Connecticut Car Seat Laws 2021 (What To Know)

connecticut car seat laws

Like 48 other states, Connecticut has a mandatory seatbelt law, and it is also a primary law, which means the authorities can stop you just for not being buckled up properly. However, unlike many other states, Connecticut’s laws apply only to the people in the front seat of a moving vehicle. Under the Connecticut car …

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North Carolina Car Seat Laws 2021

north carolina car seat laws

According to North Carolina car seat laws, it is permissible to adhere to the recommendations made by the manufacturer of the car seat that you’re using. Each car seat is different; therefore, following the manufacturer’s suggestions is highly recommended. These suggestions will give you recommended height and weight limits, and possibly age limits, that are …

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Maryland Car Seat Laws 2021 (What To Know)

maryland car seat laws

Maryland car seat laws requires that all drivers and riders in a moving vehicle be restrained by either car seats or seatbelts. They have a primary seatbelt law regarding drivers, front-seat passengers, and back-seat passengers under the age of 16, which means that they can pull you over simply for not wearing a seatbelt even …

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