Unique Future Baby Girl Names 2024 (Top 100)

In this article we look at the top 100 unique future baby girl names for 2024. But before that, we have explained some important tips to consider while naming your baby girl.

If you’re expecting a baby girl, congratulations! This will be one of the most exciting and love-filled moments of your life. Every day is going to be an adventure with your little one that you’ll never be able to forget, but there’s something you’re going to need to take care of first, and that is picking out the perfect name.

Choosing a name for your child can actually be much more difficult and stressful than many people initially believe. All of a sudden your old favorites just don’t seem right anymore, and names you thought you would love simply don’t fit. But now is not the time to get discouraged.

Here are a few tips that you should consider that could help make choosing a baby name much simpler for you and your partner starting today.

Diversity Is the New Norm

Unlike even a few years ago, more and more parents are choosing much more unique names for their children that come from a wide range of diverse and international backgrounds. This has a lot to do with the massive growth of international immigration and movement that the world has seen over the last few years and this can be a fantastic inspiration for your little girl’s name. Many cultures have old stories passed down for generations of female heroines that you could choose from. Consider names such as Lilianne, Violette, or Sol, all of which would make a beautiful name for your daughter. If you have an international connection somewhere in your family line, do a bit of research and see what kind of unique and strong names you can find that touch your heart.

Look to Birthstones

Another trend that’s recently been popping up in baby naming has been the dramatic turn to birthstones. Names such as Opal, Aquamarine, Ruby, and Diamond are recently surging in popularity and parents are falling in love with the idea of connecting their child’s name with the stone of the month they were born in or a stone that has some other connection. Of course, if you can’t find a birthstone name that you like, you may want to consider looking around at other types of gemstones for some inspiration. You might even prefer names like Gemma or Goldie that keep things a bit more neutral and less pointed.

Local Heroes

Is there a name that seems incredibly popular back home that you just haven’t heard at all since you moved away? Then why not bring a touch of your old world into your new one? Name popularity can often vary by state or even by city. Consider thinking about local women who inspired you or made an impact on your life when you were growing up. Paying homage to the place you came from can be a great way to create a strong bond between your child and your past that will mean something special to both of you as time moves on.

Borrow From the Boys

There are a lot of discussions around gender at the moment, but regardless of how you feel about the current situation and how you plan to raise your child, there has been a definite rise in parents choosing to name their children after the opposite gender. Names such as Max, Ryan, and Tyler have been among the top for girls in recent years. Giving your little girl a name that’s typically used for boys can be a great way to show off her strength and also your commitment to keeping things as equal as possible. Also, why should gender bias make a difference when you’ve found a name that you really like? Don’t limit yourself to what society has always believed. Go with your gut instinct instead and choose a name that feels right to you.

Inspiration in Nature

Another incredibly popular trend that many parents are turning to nowadays is pulling names from nature. Names such as Maple, Olive, and Kiwi are definitely on the rise in terms of popularity, but food doesn’t have to be the only area you pull from. You could look to other beautiful aspects of nature such as Dawn, Aurora, or Sunny. Choosing a name that comes from nature can be a great way to build that connection early on and you can rest assured that it will be a unique name that everyone in your life will love no matter how picky or judgmental they might be.

Consider Family Names

When it comes to naming your daughter, sometimes sticking with something familiar can be the best way to go. In fact, you might very well find that old family names are the ones that stick out the most to you. Take a look back at your family tree and see if you can find any names that feel special even if they come from family members you never actually met. Perhaps your Great Aunt Sara had a middle name you absolutely loved. Or, maybe your father’s great grandmother had a unique name that you’ve never heard of but love. Having that strong familial connection can be just the thing to give a name the extra special meaning you’ve been looking for.

See Inspiration Everywhere

Believe it or not, your daughter’s name might be staring you in the face and you aren’t even aware of it yet. Many new parents are finding themselves naming their children after even the most unlikely things such as mattress or electronic brands. Names like Casper or Eve are great examples of names that come from mainstream brands that most people have heard of. Sealy has also gained significant popularity in the last few years. The most important part of finding the perfect name for your child is finding something that simply feels right, regardless of where the inspiration comes from. Keep an open mind when you start your search so that you can see potential in everything around you.

Picking the perfect name can often seem like an impossible challenge. But what’s important is sticking to your gut instinct and choosing names that you love with all your heart. Keep these tips in mind and start looking for inspiration in as many places as you can today.

With that said, here’s our list of the top 100 unique future baby girl names for 2024:

These are the most popular baby girl names (from the year 2018, the most recent year available) according to the Social Security Administration. The SSA also keeps track of the fastest rising baby girl names and the most popular baby girl names. It’s from these trends that we have listed what we think may be the most popular baby girl names by 2024.

  1. Emma
  2. Olivia
  3. Ava
  4. Isabella
  5. Sophia
  6. Charlotte
  7. Mia
  8. Amelia
  9. Harper
  10. Evelyn
  11. Abigail
  12. Emily
  13. Elizabeth
  14. Mila
  15. Ella
  16. Avery
  17. Sofia
  18. Camila
  19. Aria
  20. Scarlett
  21. Victoria
  22. Madison
  23. Luna
  24. Grace
  25. Chloe
  26. Penelope
  27. Layla
  28. Riley
  29. Zoey
  30. Nora
  31. Lily
  32. Eleanor
  33. Hannah
  34. Lillian
  35. Addison
  36. Aubrey
  37. Ellie
  38. Stella
  39. Natalie
  40. Zoe
  41. Leah
  42. Hazel
  43. Violet
  44. Aurora
  45. Savannah
  46. Audrey
  47. Brooklyn
  48. Bella
  49. Claire
  50. Skylar
  51. Lucy
  52. Paisley
  53. Everly
  54. Anna
  55. Caroline
  56. Nova
  57. Genesis
  58. Emilia
  59. Kennedy
  60. Samantha
  61. Maya
  62. Willow
  63. Kinsley
  64. Naomi
  65. Aaliyah
  66. Elena
  67. Sarah
  68. Ariana
  69. Allison
  70. Gabriella
  71. Alice
  72. Madelyn
  73. Cora
  74. Ruby
  75. Eva
  76. Serenity
  77. Autumn
  78. Adeline
  79. Hailey
  80. Gianna
  81. Valentina
  82. Isla
  83. Eliana
  84. Quinn
  85. Nevaeh
  86. Ivy
  87. Sadie
  88. Piper
  89. Lydia
  90. Alexa
  91. Josephine
  92. Emery
  93. Julia
  94. Delilah
  95. Arianna
  96. Vivian
  97. Kaylee
  98. Sophie
  99. Brielle
  100. Madeline
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