Best Baby Monitors Reviews 2024 – Buyer’s Guide

We know there are many brands and models to choose from on the market, that’s why we’ve created this list of the best baby monitors reviews 2024 to help you in your buying decision.

In today’s world, we are all surrounded by wonderful technology that cuts into each and every aspects of our lives. Each and every task that used to be done physically can now be done by advanced electronics gadgets. This technology has penetrated into almost every sector imaginable, and the baby care sector is one that has really benefited from this technology.

Thanks to the invention of baby monitors, the days of having to constantly check in or out of your baby’s nursery or bedroom to see if the baby is safe and sound are long gone. Nowadays, you can easily see and hear everything your baby is doing in the bedroom without even being in the house.

All you need for this is a good baby video monitor. This in depth and comprehensive guide includes detailed baby monitor reviews and an informative buyer’s guide on the best baby monitors reviews 2024 to help you choose the right baby monitor for your needs.

Best Baby Monitors Reviews 2024

1.Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor

infant optics dxr-8

The infant optics dxr-8 is the best selling baby monitor in amazon and it has loads of great features that’ll make you see why it has such a great reception rate. It comes with both a parenting unit and a baby unit and doesn’t require any setting up.

According to infant optics, this is the first-ever baby monitor with interchangeble lens capabilities that gives you total vision control of your baby’s room due to a camera system that operates just like a professional camera system. This interchangeable lens system has three types of lenses

Normal lens-which uses an aluminium lens hood that provides a crystal clear picture with a mid-range coverage that ensures your baby is safe since the field of view is wide enough to capture the immediate surroundings

Optical zoom lens-this is perfect for close-up viewing especially when the baby is asleep. You can place the camera far away from your baby and still be able to get a clear close-up view since the optical zoom effect doesn’t deteriorate image clarity or resolution of the image.

Wide angle lens-this lens is sold separately and it gives a full 170 degrees panoramic view thus capturing the whole room. If your baby is restless and likes to move around in the room, you can very comfortably monitor and see their surroundings without any difficulty.

The parenting unit is a 3.5 inch LCD display that provides high quality images without any grainy textures. It has a row of sound activated LEDs that enable you to see the sound of your baby’s voice alerting you when they are in distress. The screen also reduces power consumption up to 50% by turning off while the sound is still on.

Communication between you and the baby is made possible through the two-way talk via the intercom push-to-talk button.

If you need to monitor two or three babies at the same time, you can add 4 more cameras that will enable you to monitor multiple rooms all at the same time. And even though this device has a long battery life of 10 hours on power saving mode and 6 hours while the screen is on, the battery is the rechargeable lithium-ion type and this is good since you won’t be spending money to buy extra batteries. What it lacks though, is the built-in lullaby feature which is really effective for soothing babies to sleep fast.


No set up required
Customizable camera lens system
Long battery life of 10 hours
Expandable up to 4 cameras
Temperature monitor
Rechargeable battery included


Lacks built-in lullaby


Though it doesn’t come with built-in lullaby, this baby monitor is packed with one of the best features you can ever get in a baby monitoring device. And at less than $200, this baby monitor is definitely worth giving a try.

2.Summer Infant Baby Secure 2.5″ Baby Monitor

summer infant secure 2.5

Summer infant is a very popular and reputable brand when it comes to baby monitors. With this in mind, the summer infant baby secure 2.5” baby monitor receives a high rating and great customer reviews on Amazon. This is because it comes with great features and it’s built to high quality standards.

Just like any standard baby monitor, this device includes both a parenting unit and a baby unit. The parent unit’s 2.5 inch portable LCD audio-video monitor provides pictures of higher quality than most baby monitors in the same league. It has easy to use pan, scan, and zoom controls which allow you to remotely move the camera left, right, up and down so as to keep your mobile baby in view while the zooming effect lets you get a close-up view of the baby. It also has a range of up to 600ft.

The camera can either be placed on top of a table or be wall mounted to protect it from damage or falling. When combined with the automatic night vision, it gives you a clear picture of your baby even in the darkest nights.
The two-way communication is one of the most important features that let you give comfort and reassurance to the baby or gently remind it of your close proximity.

Up to three additional cameras can be added to the unit to enable the monitoring of multiple rooms all at once. All this is further enhanced by the availability of rechargeable batteries that keep the baby monitor in operation for long hours of time plus an automatic power saving mode that ensures less power consumption in order to save energy.

Even though this baby monitor comes with most of the important features found in any safety monitor, it lacks both the lullaby and night light features which are also very important for any parent with a baby. Sometimes soothing a baby to sleep can be a bit tiresome and that’s where the lullaby and night light features come in handy.


Portable parent unit
Two-way audio communication
Automatic night vision
Expandable up to 4 cameras
Rechargeable battery
Automatic power save mode


No built-in lullaby


Though it lacks built-in lullaby and night light, the positive reviews and high ratings it gets from customers is enough proof that the summer infant baby secure 2.5” monitor works as promised and is built to quality standards yet it comes at an affordable price.

3.Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor

philips avent dect

Philips as a company is known for its high quality products especially electronics and the philips avent DECT baby monitor is no exception. The high customer rating on amazon is proof enough that this baby monitor works as promised. The device comes with both a parenting unit and a baby unit.

Thanks to DECT technology, you’ll get the most reliable connection to your baby with no interference at all from any transmitting gadgets like cell phones or baby monitors that are in close proximity. It ensures you’re the only one that can hear your baby by providing private and secure connection through data encryption. You’ll be able to hear even the tiniest giggles or hic-ups with exceptional clarity.

The parenting unit comes with a customized temperature sensor that alerts you through the digital display when the climate in your baby’s room changes. It also has a talk back feature that allows you to talk with your baby from any location within your home. A green link button ensures you always stay connected by alerting you when the power is low or when you’re out of range. The parenting unit also has a docking station for recharging the unit wirelessly.

The baby unit has sound activated lights which are activated according to the different levels of sound in your baby’s room. And if you hate the job of soothing your baby to sleep every day, this unit has you sorted. Its built-in lullaby allows you to select up to five relaxing tunes while the night light feature helps to soothe and calm your baby to sleep with its warm tranquil glow.

This baby monitor has a really impressive battery life of up to 18 hours which means you’ll be able to monitor your baby from dusk to dawn without having to worry that the device will run out of power.


Talk back feature
Zero interference connection
Customized temperature sensor
Built-in lullabies and night light for soothing baby to sleep
Impressive long range


Docking station has charging issues


At a price of around $100, this baby monitor comes fully loaded with impressive features and it has a high customer rating on Amazon. Should you decide to buy it, you can be sure it’ll give you a good value for your money.

4.iBaby Monitor M6S Wi-Fi Smart Digital Baby Monitor

ibaby monitor m6s

If you’re looking for a baby monitor that can be controlled from the comfort of your smartphone, then the ibaby monitor M6S may be the perfect choice. The ibaby monitor M6S is a smart wi-fi digital baby monitor that’s compatible with most ios and android smartphones and devices. This device has interesting features that make it an attractive option over the other standard baby monitors.

Out of the box, it’ll take you only 60 seconds to install and have it in full operation. The whole installation process is also very easy and hussle-free.

It has two-way audio speakers with echo cancellation that enable you to communicate with the baby even if you’re far away from home. You can download free ios and android apps that will allow you to play bedtime stories and lullabies while at the same time add MP3 music all for entertaining your lovely child.

A 1080p full hd video with night vision offers outstanding video quality so you can enjoy high quality images of the baby at night or during the day. The camera can be tilted to an angle of 110 degrees and panned to an angle of 360 degrees thus enabling you to see the full room with ease. And because this baby monitor supports dual band routers that run on either 5GHz or 2.4GHz, you can expect faster connections and buffer-free video streaming (though the speed of connection will depend on the frequency you choose).

The health and wellness of the baby is also given top priority with this device. The ibaby care app helps to provide the best environmental conditions for your baby. It enables you to analyse the humidity, temperature and also the air quality in your baby’s room and all the stats are presented in a graphical manner on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. You also conveniently receive motion and sound alerts of your baby directly on your Smartphone whether you’re talking on the phone or not.

It also comes with rechargeable batteries to keep the monitor on for a long period of time.


Fast installation in 60 seconds
1080p full HD camera
Dual band router support
Rechargeable batteries
Fantastic ibaby care app


The app is buggy
Requires excellent wi-fi to work effectively


The ibaby monitor M6S offers the convenience and ability to monitor your baby from your smartphone even when you’re far away. Its easy and fast to install, has one of the fastest connections and a 1080p high quality camera that makes this device one of the best baby monitors you can buy.

5.Levana BabyView20 Interference Free Wireless Baby Monitor

levana babyview20

The levana babyview20 is a baby monitor to consider if you’re looking for an interference free wireless video baby monitor with night light lullaby camera. Right out of the box,this baby monitor is not only easy to set up,but it’s also very easy to use.Just by switching on the camera and the monitor, the device is ready to be used.

It uses clearvu technology, a digital wireless system that guarantees a clear picture of the baby always.This means you can watch your baby from the house or even outside from a range of up to 150ft and the digital signal provides a secure connection that can’t be interfered with thus keeping all the video and audio of your baby private and secured.

This device makes the hard work of soothing your baby to sleep a breeze.With its built-in night light lullaby feature, the baby will be sound asleep in no time.Using the monitor,you can control when to play a song,when to change music or when to stop a song without having to go in the room and cause disturbance.The built-in night-light also glows softly in the dark to help calm your baby and all this can be turned on and off at the touch of a button.

Perhaps the most important feature in any baby monitor is the camera. This lenava babyview20 comes with an infrared LED built-in night vision camera.With it you can clearly see your baby through the dark and still hear everything in detail even in low volume thanks to a built-in microphone in the camera.

Portability is also enhanced since this baby monitor is easy to carry around yet it’s also convinient. And if for any reason you ran out of power, the device comes with rechargable lithium-ion batteries which means you won’t have to spend money on extra batteries.


Easy to setup
Rechargable batteries
Very portable
Infra red camera
Built-in lullaby
24/7 customer support


Not durable enough
Some signal/connection issues


This monitor is a great deal for parents who care for the safety of their babies. With all the features such as night vision, lullaby capability, digital signal communication and easy setup, it is definitely a great monitor device that can’t be overlooked.

6.VTech VM321-2 Video Baby Monitor

vtech vm321-2

The Vtech VM321-2 safe and sound video baby monitor should give you peace of mind anywhere and anytime. This device is configured to include one parent unit (monitor) and two baby units (cameras) and is packed with lots of impressive features that many of the standard baby monitors lack.

First and foremost, this device has an impressive range of 1000 ft which ensures you’re always connected with the baby even when out of the house. You can thus go on with your daily chores without having to worry about breaking contact with the baby. It also boosts of the famous DECT 6.0 technology that eliminates background noise, ensures zero interference and transmits a secure, encrypted crystal clear signal so that you’ll be sure to hear only your baby’s sounds.

The parent’s monitor unit is a 2.8 inch full color LCD screen with built-in microphone that will enable you to hear and see each and every move your baby makes in high quality. And if your baby is the type that requires attention most of the time, the talk-back intercom feature will let you talk to the baby with ease. It also has low-battery alert for the rechargeable batteries.

The baby unit is wall-mountable and comes with temperature sensor for monitoring the baby’s room temperature, built-in lullabies of five melodies for soothing the baby to sleep, infrared LEDs for night vision, and an adjustable camera lens that makes it possible to choose the best angle of view for you and your baby.

The best thing about this device is the way it can be expanded to support up to 4 baby units using the VM301 camera. This means you can monitor multiple babies using only a single parenting monitor unit and this makes the whole system highly configurable and cost effective.


Highly configurable
IR night vision
Two-way talk intercom
Rechargeable batteries
1000ft of range


Quality control issues
Not durable enough


The Vtech VM321-2 has an impressive long range and great features that make it a great option for those parents who want peace of mind anywhere, anytime.

7.Samsung SEW-3043W BrightView Baby Video Monitor

samsung sew-3043w

Are you looking for a high tech baby monitor with two units for both the parent and the baby in order to keep close observation on each and every move your baby makes? Then the Samsung SEW-3043W is the right choice for you. This baby monitor from Samsung has lots of new powerful features that will guarantee the safety of your baby even when you’re not around.

The parenting unit is equipped with a 5 inch touch screen monitor that is easy to operate with just a simple tap. The screen offers a wide, clear and high quality view of your baby’s surroundings. The baby unit has an Infra Red LED camera that allows you to see the baby very well even in a dark room. The camera is very flexible since you can use the touch screen to pan at a remote angle of 300 degrees , tilt its view up to 110 degrees and even zoom in or out to get the best footage of your baby.

This baby monitor has a voice activated mode(VOX), a feature that we really like. You can adjust its sensitivity levels so as to keep you alerted the moment your baby wakes up from deep sleep or when it starts to cry. With this feature, your baby will get the attention it requires just at the right moment.

And if you’re a parent having more than one or two babies to monitor, then this device has you sorted out. With it you can extend its video monitoring capabilities by adding three more cameras so you can monitor multiple rooms at the same time. Combined with its long range of up to 900ft. you will surely get quality footage of multiple rooms on the touch screen monitor.

All the above capabilities are further enhanced with a long lasting battery plus the baby monitor can be charged from anywhere and at anytime.


Long range up to 900ft.
Supports 4 more cameras
Easy to set up
Long lasting battery
4 pre-programmed lullabies
Two-way communication


Touch screen isn’t highly responsive


The samsung sew-3043w should be at the top of any parent’s list since it’s packed with high tech features. It is easy to set up, has a long lasting battery, supports up to four cameras, plus many more features yet it comes at quite an affordable price.

8.Motorola MBP33 Wireless Video Baby Monitor

motorola mbp33

Another baby monitor on our list comes from Motorola, a brand that is well known in the electronics industry. The Motorola MBP33 wireless video baby monitor with infra red night vision is a perfect addition to your baby’s nursery or bedroom and a strong contender among the many baby monitors on the market today. This device as usual comes with both a parenting unit and a baby unit in one package.

The parenting unit has a full color 2.8 inch LCD display that enables you to see clear images of the baby and monitor everything it does in the room. Even in the dark, you’ll still get a good visual of your baby as this unit has infrared night vision. Five LED alerts for sound on this display keep you alerted on what’s happening visually and audibly in your baby’s room.

For the baby’s unit, a room temperature sensor transmits information to the receiver’s LCD display thus enabling you to know if it’s too cold or too hot in the baby’s room. And with up to five different polyphonic lullabies that are programmed into this baby unit, soothing your baby to sleep is going to be a breeze. It also has a superior wireless range of up to 200 meters which ensures you’re always connected to your baby and if you happen to get out of range, an alarm sounds to keep you within range.

With this device you won’t have to worry about poor connections or weak signals between the transmitter and the LCD receiver. Thanks to 2.4GHz FHSS technology, you get a more reliable wireless connection that’s better than previous cordless technologies such as the 900MHz cordless antennas. Data encryption ensures any audio data being transferred is kept private and very secure.

You’ll also be able to talk and communicate with your baby through the two-way communication feature. Plus the ability to add more cameras for multiple room monitoring makes this baby monitor a great device.


Two-way communication
Built-in lullabies
Superior range of 200m
Night vision camera
Noise level alerts


Lacks rechargeable batteries
Not portable
Short battery life of 3.5hrs


With all the good features found in this baby monitor, we think it could make a great addition as a monitoring device to any baby’s nursery or bedroom.

9.Levana Jena Digital Video Baby Monitor

levana jena

Another baby monitor on our list from levana. This device is named jena because of its long-lasting rechargeable battery life. The monitor will keep working for more than 8 hours with the video screen on thus allowing you to do more important tasks be it at night or during the day. You’ll also sleep well at night thanks to more than 12 hours of battery power without recharging when it is set to PEEP mode.

With its 500ft private and secure signal, you get the freedom of knowing your baby is safe and sound without any worries. ClearVu technology also provides a private, secure and interference free signal that ensures only you can hear and see the baby.

The temperature conditions of your baby’s room are also kept on check with a temperature monitor. A 15ft automatic night vision camera enables you to see the baby clearly even in total darkness. And if your baby prefers a little light in its room while sleeping, or if you need a little bit of light for sneeking in or out of the nursery without causing any disturbance, the night light feature has you sorted out.

This device also comes with 5 built-in lullabies which can be activated or changed using the parent unit. Play any one of the five songs and the baby will be asleep in no time.

Communication between you and the baby is made possible through the two-way talk communication. This feature is loved by many parents for so many reasons. The most obvious one is to ease the worries of your baby with the sound of your voice thus bringing peace of mind to the baby.

Of course you can expand the video monitoring capabilities of this device by adding three more cameras that will enable you to monitor multiple rooms all at once. And it’s pleasing to know this baby monitor comes with lifetime live customer support to solve any problems associated with this device.


Power save mode
Long-lasting rechargeable batteries
Lifetime customer support
Temperature monitor
Night vision camera
Built-in lullaby
Two-way talk
Expandable up to 4 cameras


Lacks pan/tilt capability
Bad picture quality


With its long-lasting rechargeable battery life, lifetime live customer support and loads of great and helpful features, the lenava jena digital baby monitor should be at the top of any parent’s baby monitors list.

10.Snuza Hero SE Baby Movement Monitor

snuza hero se

The snuza baby movement monitor is quite different from the other video baby monitors in the sense that it’s an “out and about” monitor which is unrestricted by the conditions imposed by other baby monitoring devices. This movement monitor has received lots of positive reviews and ratings from customers due to its life saving abilities.

It comes with a unique vibration stimulation feature that is activated to stimulate the baby if movement is not detected for 15 seconds. When this happens, an audible alarm sounds if there was no movement detected within 5 seconds of the vibration stimulation. This feature makes the snuza baby movement monitor a true life saver in many day to day situations.

This device is also highly portable. The device allows you to go anywhere with your baby since it is clipped over the waistband of the baby’s diaper. It gives you the peace of mind you deserve even when you’re travelling to visit friends or family.

It doesn’t require any cords or wires which may cause harm to your baby. It also poses no health risks to the baby as it’s made with hypo-allergenic, medical grade plastics and it doesn’t send or receive any radio-frequency signals.

The battery life of the snuza baby monitor is what impressed us the most. A battery life of up to 2000hrs means it can go for 3 months without the need of being charged. And since the battery is rechargeable, you won’t be spending money on extra batteries.

Plus it also comes with a comprehensive one year warranty.


No movement alarm
2000hrs of battery life
Rechargeable battery
Lead free materials


No visual display


This device is in a world of its own when it comes to baby monitoring devices. Its portability, unique vibration feature, finely-tuned precision monitoring and ergonomics make it a true life saver in today’s mobile world.

Baby Monitor Buyer’s guide

For any parent who is on the market looking to buy a baby monitor for their baby, it can be quite difficult to find a baby monitor that not only works as advertised, but also meets your needs and budget. If you’re a parent who is uncertain on which safety monitor to buy for your baby, then this in-depth buyer’s guide should help you make the right choice.

Before buying a baby monitor, it is wise to ask yourself whether you really need it in the first place. And if you feel it’s a must to have it, then the next question that comes to mind is what type of baby monitor you need to buy. And even if you already know the type that’ll work for you, do you know all the important features to look out for that will meet most of your needs?

The hard truth is that you really can’t find a safety monitor that’ll meet all your needs in one package. But if you manage to address all the above questions properly, you’ll be on the right track to finding the best baby monitor on the market today.

What Are Baby Monitors?

As the name suggests, baby monitors are devices that enable parents to observe and monitor their babies without being in the same room with the baby. The device basically consists of a transmitter (baby unit) and a receiver (parenting unit). Both units exchange signals through wireless communication.

The baby unit is kept in the baby’s room either on a table or it can be mounted on the wall. The parenting unit is usually a screen monitor that enables the parent to get both audible and visual information of the baby. With this device, you can keep a close eye on your baby even from a distance or while doing the house chores.

Do You Really Need A Baby Monitor?

The importance of safety monitors is something that cannot be overlooked especially in today’s mobile world. The kind of situations you find yourself in is going to determine whether you need a baby monitor or not. If you’re sleeping in the same room with your baby and you can easily hear and see what the baby is doing, then in that situation a monitor may not be a top priority for you.

For most parents, however, a baby monitor gives them the peace of mind they need since they are able to monitor the baby when they’re not in close proximity. They need to be sure the baby is safe and secure by being able to monitor them even from a distance without the need of physically going to the baby’s room. It’s in this kind of situations that a safety monitor comes in handy.

Which Type of Baby Monitor to Buy?

The answer to this question depends on personal tastes and preferences. There are three main types of baby monitors and the type you choose should be dictated by the needs you have.

Baby motion monitors – these monitors are highly portable and usually consist of a sensor that can be clipped over a baby’s waistband to detect when the baby moves. If the baby doesn’t move for more than 15 seconds, an alarm sounds to alert the parent. These motion monitors can be a true life saver in many situations.

Baby video monitors – these are important in the sense that they provide both audio and visual feedback to the parent. The parent can not only hear the baby, but most importantly see what is happening in the baby’s room.

WiFi Baby monitors – these are the best option you can buy. They offer high quality video streaming and allow you to monitor your baby using only your Smartphone or tablet.

What Features To Look For?

With so many brands and models on the market to choose from, the best way to find a good baby monitor is by asking yourself what features will meet most of the needs that you have. The features discussed below are the most important to consider:

Ease of set up – right out of the box, any baby monitor should not give you headaches while trying to set it up. The whole procedure should be hassle free, easy and fast. There are some models which don’t require any setting up to be done while others can be easily set up or installed in less than 60 seconds.

Long Foot of range – if you want to be able to monitor your baby from a long distance without breaking the contact or connection, then you need to choose a baby monitor with the longest foot of range. A long foot of range will enable you to monitor your baby even from outside of the house and allow you to do your house chores without losing connection with the baby.

Two-way communication – there are some babies who require to be constantly reminded of the mother’s presence in order to stay calm. If that’s the case, then this feature is definitely a must have for you. A simple voice from the parent should be able to brighten up the baby’s mood.

Built-in lullaby – sometimes trying to get the baby to sleep is no easy task. And what happens when you get tired of physically soothing your baby to sleep? That’s where this lovely feature comes in. Just at the press of a button on the screen monitor, you’ll be able to play a soothing melody for the baby and it will be sound asleep without any struggle on your part.

Additional camera support – if you have a growing family or maybe you’ve given birth to triplets or quadruplets, then it will be impossible to monitor all of them using a single camera unit. And if each baby sleeps in its own room but you still want to be able to monitor all of them at once, you should consider a baby monitor that allows for the addition of up to 4 more cameras. This should enable you to monitor multiple rooms at once from a single screen monitor.

Battery life – of course you’ll have a hard time monitoring your baby if the safety monitor doesn’t have an impressive battery life. You want a baby monitor that’ll enable you to monitor your baby for long hours without a recharge. It’s also wise to invest in a device that comes with rechargeable battery as this will save you from buying extra batteries.

Frequency band – interference is a common issue in cases where the baby monitor you have has the same frequency or close to the frequency of other electronic devices around your house such as a wireless phone. With this in mind, it is highly advised to have a baby monitor whose frequency is different from those of other devices in your house. Additionally, most brand manufacturers have addressed the interference issue by using the 1.9 GHz frequency band and by using the DECT technology that’s reserved exclusively for voice-only applications by the Federal Communications Commission. So it’s wise to ensure that you choose a baby monitor whose frequency band is not the same as that of your cordless phone or any other wireless products within your house.

Temperature sensor – a number of brands and models feature an adjustable sensor that helps to monitor the temperature in your baby’s room to ensure he/she is comfortable at all times. The ideal temperature in your baby’s room should be between 68 to 72 degrees F.

Sounds and lights – on the parenting unit of some models are fitted sounds and lights that turn on the moment your baby starts to cry. The louder the sound your baby produces the brighter the lights will become or the more the number of lights will turn on. This feature is very helpful especially if the parent is with the receiver in a noisy room but still wants to know whether the baby is crying.

Out-of-range indicator – this feature will help you know the moment you break connection with the baby’s transmitter unit or when you’re out of the baby monitor’s range limit. Usually when this happens, a light turns on or a beeping sound is made to inform you about this.

Volume control – this is also an important feature which should be easy to access. It shouldn’t be part of a complex or confusing menu that you have to access by tabbing through a lot of screens before finally accessing it.

Shopping tips

Before making that bold decision to buy a baby monitor, you should first decide whether you want a video monitor that will let you see and hear everything your baby is doing or whether you will do just fine with an audio-only monitor that will alert you whenever the baby makes a tiny movement. Every parent is different and while some might find it more reassuring to always have to see and hear what the baby is doing, others might find such close surveillance to be nerve-racking. Whichever the case, a baby monitor shouldn’t be a constant source of worry but should instead make your life as a parent easier.

Consider digital over analog

The signals transmitted from your baby’s transmitter unit to your receiver unit shouldn’t be received by any other person such as close neighbors but only you. That’s why for safety and security purposes, digital monitors encode their signals to ensure only the parent is receiving the signals from the baby and not anybody else.

Consider other wireless devices

Even though digital monitors ensure the signal and data exchanged between the transmitter and receiver are kept safe and private, there’s a high probability of interference that’s caused by other wireless devices that are in near proximity to the baby monitor. Devices such as routers, phones, or wireless speakers can cause interference and so it’s wise to ensure you first change the channel on your baby monitor or wireless router to help solve this problem. You can also try to keep other wireless devices as far away from the baby monitor as possible to help keep interference to a minimum.

Consider your home and lifestyle

The size of your house will determine the type of baby monitor you buy. If you live in a big house you might need a baby monitor that has two receivers instead of one. Your daily routine around the house is also an important factor that should go into determining the model of baby monitor you’ll buy. For example, if you like making calls during nap times you should choose a baby monitor with lights that will inform you when your baby is awake. Generally, look for specific models that come with features that will make it easy for you to go about with the house chores and routines while still monitoring your baby without any problems.

Check out the return policy

It’s wise to ensure you can return a baby monitor for replacement in case you discover it has interference issues or other technical problems that you can’t get rid of. These return policies are usually explained on the merchant’s websites or on the store receipts with the estimated time period before this return policy ends. So it’s important to test the baby monitor thoroughly to pinpoint any issues so you can return it for a replacement before the return policy clock runs out.

Safety tips

Keep the power cords far from your kid’s reach

Most parents have a common habit of placing a baby monitor in a crib or on the crib’s rails in order to get a clear picture of the baby when sleeping in the crib. But as a safety precaution, this is very risky and shouldn’t be attempted at the very least. The CPSC has said that at least seven children have died since 2002 in the U.S alone as a result of strangulation by baby monitor cords. Because of this, it’s now a requirement by the CPSC that all electrical cords on monitors should be labeled with a reminder to mount the cord at a distance of at least three feet away from the baby crib as a safety precaution.

Baby monitors can’t do everything

Baby monitors should only be considered as an extra sense of ears and eyes that help parents and caregivers to keep tabs on sleeping babies. They can be very helpful in alerting the parent to a situation before things become serious for example, when the baby is making some signs of distress, crying, or even coughing. However, experts warn that baby monitors shouldn’t be used as a substitute for adult supervision and that they can’t be relied upon to prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Other types of baby monitors that monitor the baby’s breathing and movements shouldn’t be thought of or used as medical devices unless the unit is registered with the FDA. If your baby has a condition that needs medical monitoring, you should consult with your pediatrician so he/she can advise you on the best monitoring devices to use.


With the above in-depth and detailed guide on the best baby monitors reviews 2024, we hope we have answered most, if not all, questions that encompass the selection of a perfect baby monitoring device. We have no doubt you’ll have an easy time finding that baby safety monitor that has the features you’re looking for and meets most of your needs but still comes at an affordable price.

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