California Child Support Laws 2021

california child support laws

Child support payments are established by court orders and are, therefore, non-negotiable. The California child support laws consider both parents to be responsible for the economic well-being of their minor children and, therefore, the noncustodial parent is designated to make these payments on a monthly basis. There is an often-complex process for determining how these …

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Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines 2021

indiana parenting time guidelines

The Indiana parenting time guidelines were established to make the process of setting up visitation schedules a little easier between divorced parents and their children. Few things can be as contentious as divorced parents setting up visitation schedules for minor children but since more and more states are establishing guidelines to make the process a …

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Ohio Child Support Laws 2021

ohio child support laws

If you live in Ohio and have questions or concerns about the Ohio child support laws, the good news is that all of the information you need can be found at, including how child support is calculated and why it is considered a basic need for all children. Child support laws vary from state …

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