Best Organic Baby Formulas 2020 – Healthiest Options


Organic baby formulas come in few or limited options and are more expensive than the regular types of infant formula. However, organic baby formulas are healthier and safe for your baby to consume when compared to non-organic baby formula. In order to create this guide on the best organic baby formulas 2020, we thoroughly researched and found a few options that are the best as far as organic baby formula is concerned.

We know baby formulas come in different brands and many varieties from which you can choose from. And for curious and discerning parents who want baby formula without any artificial colors, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners or preservatives, it can be quite a daunting task trying to figure out what works well with their babies.

Organic infant formula options feature all natural ingredients and the good news for concerned parents is that they are sourced from farms that feed their cows or cattle only on organic foods that don’t have any traces of harmful pesticides, fertilizers, growth hormones, antibiotics, steroids or any other harmful additives. Non-organic baby formula options on the other hand have some very scary ingredients like vitamins obtained from petroleums, added sugars like corn syrup solids, sulfate-based herbicides, pesticides and fungicides all of which can be harmful to your baby’s health and well-being in the future.

But even as organic baby formula options tend to be cleaner, healthier and safer than their non-organic counterparts, they tend to be more expensive especially when bought from local grocers or whole foods markets and for this reason we recommend buying them in large quantities like a multi-pack via Amazon Prime to be able to save quite a bit of money in the process.

While there are very limited options of organic baby formula currently on the market, we did our best to research and be able to come up with 8 options that you can choose from. These are the best and healthiest we could find even though few of them might contain traces of non-organic ingredients like palm oil which can lead to decreased bone density in infants or DHA obtained from hexane extraction. But enough of all the hype… let’s take a look at the best organic baby formulas for 2020, shall we?

Best Organic Baby Formulas 2020

1.Baby’s Only Formula, Organic LactoRelief

babys only organic lactorelief

The organic lactorelief with DHA and ARA is best suited for babies who are sensitive to lactose and offers a great alternative to parents who wish to avoid soy protein. Being lactose-free means your baby can comfortably digest it without getting stomach cramps, nausea, bloating, gassiness and even diarrhea. This lactose is removed using special organic complaint enzyme process to make it the only organic formula currently on the market for toddlers with sensitive stomachs and this makes it a real life saver.

It also features high levels of essential fatty acids which your baby’s body converts to DHA (an omega-3) and ARA (an omega-6) which according to research can help to promote both eye and brain development in young infants. While other organic formulas use less desirable ingredients like organic cotton syrup, organic palm olein oil and hexane processed DHA, parents can rest easy and get the peace of mind they deserve knowing that baby’s only organic lactorelief is 100% free from all those ingredients and instead contains only high quality ingredients for the health and development of babies.

Most parents also like the organic lactorelief’s flavor saying that it tastes much better than the Enfamil gentlease or similac sensitive. Being non-GMO means it has no genetically engineered ingredients and has no corn syrup. Instead it uses brown rice syrup and naturally-sourced vitamins rather than petroleum-based vitamins. Even though the label says “toddler formula”, it’s still suitable for newborn babies but you need to always check with your pediatrician first. The toddler label has nothing to do with the ingredients and it’s only because the manufacturer recommends babies to be breastfed for the first year then you can use organic lactorelief as a good nutritional choice for strong growth and development.

And even though few parents complain that it can cause mild constipation, it’s definitely not as bad as that caused by non-sensitive formula options. But still, this remains to be one of best organic formula for babies or toddlers who are lactose intolerant and have sensitive stomachs.


Lactose-free for easy digestion
Non-GMO and no corn syrup
ARA and DHA for eye and brain development
Best option for sensitive stomachs
Lacks soy ingredients


Can cause mild constipation

2.Pure Bliss by Similac Infant Formula

pure bliss by similac

The pure bliss by similac infant formula is made using fresh milk from grass-fed cows and continues with non-GMO ingredients to make it healthy and safe for your baby to use. It also has no artificial growth hormones or any antibiotic which may be harmful to your baby’s developing system. All the ingredients used are carefully selected to ensure they meet the high standards set by pure bliss.

Just like its name suggests, the milk used to produce this formula is derived from the lake-and-hill dotted countryside of Ireland that has family dairy farms where cherished cows graze mostly year-round on nutrient-rich, rain-fed grass to ensure they produce only the most fresh and healthy milk for your babies consumption. With the pure bliss infant formula your baby is sure to get complete nutrition for the first year since it has over 25 key nutrients including DHA and ARA just like the ones found in a mother’s breast milk to support eye and brain development at an early age. It’s also fortified with iron for red blood cells development.

Unlike cheaper infant formula options that use palm oil as a way of mimicking the palmitic acid that’s found in breast milk, the pure bliss infant formula doesn’t use any palm oil in its ingredients. For this reason, most parents claim that their babies do very well with this infant formula without experiencing any digestive upset or constipation. Unlike other infant formulas that use corn syrup solids and corn maltodextrin as a source of carbohydrates, the pure bliss infant formula instead uses lactose as the source of carbohydrates and this is very important since lactose is what’s exactly found in a mother’s breast milk.

The whole infant formula also comes packed in a large can that makes it economical and is less smelly than the regular similac advanced infant formula.


No artificial growth hormones or antibiotics
Doesn’t use palm oil
Non-GMO ingredients
ARA and DHA for eye and brain development
Produced from fresh milk
Uses lactose as a source of carbohydrates
Iron fortified for red blood cell development
Less smelly than other options



3.Plum Organics Grow Well Organic Infant Formula

plum organics

The plum organics grow well organic infant formula is appropriate for healthy full term babies up to the age of 12 months. Plum organics clearly understands that lactose is the most abundant carbohydrate found in a mother’s breast milk and for this reason, it doesn’t have any corn syrups that are added to its ingredients but instead its source of carbohydrates is obtained from cow’s milk lactose only. It’s made with organic non-fat milk from cows that are fed on organic grain and hay that are grown without the use of synthetic pesticides or harmful fertilizers.

The cows from which its milk is obtained are not treated with rbst even though no significant difference has been shown between milk derived from rbst-treated cows and non-rbst-treated cows. The whole organic formula has kosher dairy but is also gluten-free with no genetically modified ingredients. Of course it has ARA and DHA to support the development of your baby’s eyes and brain.

The manufacturer has included a thoughtful blend of non-fat milk, organic lactose, whey protein, a ton of vitamins, amino acids, minerals, omegas, and antioxidants together with oils from palm, coconut, soy etc. It also includes significant levels of chlorine, folic acid, calcium and vitamins D, E and K to make it a great organic infant formula suggested for use from birth up to 12 months old babies.

However, the use of palm oil as one of the ingredients is an issue with most parents considering there’s evidence that babies fed on formula with palm oil tend to show decreased bone density presumably because it decreases palmitic acid, calcium and absorption of fats by the baby.

But on the whole, this is one of the better and healthier options you can get for your baby as far as organic baby formula is concerned. It’s designed to nourish your baby with quality carbohydrates, proteins and other important nutrients found in breast milk to support the growth and development of your baby.


Organic lactose as a sweetener
ARA and DHA for eye and brain development
Organic nonfat milk
Non-GMO ingredients


Use of palm oil

4.Earth’s Best Organic Soy Infant Formula

earths best organic soy

The earth’s best organic infant formula is one of the most popular brands on the market for all the right reasons. This particular type of earth’s best organic formula uses organic-based soy powder that’s produced without prohibited pesticides or synthetic fertilizers to make it very healthy and safe for your little baby to consume. It’s also lactose-free to ensure your baby can consume it without getting any issues related to digesting dairy such as gas, bloating or reflux.

It contains ARA and twice the amount of DHA that’s found in other leading organic formula brands to help promote your baby’s brain and eye development at an early age. Since it’s patterned after a mother’s breast milk, it contains high quality protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids like ARA and DHA to ensure your baby gets all the important nutrients needed for growth and development. It’s also iron fortified for red blood cell development.

Being a very well-reviewed organic formula means that most parents are pleased with the results they get from the earth’s best organic formula. In fact most parents say that their babies have an easy time digesting this organic formula and yet it’s much more affordable than other organic formula options. However, the fact that earth’s best uses hexane for extracting DHA and ARA from lab-grown algae and fungus is something that parents don’t like.

Alternatively, if you don’t want this particular organic formula with soy powder, you can instead choose from two other types of earth’s best organic formula which are the “milk-based” and the “sensitivity infant formula”. The former is produced from organic milk sourced from farms where cows are fed organic grain, hay and grass. The latter is specifically designed for babies with fussiness or gas and has 95% less lactose that’s very easy for little tummies to digest.


Three types to choose from according to your baby’s needs
ARA and DHA for eye and brain development
Iron fortified for development of red blood cells
Affordable than other organic options
Lactose-free for easy digestion


Hexane extraction for ARA and DHA
Some soy ingredients

5.Happy Baby Organic Infant Formula

happy baby organic

The happy baby organic infant formula is specially formulated to provide complete nutrition for newborns all the way up to 12 month old babies. It’s modeled exactly after a mother’s breast milk and is made with premium ingredients that are carefully sourced. As a stage 1 infant formula, it contains organic lactose as a sweetener, which is the main carbohydrate found in a mother’s breast milk. It also provides your baby with key vitamins and minerals found naturally in breast milk including calcium, vitamin D, iron, zinc and chlorine. The amount of iron included is just enough for the development of red blood cells but it’s not too much that it inevitably causes constipation.

It also contains essential fatty acids like ARA and DHA to help support the development of your baby’s eyes and brain. This organic infant formula also delivers two prebiotics – GOS and FOS – which are fibers that mimic the function of prebiotics found naturally in breast milk whose purpose is to promote healthy gut bacteria in infants. This makes the happy baby organics to have up to 4x more prebiotics than other organic infant formula on the U.S market.

Since it’s made with milk from organic dairy farms and has no corn syrup sweeteners, no synthetic taurine, lutein or nucleotides, it meets the nutritional levels recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. It’s also kosher, non-GMO and the packaging with the formula itself contain no BPA.

The only issue with this organic formula is that it’s a bit difficult to dissolve in water or even in breast milk and it needs a lot of stirring and shaking for it to dissolve fully without leaving any clumps. It also contains soy and palm oil which is a bit of a controversy as to whether it should be used in baby formula.

But on the whole this is a great organic baby formula that any parent can get for their babies and be happy and satisfied with the results.


ARA and DHA for eye and brain development
GOS and FOS prebiotics to promote healthy gut bacteria
Organic lactose
Iron for red blood cell development
Non-GMO and BPA-free


A bit difficult to dissolve
Some soy and palm oil used

6.Vermont Organics Milk-Based Organic Infant Formula

vermont organics

The Vermont organics milk-based organic infant formula also contains no antibiotics, no harmful pesticides and no added growth hormones. It’s made with milk that’s produced from organic farms where added growth hormones and antibiotics are prohibited and the cows from which the milk used to make this organic infant formula is sourced are fed on certified organic grain and hay that are grown without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers.

The ingredients used are not genetically engineered but instead it has chlorine, DHA and ARA nutrients that are found in a mother’s breast milk and which help to support the development of your baby’s eyes and brain. Parents will also get the peace of mind they deserve since All Vermont organics products feature non-kosher ingredients so as to meet U.S Food and Drug Administration’s strict nutritional guidelines.

Most parents say that this organic formula mixes up much easier than other organic formula brands even when mixing it with cold water. They also say their babies transitioned from breast milk to this organic infant formula seamlessly without any problems. And even after starting to consume this organic infant formula, most parents also claim that their babies haven’t shown any issues related to digestion such as gassiness, constipation or spitting up.

Though it contains DHA, it’s been made through a hexane extraction process and that’s something most parents find to be a big concern in the safety and health of their babies. It also contains corn syrup solids as one of the main ingredients. It also has a mineral smell which can be an issue to some babies but not all since each baby is different.

But honestly, this is one of the better options available as far as organic infant formulas are concerned especially if you don’t mind the hexane extraction process used to produce the DHA it contains.


No antibiotics, pesticides and growth hormones
DHA and ARA for brain and eye development
Non-kosher ingredients
Iron fortified for red blood cell development


DHA produced through hexane extraction
Corn syrup solids

7.Similac Organic Infant Formula

similac organic

The similac organic infant formula with iron is also suitable for use on babies starting from birth all the way up to 1 year old. As a very popular and trusted brand, similac is the number one infant formula brand chosen by moms and also the number one brand fed in hospitals. This organic infant formula is made with wholesome organic milk and other organic ingredients that make it healthy and safe for your baby to consume.

The nutrients feature OptiGRO, which is similac’s exclusive blend of DHA, lutein and vitamin E together with other special nutrients that are found in a mother’s breast milk and which are important for supporting the development of your baby’s eyes and brain. It’s also fortified with iron for the development of red blood cells. When used or mixed as directed, 1 simplepac can make approximately 28 six fluid ounce bottles.

The lack of palm oil in the ingredients is a big positive to most of the parents. Organic nonfat milk and organic maltodextrin are used as the first two ingredients together with organic sugar, organic high oleic sunflower oil, organic soy oil, organic coconut oil and other ingredients.

However, the use of soy in the ingredients is a bit of a concern to some of the parents. They also don’t like how this organic infant formula is full of sugars which may be harmful to a baby. Few parents also complain that it doesn’t dissolve properly as they would like it to. We also think it’s a bit pricey for what your baby is getting nutrition-wise.

All in all, this is a commendable organic infant formula that might work well with some babies or not work at all for some since each baby is different and unique. And for the price, we think there are other organic formula options on our list that are much safer and healthier but come at a much more affordable price than this organic formula from similac organic.


DHA for eye and brain development
Lacks palm oil
Iron fortified for red blood cell development
USDA certified


Some soy ingredients
Added sugars

8.The Honest Co. Organic Non-GMO Premium Infant Formula

honest co. organic

This organic infant formula is USDA approved and is a non-GMO premium baby formula with iron to help in the development of red blood cells. It’s carefully balanced and modeled after a mother’s breast milk making it nutritionally complete by using quality ingredients such as iron, vitamin D, calcium, chlorine and folic acid.

Unlike most organic infant formula that use DHA obtained through the extraction of hexane, the manufacturer of this organic formula chose not to include DHA because they know the only DHA that’s currently used on organic infant formula does not meet their rigorous Honest standards. Instead, they decided to offer this DHA as a supplement through non-chemically extracted pure premium fish oil.

The whole organic formula doesn’t have any added ARA and DHA and it’s free from GMO, gluten, carrageenan, corn syrup solids or any added sucrose. The cows from which the milk is obtained are not treated with rbST. Most parents say that it’s easy for their babies to digest and it’s also gentle on their babies’ tummies without causing any digestion issues like constipation.

And even though it uses organic nonfat milk and organic lactose as a sweetener for the first two main ingredients, it does contain organic palm oil and some soy ingredients which can leave most of the parents running for the hills. It also includes organic whey protein concentrate, vitamins A, D, E and K. The lack of DHA in the ingredients is however a concern for some of the parents.

However, most parents also like how it mixes easily with water and how it provides a seamless transition from breastfeeding to formula for their babies. All in all this is a great organic infant formula that will continue to provide your baby with important nutrients for healthy development even after coming out of the breastfeeding phase.


USDA approved
Iron for red blood cell development
Organic lactose as sweetener
Lacks corn syrup solids or added sucrose
Easy to digest


Lacks ARA and DHA
Some soy ingredients

Chemicals and Materials That Usually Make Up Organic Baby Formula

Organic milk – organic milk is a common ingredient in most of the organic baby formula brands. Most babies will benefit from organic milk derived from cows fed on organic grain and hay without the use of harmful pesticides or fertilizers. However, infants who are allergic to organic cow milk can do just fine with soy formula.

Organic whey protein – instead of synthetic proteins, a healthy organic baby formula will have whey protein as one of its ingredients. Whey protein is much easier for your baby to digest and also much healthier and clean than soy protein and other synthetic alternatives.

Vegetable oils/fish oils – a great organic baby formula will usually contain healthy oils such as sunflower oils and safflower oils or even fish oil in some cases. Palm oil is best to avoid as there’s some controversy as to whether it should be included in baby formula because of its negative health effects. But the hard truth is that even the healthiest of organic baby formula can still contain small amounts of palm oil as part of the ingredients.

Organic lactose – a healthy organic baby formula will contain organic lactose which is used as a sweetener to mimic the sweetness and thickness found in a mother’s breast milk and is the one that little babies find easy to enjoy and digest. Organic lactose is much cleaner than the refined or artificial sugars used in unhealthy baby formula options.


There are certain certifications that you will want to look out for when buying organic infant formula for your baby. Organic baby formulas with these certifications have been thoroughly tested to ensure they meet or exceed certain health and safety standards to prove less harmful to your baby.

Organic certification – this certification is usually administered by the USDA and the label appears on organic products. The label clearly indicates that the formula has met the organic standards set by the USDA. While other countries have similar organic labels or criteria, each of these demonstrates the commitment to avoid the use of synthetic chemicals as well as genetically modified seeds.

Non-GMO certification – this label appears on products that meet the standards set by the non-profit organization, The Non-GMO Project. It denotes that the product doesn’t use or contain any GMO’s.

Gluten-free certification – the gluten-free label will indicate the absence of wheat and any other grains that contain gluten.


As we wrap this guide on the best organic baby formulas 2020, it’s important to stress out that breastfeeding remains to be the best and healthiest option for the first one year of your baby’s birth. However, we know some parents might have problems which can make it impossible for them to breastfeed the baby and for this reason they choose infant formula as a substitute. And while there are few options of baby formula on the market that are perfect, some options are way better than others in terms of health and safety for your baby.

Fortunately for you, the organic infant formula options listed above are some of the better options you can get on the market currently. Unfortunately, even the healthiest and best organic formula options have some issues and some of them can contain at least one or two questionable ingredients as far as their health and safety are concerned. So we highly advice parents to do their due diligence before choosing a particular organic formula for their baby to ensure it doesn’t contain ingredients which may cause allergic reactions to their baby while being healthy and safe at the same time.

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