West Virginia Car Seat Laws 2024

west virginia car seat laws

In the West Virginia car seat laws, all drivers and front-seat passengers as well as all back-seat passengers who are not adults must be in some type of restraint system, which means a car seat, booster seat, or standard seatbelts. Although you do not receive points on your driver’s license for this type of violation, …

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Kentucky Car Seat Laws 2024 (What To Know)

kentucky car seat laws

In the state of Kentucky, any child 40 inches or less in height must be secured properly in a car seat in every moving vehicle. This includes rear-facing and front-facing car seats; plus, once the child is between 40 and 57 inches in height and seven years of age or younger, he or she can …

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Kansas Car Seat Laws 2024 (What To Know)

kansas car seat laws

In 2006, the state of Kansas enacted a law that stated all children ages four to eight must be in a booster seat while riding in a moving vehicle. Kansas car seat Laws regarding children younger than four years of age were already on the books. Kansas is a primary seatbelt law state, which means …

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Oklahoma Car Seat Laws 2024 (What To Know)

oklahoma car seat laws

Although the Oklahoma car seat laws have few requirements when it comes to age and weight as it relates to car seat usage, it does require that all children be in a proper restraint system until they are old enough to use seatbelts correctly. This is why they recommend not only DOT-approved car seats, but …

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Connecticut Car Seat Laws 2024 (What To Know)

connecticut car seat laws

Like 48 other states, Connecticut has a mandatory seatbelt law, and it is also a primary law, which means the authorities can stop you just for not being buckled up properly. However, unlike many other states, Connecticut’s laws apply only to the people in the front seat of a moving vehicle. Under the Connecticut car …

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South Carolina Car Seat Laws 2024

south carolina car seat laws

In the state of South Carolina, all children under the age of eight must be secured in either a car seat or booster seat, and this includes having a proper car seat and making sure it is installed correctly and worn properly. In 2017, the state revised their laws to make them even stricter regarding …

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North Carolina Car Seat Laws 2024

north carolina car seat laws

According to North Carolina car seat laws, it is permissible to adhere to the recommendations made by the manufacturer of the car seat that you’re using. Each car seat is different; therefore, following the manufacturer’s suggestions is highly recommended. These suggestions will give you recommended height and weight limits, and possibly age limits, that are …

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Virginia Car Seat Laws 2024 (What To Know)

virginia car seat laws

In July of 2019, the Virginia car seat laws changed for babies two years old and under. Babies now need to be in rear-facing car seats until the age of two or until they reach the maximum weight limit listed in the car seat’s owner manual. This corresponds with the recommendations made by the American …

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Utah Car Seat Laws 2024 (What To Know)

utah car seat laws

As in most states, the state of Utah requires that the driver and all passengers in a moving vehicle be in some type of restraint system the entire time, which includes car seats, booster seats, or standard seatbelts. In addition, the Utah car seat laws recommend that all children under the age of 13 remain …

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Nebraska Car Seat Laws 2024 (What To Know)

nebraska car seat laws

Nebraska has had laws regarding car seats on the books for many decades but they were revised in 2019 to include the following: All babies under the age of two must be secured in rear-facing car seats. Kids ages eight and under must be in either car seats or booster seats. Anyone eight years old …

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