still comes with a few flaws that are worth mentioning. First, its compacted design makes it a bit tight and less spacious for tall and big children. The fabric material is also not very easy to wash in place and the storage basket is also shallow and quite small to fit only a handful of items.

But on the whole, this is definitely a great lightweight stroller that has a small footprint, is very easy to maneuver around, and is also well built in terms of quality and sturdiness.

6. Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller

kolcraft cloud plus

If you’re a parent who is tired of using the more bulky travel systems but you still want a lightweight stroller that is more travel-friendly, then the Kolcraft cloud plus stroller would be a great option to consider. The fact that this lightweight stroller is packed with all the important features found in most full-size strollers and yet it comes in a smaller and more nimble design with ultra-compact foldability makes it ideal for those who want the best of both worlds. At only 13 pounds of weight, this stroller is very light weight and this makes it very easy and convenient to carry around with ease. In addition, it can be folded compactly to make it easy to pack or fit in the trunk of any vehicle without taking much space. And even with its lightweight characteristics, this stroller is still very sturdy and has a quality feel that is found in most high-end strollers. Right out of the box, it’s very easy to assemble it and the whole design also makes it very easy for parents to use when on the road. It’s important to note that this lightweight stroller is recommended for use on children who can sit up unassisted with a maximum weight limit of 50 pounds.

Most parents are also impressed by the large storage basket that enables them to load important essentials and items to make their trips more convenient. In fact, even with its small and compacted dimensions, this stroller still has more storage space than some of the bigger strollers out there. For even more storage convenience there are cup holders where you can firmly put your child’s favorite drinks when on the move. We also like the large canopy that does a good job whenever your child needs enough protection from the harmful rays of the sun. The 5-point safety harness should enable you to secure the baby safely and comfortably on the seat and it can also be adjusted to accommodate your baby’s growth. The front wheels are swiveled to enable it to maneuver around quite easily and we also like how the seat can be reclined to different positions even though you can’t lay it completely flat if your baby wants to get a comfortable sleep on the go.

All in all, this is a great lightweight stroller that’s sure to impress both parents and children thanks to the portability, ease of use, and convenience it provides at such an affordable price. Even better, it doesn’t have any flaws that might make you reconsider your decision to purchase it.

7. Evenflo Minno Lightweight Stroller

evenflo minno

This is another lightweight stroller that is packed with impressive and convenient features yet it comes at a very affordable price. It is versatile enough to accommodate infants and children who weigh up to 45 pounds. At 17 pounds of weight, it’s reasonably lightweight making it quite easy to carry around even though it’s still bulkier and heavier than most umbrella strollers on our list. Thanks to the unique one-hand, self-standing fold feature, parents will have the freedom to use one hand to carry the stroller and the other free hand to carry or hold the baby when on the move. Even better, it can lock itself once folded to prevent it from opening up unexpectedly. This stroller is also easy to steer or push around and this is due to the swivel lock wheels with front-wheel suspension that provide your baby with a smooth and comfortable ride.

The storage basket underneath the seat has a decent amount of storage space for a number of items even though it’s a bit hard to access or get stuff in and out of it due to the lower bracing of the frame. There’s also a parent flex cup holder for your child’s favorite drinks. It also features a removable sunshade that provides more coverage than most cheap umbrella strollers but the coverage is still not full or complete. With flexibility and comfort in mind, it features a multi-position reclining seat that can be reclined up to a maximum angle of about 30 degrees together with a two-position footrest to help it adjust to the size and weight of your baby each and every time you’re on the go. Once you get it out of the box, you can set it up pretty easily and quickly in as little as 5 minutes and it feels much sturdier and more stable than the cheapest umbrella strollers on the market.

All in all, this is a very good lightweight stroller that Evenflo has brought to the consumer market and most parents like how the manufacturer has taken such a great idea and executed it in a quality, portable, easy to use, and convenient package. The high customer rating it gets is a clear indicator that most of the parents are very happy and satisfied with this lightweight stroller from Evenflo Minno. And yet you’re getting all these important features at such a pocket-friendly price.

8. Summer Infant 3Dlite Convenience Stroller

summer infant 3dlite

As the number one bestseller in the lightweight stroller category, the Summer Infant 3Dlite is loaded with impressive features that make it a top pick for the majority of parents. With that said, this lightweight stroller comes with almost all the features found in the Summer Infant 3Dtote that’s reviewed above, and yet it’s almost two times cheaper than the 3Dtote. At only 13 pounds in weight, it is 4 pounds lighter than the 3Dtote but still capable of holding a child who weighs up to 50 pounds. It also has an extra-large storage basket with a rear storage pocket that’s perfect for putting keys and cell phones together with a cup holder to enable parents to carry almost everything they’ll require for on-the-go convenience. However, unlike the 3dtote which can comfortably support a maximum hanging weight of up to 5 pounds without tipping the stroller, the 3dlite on the other hand isn’t designed to support lots of hanging items such as diaper bags and shopping bags.

The 5-point harness that secures your child safely and comfortably on the seat is also included and the process of reclining the seat to different positions is a two-handed operation unlike in the 3dtote where you can just recline the seat with one hand. The 6-inch anti-shock front wheels with a swivel lock make it easy to maneuver the stroller around the city with the ability to be locked if stability is required. It also features a large canopy with a pop-out sun visor for shielding your baby from the sun but it lacks the peek-a-boo window found on the 3dtote. The all-aluminum frame used in its construction makes it incredibly durable while keeping the weight as light as possible. You’ll also love the easy and quick 3-step folding process with an auto-lock and carry strap that makes it ideal for carrying around the city.

So this 3dlite convenience stroller is very similar to the 3dtote convenience stroller listed above in almost every way. And even though the 3dtote comes with one or two features that the 3dlite doesn’t have, those few features don’t provide a significant difference in the functionality of both strollers. With that said, the 3dlite offers the best value for money considering it is packed with all the features found on the 3dtote, it’s also 4 pounds lighter than 3dtote thus more easy to carry around and more importantly, it’s almost half the price of the 3dtote. But it’s up to parents to decide which one between these two models is better for them.

9. Maclaren Major Elite Transport Chair

maclaren major elite

This lightweight stroller from Maclaren is best suited for children who have special needs and it’s designed to help parents manage the behavioral difficulties of the baby when on the road. With that said, this stroller might not be the lightest stroller on the market but at 14.7 pounds of weight, it’s definitely lighter than a regular pushchair. In addition, it is suitable for parents who don’t have a large vehicle thanks to its compact folded dimensions that enable it to fit nicely into the trunk of a car. The swiveling front wheels make this stroller very easy to maneuver around even in tight spaces and the wheels ride smoothly on hard surfaces but not so easily on softer dirt paths. The rear wheels have brakes that can be engaged for safety purposes. It’s also easy to push it around even with your child on the seat.

With your baby’s comfort in mind, it has a 5-point harness to enable you to secure your child safely on the seat and the seat is also padded for ultimate comfort. There’s also a detachable footrest in case your baby needs some leg support when on the move. The high-performance aluminum frame used in its construction makes it feel strong and sturdy enough without sacrificing its lightweight characteristics. The process of setting up and folding this stroller is also easy even though there are other strollers on our list that can be set up and folded much more quickly and easily with just one hand.

And even though this stroller is specifically designed to be used on children with special needs, it comes with additional accessories such as a rain cover, boot, hood, lateral supports, and seat liner chest pads all of which need to be purchased separately. This adds extra expenses to the already high price tag it comes with. The wheels also squeak very loudly when you’re pushing this stroller along and this can be a bother to passersby. The seat depth is also a bit shallow making it appear as if your child isn’t perched comfortably on the seat.

But with those few flaws aside, this is still a great and special lightweight stroller that comes highly recommended because of its portability, ease of use, maneuverability, and good build quality. And for those parents who have children with special needs and want a special lightweight stroller that will enable them to travel around with their children easily and conveniently, then this Maclaren major elite stroller would be a great choice to consider.

10. Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller

mountain buggy

Last on our list is the Mountain Buggy Nano stroller that comes ready to accept most infant car seats without the need to purchase additional adapters. This makes it suitable to be converted into a travel system whenever you want to travel easily with your newborn baby. It features a new and narrower compact dimension of 12 by 22 by 20 inches when it’s folded and this makes it compact enough to meet the common regulations for airline carryon luggage. Thanks to its two-step easy fold process, you can simply press two buttons to allow the stroller to drop in two stages. First, the sun hood drops behind you and then you just grip the sun hood and the middle frame to fold it down making the frame to lock itself automatically. Apart from the easy and fast folding process, the whole stroller weighs only 13 pounds and this makes it lighter than most handbags thus very convenient for carrying around with ease.

We like the built-in rear wheel suspension that provides your baby with a comfortable and bumpy-free ride when on the road. In addition, the 6 inch EVA wheels adds to the comfort while still providing for a smooth ride. Even impressive is how you can ‘pop’ the front wheels up if you feel like curb hopping when on the road and this is due to the cleverly engineered design with perfect weight distribution for optimized performance. For safety purposes it has an easy to use brake system to keep it stationary in a secure place. The seat can also be reclined to a suitable sitting angle for your baby and the large canopy with flick out sun visor does a good job when your baby needs some protection from the sun.

However, a few parents seem to be bothered by the fact that this canopy covers the push bar when it is fully extended. It also lacks the grab bar that is found in most strollers and this is also an issue with a few parents.

With that said, the mountain buggy is definitely a good lightweight stroller that meets the needs of most parents in terms of portability, maneuverability and durability. However, we think it falls a bit short when it comes to practicality. We also think it’s a bit expensive especially when compared to other affordable lightweight strollers on our list which perform better and yet come with more features than this stroller from mountain buggy.

Important features that make a great umbrella stroller

Umbrella strollers are designed to be as light as possible for a reason and that is to make them very easy and less tiring to carry around. However, the lightweight characteristic is not the only feature that makes an umbrella stroller to be great for travel. There are more features that you must look for in a lightweight stroller and those are exactly what we are going to list and discuss below.

Weight of the stroller – when it comes to umbrella strollers, how much it weighs is a very important factor that most parents pay close attention to. The weight of most umbrella strollers starts from as low as 8 pounds to as high as 17 pounds. A weight of between 8 – 12 pounds is the most ideal for a great umbrella stroller.

Sturdy and durable frame – simply because an umbrella stroller is very light in weight doesn’t necessarily mean it should compromise on durability and sturdiness. An aluminum frame is very effective in keeping the weight as light as possible while making the umbrella stroller very sturdy and durable at the same time.

Portability – a great umbrella stroller should be very easy to carry around from place to place. For this, it needs to be able to be folded quickly and easily into a small and compacted size so as to fit easily in a handbag or a car with small trunk without taking up a lot of space.

Safety harness – a 3-point or 5-point harness should be included in the seat to be able to secure your child safely and comfortably on the seat when on the move. The straps and harness should also be padded for comfort and adjustable to accommodate your baby’s growth.

Storage – being able to carry everything you need for any adventure is something that’s very important. Ensure the umbrella stroller comes with a large storage basket, cup holders and zippered pockets to make you fully prepared for the journey in advance. If you have shopping bags and diaper bags make sure the umbrella stroller can safely support a decent amount of hanging weight without the risk of tipping over.

Canopy with peek-a-boo window – the sunshade included should be extra large and fully retractable to provide your child with maximum shade from the sun. Some models have a peek-a-boo window that enables you to see what the baby is doing from above even when you’re riding along.

Brakes – for safety purposes, a great umbrella stroller should have brakes that can be easily engaged with your foot if you want it to remain stationary in a safe place. Some of the models have rear-wheel brakes that can be activated by a lever-operated by your hand.

Swivel-lock front wheels – the front wheels should be able to rotate freely when unlocked to make maneuvers around the city easy and convenient. When riding over rough or uneven surfaces, they should be locked in a straight direction to make the stroller more stable when riding along.

Fabric and upholstery – the fabric materials used on the seat cover and the stroller should have a soft texture and be breathable to make your baby feel as comfortable as possible, especially during hot climates. In addition, the fabric should be easy to clean whenever your baby messes on it. Some fabrics even feature attractive designs and colors so parents can choose the one that suits their tastes or preferences.

Handlebars – the handlebars should be padded with soft materials to make them comfortable on your hands when pushing along. Even more important, you should be able to adjust the height of the handlebars to be able to accommodate your height. This means you should be pushing the stroller while in an upright posture rather than bending forwards at an angle.

Built-in suspension – to be able to provide your baby with a smooth, comfortable, and bumpy-free ride, the umbrella stroller should have a built-in suspension just for this purpose. This is especially important if most of the terrain you’ll be riding on is going to be rough and uneven.


Hopefully, this guide on the best umbrella strollers should enable you to find a great umbrella stroller that will meet both your needs and your child’s needs in terms of portability, storage, convenience, sturdiness, and other more important features that you would expect to find in a great umbrella stroller today. If you have an active lifestyle, you may also want to check out our recommendations for the best jogging strollers.

It’s also important to remember that every parent and child is different and unique and the features that work for one person may not necessarily work for another. So it’s up to parents to choose an umbrella stroller that comes with only the features they feel will be beneficial and convenient to them whenever they are on the move.

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