What Is The Size Of A Standard Crib Quilt?

Do you know what is the size of a standard crib quilt? Making a baby quilt is a wonderful way to show new parents that you’re thinking of them, loving their babies, and wanting to give them something handmade and full of love. The problem is that baby quilts aren’t the same size as quilts for adults or older children. This means that quilters need to make sure that they pick the correct size for a quilt so that the baby can enjoy being wrapped up and comforted but that the quilt won’t be too big.

What Is The Size Of A Standard Crib Quilt?

While there aren’t any hard and fast rules about what size a baby quilt must be as quilters can easily make them as small or as big as they want to, there are some common sizes that quilters generally choose from. These common sizes are great to consider, especially if a quilter is going to be using a kit or is going to be working out of a book. No matter the chosen size, the important thing is that the quilt was made with love.

36” x 52”

This is a large quilt and an accepted size because it fits easily over standard crib mattresses. However, the thing to remember about quilts for babies is that they are not recommended for use when a child is sleeping. They are great to put in the crib to add beauty to the nursery and to complete the room but can cause danger.

That being said, this is still a great size as it will grow with the baby and can be used on a toddler bed. It also is large enough to make a huge play mat for children who are on the floor and can be taken on the go to be used as a picnic blanket.

30” x 40”

This quilt is a bit smaller but still has plenty of room for the baby to grow because it is in a rectangular shape. This means that it can be used on the bed and rested across a sleeping toddler without any worry of it uncovering him or her during a nap, which can cause the child to wake up if he or she gets cold.

While these quilts do have a larger back, they have the added benefit of being the right size for quilters to use yardage for the back. This means that they don’t have to worry about piecing together the back from smaller pieces, which can be frustrating and incredibly time-consuming for some quilters. This makes this quilt come together quickly and still look great.

30” x 30”

Generally speaking, quilters won’t want to go much smaller than this when they are making a quilt for a baby. It’s the right size for a newborn but older babies won’t be able to get much use out of it, which means that the quilter may want to make another quilt as the baby gets older.

Even when the newborn grows out of this smaller quilt, it can still be used on the floor to protect the baby from dirt and germs when he or she is playing. It’s also a great blankie to use in the car and when playing with dolls or stuffed animals. A huge bonus with this smaller quilt is that it doesn’t take very much fabric to make so it is very cost-effective for quilters who are on a budget.

As Big as Desired

While the three listed sizes are the most common sizes that people choose from when making baby quilts, the great thing about quilts is that they can easily be made in any size of the quilter’s preference. Larger quilts, smaller quilts, or ones with odd dimensions can be tricky since it can be difficult to find patterns.

Any quilt that is larger than 36” is a great option for active babies and can be used on the floor for children to sit and rest on when they are playing. Additionally, the larger a quilt is, the longer that the child will be able to use it as he or she grows up, ensuring that the quilt gets a lot of love and becomes an important part of a child’s life.

While it can be overwhelming for some people to choose the right size quilt when giving a baby gift, the most important thing to remember is that the meaning and love are in the making of the quilt itself, not in the size. Quilters who take the time and make the effort to make baby quilts for new babies are giving them and their parents an incredible gift.

No matter the final size of the baby quilt, it’s sure to be appreciated and will inspire love and happiness. However, by considering these popular sizes of baby quilts, quilters can choose a typical size and know what kind of benefits it has for the baby.

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