Best Baby Carriers 2024 – Buyer’s Guide

If you are searching or looking to buy the best baby carriers for 2024 then be rest assured you’ve come to the right place. Baby carriers are really beneficial in many day to day situations and have therefore become essential accessories for parents who have just given birth to newborns. They enable you to carry or hold your baby comfortably while freeing up your hands so you can do any important tasks around the house.

If you’ve got babies ranging from infants to toddlers and are planning on going for a trip or hike, you shouldn’t waste time trying to figure out whether to take a baby carrier with you or not. Gladly go ahead and do it! You’ll not regret your decision.

With so many brands and models on the market to select from, finding the one that will fit your needs and budget is not easy. With this in mind, we’ve created this ultimate buyers guide on the best baby carriers that features the most up to date baby carrier reviews so you can easily find the perfect baby carrier for your family.

Best Baby Carriers 2024

1.Babybjorn Baby Carrier Miracle

babybjorn baby carrier miracle

It is difficult to mention baby carriers without including a popular and reputable brand such as the babybjorn carrier. The babybjorn baby carrier miracle is developed with pediatricians and this ensures it gives the proper support for the baby’s head, neck, spine and hips. It is designed with the baby’s safety and health in mind.

Its ease of usability is enhanced by simply having all the adjustments made in front. With just one hand, you can securely click or easily release the strong, well-designed latches on the front. Plus the front can be completely opened so as to lift your baby with ease.

This babybjorn carrier provides excellent support for both you and your baby. Its adjustable head support gives a secure and proper support for the baby’s head and neck. The design allows the legs and hips to be positioned in an ergonomically correct position, while the upright carrying position provides free air circulation for the baby.

Support for the parent is also given top priority with the adjustable waist belt and back support that provides lumbar stability while maximizing on comfort.

The baby’s weight limit for this carrier ranges from 8 – 26 pounds, and you can choose if you want to carry the baby in an inward-facing or outward-facing position.

You also don’t need to worry about the safety and health of your baby. The materials used for this babybjorn carrier are completely harmless to chew and kind to your baby’s delicate skin since they contain no hazardous substances.

2.Ergobaby Four Position 360 Baby Carrier

ergobaby four position 360

Ergobaby is very popular when it comes to baby carriers. As a brand, it is well known by both mums and dads alike and this particular model, the ergobaby four position 360 baby carrier is no exception.

As its name suggests, it allows baby wearing in four different positions which are front inward, front outward, back and hip. And to make it even more versatile, this ergo carrier is designed to provide the correct baby ergonomics position that assumes a frog-leg, seated position with knees and spine in curved “C” position.

The adjustable straps provide maximum comfort for parents. They allow the baby’s weight to be evenly distributed across the parent’s shoulders and hips. The straps can also be loosened to offer a suitable position for breastfeeding or nursing the baby.

This ergo carrier comes with a minimum and maximum weight limit recommendation of 12.1 pounds and 33.1 pounds respectively. An infant insert pushes the minimum weight limit down to 7 pounds and this means it can comfortably see your baby grow from being an infant to being a toddler.

It is made with 100% cotton thus making it breathable, lightweight and suitable for warm climates.

You can also wash and clean this baby carrier easily using a washing machine.

3.Boba 4G Carrier

boba 4g carrier

The boba 4g carrier is packed with impressive features that make it a top choice for both mums and dads alike and will easily see your baby grow from an infant to a toddler.

It gives good support for both you and the baby. It’s adjustable straps will help you find the right snugness together with an integrated infant insert to support even the smallest babies. And the fact that weight is distributed evenly over your shoulders and hips makes it comfortable and can easily be worn for long periods of time.

This baby carrier has a weight limit of up to 45 pounds. When used as a front carrier, it can support a weight of between 7 pounds to 25 pounds and a weight of between 25 pounds to 45 pounds when used as a back carrier.

It is also very practical since it has multiple pockets for the storage of smartphones, credit cards and other essential items when on the go. It can also hold extra bags in place thanks to a bag strap holder that provides a sturdy snap.

Another good feature that makes the boba 4g carrier a great choice is the fact that it’s made with 100% cotton and this makes it breathable and lightweight and perfect for warmer climates. It’s also free from any potential harmful materials thus making it safe for your baby.

4.Beco Baby Carrier Gemini Four Position Ergonomic Baby Carrier

beco baby carrier gemini

Unlike the other baby carriers which only allow for both front and back carry, the beco Gemini baby carrier comes with four different carrying positions which are front facing in, front facing out, back carry and hip carry. This makes it ergonomically better than the other baby carriers on our list.

For the front carry, you can either choose to carry the baby while facing in for an all-day hug or facing out in order to explore the world together. For long walks, it is more comfortable to wear your baby on your back. The hip carry position lets you interact with the baby face to face while allowing them to look around on their own.

The adjustable straps are designed to offer parents the highest level of comfort while wearing their babies. Crossing the straps over your shoulders makes baby wearing to be both easy and comfortable. Weight of the baby is evenly distributed across your shoulders and hips. You can also breastfeed your baby by simply loosening the straps over your shoulders to get a hands-free and simple way of feeding the baby.

This baby carrier supports weights that range from 7 pounds (for newborns) to 35 pounds (for toddlers). It also doesn’t require any infant inserts thus no need for additional purchases.

5.Tula Ergonomic Carrier – Urbanista – Baby

tula ergonomic carrier

The tula ergonomic carrier is also on our list for all the good reasons. It is really liked by parents especially mum’s and it’s not difficult to see why.

This baby carrier is designed to be highly supportive. It provides an ergonomic M-position seat support for the optimal development of the baby’s body. The weight of the baby is evenly distributed over the parent’s hips and shoulders thus making it easy to be worn for a long period of time without feeling tired. Its adjustable straps provide the perfect fit and position for the baby whether you’re travelling or breastfeeding.

It is made with light gray canvas that makes it breathable and lightweight at the same time. If you live in places with hot or warm climates, this baby carrier will feel much comfortable as compared to other carriers that are made with heavy materials.

The minimum and maximum weight limit for this carrier ranges from 15 pounds to 45 pounds. This is irrespective of it being used for front carries or back carries. It is also approved to carry toddlers with weights ranging from 25 – 60 pounds.

Note that it is also machine washable and this makes the tula ergonomic carrier easy to use and care for.

6.Six-Position, 360 Degrees Ergonomic Baby Carrier by Lillebaby

six-position 360 degrees ergonomic carrier

This baby carrier from lillebaby has more features than any other baby carrier on the market today. Yet it still comes at quite an affordable price.

It is made with soft and durable 100% cotton with 3D mesh insert for temperature control. This feature makes it light in weight, compact and suitable for both warm and cold climates. It also provides the best comfort for you and your baby.

With up to six ergonomic carrying positions, it definitely offers way more features than any other baby carrier you can buy. The six carrying positions are front-fetal, front-infant, front-toddler, front facing out, hip carry and back carry. And the cool thing is that no extra infant inserts are required for newborns.

Support for both you and your baby is given top priority with this baby carrier. It has a wide and sturdy waist belt, padded shoulder straps of up to 3” wide and lumbar support that are all designed to help reduce pressure on the parent’s back and shoulders by evenly distributing the baby’s weight over the back and shoulders. The extra tall expandable torso provides your baby with extra neck and back support and its adjustable width gently cradles the baby’s head.

If you have essentials to carry while on the go, this carrier has you sorted. It comes with a large zippered storage pocket suitable for storing hood and any essentials you have. The pocket is also very easy to reach when you want to remove or put something in it.

It has an impressive weight limit of up to 45 pounds and the weight ranges from newborns to toddlers of 45 pounds in weight. This makes it a baby carrier with the longest lifespan.

Caring and cleaning it is also going to be a breeze since it is machine washable.

7.Onya Baby Carrier – Outback

onya baby carrier

If you’re looking for a baby carrier that’s best suited for warm climates or hiking the trails, then the Onya baby carrier is a great choice. This ergonomic soft structured carrier comes with three carrying positions which are front carry, back carry and side carry.

It is made with 100% rip-stop nylon and an air mesh lining that makes it usable in all climates. And if the weather suddenly changes when you’re out there in the wild hiking, this carrier has you sorted. It comes with a tuck-away hood for sleeping, rainy weather and sun protection.

But there is one feature that truly sets it apart from the other baby carriers on the market. It is the integrated chair harness feature which is very convenient and unique only to the onya baby carrier. This feature basically transforms almost any adult chair into a safe seat for the baby quickly and easily without any hassle.

The weight limit for this carrier ranges from 15 pounds to 45 pounds. It can also support weight of 7 pounds for newborn babies with a baby booster infant insert that is sold separately.

Its easily adjustable shoulder straps provide the best position and comfort for nursing your baby. A supportive and adjustable waist belt provides for excellent lumbar support.

Other important features include side-zippered storage pockets, a D-ring for your keys and two toy loops on the shoulder straps. It is also machine washable and thus easy to clean.

8.Boba Baby Wrap

boba baby wrap

Baby wraps are great for creating a sense of closeness and comfort with your baby. The boba baby wrap carrier enables you to achieve this and it’s also the best selling model on Amazon when it comes to baby wraps.

It is made with 95% cotton and 5% spandex which is a high quality French terry material. This gives the boba baby wrap the clinging support and shape retention it needs to make sure it doesn’t sag with all-day use. The material makes it a bit breathable and better suited for cooler weathers.

The material is flexible enough and its simple tying style forms to the shape of your child while at the same time allowing for an easy on and off. This flexibility also makes it ideal for breast feeding and hassle-free nursing. It also provides a custom fit so you can safely and comfortably accommodate the baby’s growth and your body’s unique contours.

It comes with a maximum weight recommendation limit of 35 pounds. This means you can wear newborns to older babies who weigh no more than 35 pounds very comfortably.

This baby wrap carrier is also machine washable which makes it easy to clean and also easy to care for. You also don’t need to worry about your baby’s health or safety. The high quality materials used in its construction are free from any chemicals and harmful dyes.

9.Babybjorn Baby Carrier Original

babybjorn baby carrier original

This babybjorn carrier is one of the best selling baby carriers on Amazon and it is described as the perfect baby carrier for newborns. Why is it the best carrier for newborn babies?

First and importantly, the babybjorn carrier original is specially designed to fit your baby right from birth without any infant insert required. The physical and mental growth of your baby is given top priority since it allows the legs and arms of the baby to move freely even in the carrier. And when the baby falls asleep in the carrier and you want to put it to bed without causing any disturbance, you can just easily unfasten the side buckles to open up the front completely.

It also helps you to stay in close contact with your baby and reinforce the important parent-child bond that’s needed from the beginning. The adjustable straps enable you to carry the baby high up on your chest and close to your heart for the first five months.

Support for both you and the baby is enhanced by the comfortable and adjustable waist belt and back support that ensures your baby gets a good head and neck support. The weight of the baby is evenly distributed over your shoulders and hips while the back support provides good lumbar stability and comfort. Also note that the maximum weight limit for this baby carrier is 25 pounds.

And since it is made with safe and tested materials, you won’t need to worry about the safety and health of your lovely baby. The cotton used in its construction also makes it breathable and light in weight.

Plus this baby carrier is machine washable and this means caring and using it is going to be a breeze.

10.Osprey Packs Poco – Premium Child Carrier

osprey packs poco

The osprey packs poco is a premium child carrier that has lots of helpful features that make it suitable for those long hikes or adventures around the city.

With this baby carrier backpack, you can carry everything you need for your long adventurous journey. And when we say everything we mean it. It comes with a detachable backpack for stowing your important gear, a large zippered lower compartment, inner mesh security pocket, a cell phone pocket on the shoulder strap, and many more pockets that ensure you can carry all the essentials needed for a successful hiking trip.

It also has a built-in padded and lightweight changing pad that’s very helpful especially in situations where you have to change the baby’s nappy while on the road.

It has a tensioned mesh backpanel that can fit on anybody’s contours and this means it can be used by mums, dads or even grown up adults. The mesh helps to maintain a good airflow for excellent ventilation.

Another important feature in this baby carrier is the torso harness which is adjustable to a full six inches. This gives it a flexible fit range to accommodate backpacks of sizes ranging from XS to L.

This baby carrier will also ensure your baby is safe and comfortable when on the go. The framing around the baby is completely padded to provide the best comfort and protection.

Baby Carriers Buyer’s Guide

What is a Baby Carrier?

Basically, baby carriers provide a hands-free way of wearing your baby. They enable you to wear your baby either on your front, back or even hips while freeing up your hands so you can focus on more important tasks at hand. Carriers offer support for your baby through a pouch, and have straps that can be worn over your shoulders and waist to help distribute the baby’s weight evenly across your body.

How Are They Beneficial?

Since baby carriers enable you to carry your baby high up on your chest while facing you, they help in fostering the important parent and child bonding that’s required within the first five months of giving birth.

They are also very helpful when it comes to breastfeeding or nursing your baby. By loosening the straps on your shoulders, you get a perfect and hands-free position for feeding or nursing the baby.

They provide a safe and comfortable way of carrying your baby. This is especially helpful when you’re going out for a hike or adventure around town.

But apart from their benefits, it is also important to know the different types of baby carriers that are available. You should consider both you and your baby’s needs before choosing or buying a baby carrier. This will ensure you end up with a baby carrier that provides safety and comfort for you and the baby. The different types of baby carriers are discussed below.

Types Of Baby Carriers

Wraps – these are the most common types of baby carriers. A baby wrap is a piece of long cloth that is wrapped around you and your baby’s body. They offer various ways of carrying your baby since they have no straps or rings. One disadvantage of baby wraps is the fact that you have to learn how to properly tie the wrap to provide proper support for both you and your baby. But if you finally crack the code of tying them correctly, they will offer your baby the optimal head, neck and back support they need. They are also cheaper than other types of carriers because of their simplicity.

Slings – baby slings are basically single pieces of fabric that go over one or both shoulders while forming a pouch in front of you for holding your baby. They offer a simple way to carry your baby and are also cheap to buy. But these baby slings have been on the spotlight of late due to safety concerns. They pose many risks to the baby such as suffocation and hip dysplasia. For this reason, it’ll be wise to opt for other types of carriers instead of baby slings.

Mei-Tai – these are designed to make wearing your baby feel as natural as holding your baby with your own hands. They come with four straps that can be worn over the parent’s body and are simple yet easy to use. You can tie the straps in different configurations so as to enable you to carry your baby in different positions like front, hip or back.

Soft-Structured – these types of carriers usually have straps that are worn over your shoulders and a waist belt that goes around your hips. Some of them come with 2, 3 or 4 carrying positions and others can offer even up to 6 carrying positions. They are also designed to carry babies ranging from newborns to toddlers even though you’ll need a baby infant insert to support a newborn baby.

Frame Backpacks – baby backpacks are best suited for hiking or adventures around the city or country side. They come with a built-in frame that allows for baby wearing on your back. With lots of storage pockets and zippered pockets, these backpacks are perfect for long travels since you can carry not just your baby, but also all the essentials needed for a long, successful hiking trip.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Baby Carriers

With so many brands and models to pick from, finding the best baby carrier that will meet both you and your baby’s needs is no easy task. It is therefore wise to ask yourself a few questions that pertain to why and how you’ll be using the carrier.

For example, will you be using it regularly or not? How will you be using the baby carrier? Is it for use around the house or for travelling and hiking?

It is thus important to know the features you need to look out for that’ll make the carrier beneficial to both you and your baby. The most important factors to consider are discussed below:

Baby’s Safety

Any baby carrier should be designed with the safety of the baby in mind. Parents should be very careful on the type of carriers they choose. Baby safety can be viewed from two angles. The first one is baby support. A carrier that provides excellent support for the baby’s head, neck and spine should definitely be a parent’s top pick. The second point of view is the material used to construct the carrier. Is the material free from harmful chemicals or dyes that might pose a health risk to the baby? Thankfully, almost all baby carriers nowadays are constructed with materials that are free from hazardous substances.

Baby’s Comfort

The baby needs to feel comfortable enough if it’s to be carried for long periods of time in the carrier. For this, you need to consider the climate under which you’ll be using the baby carrier. Choose a carrier that’s made with light and breathable material for warm climates. For cool climates, carriers with heavy materials are more suitable. Support provided by the carrier is also critical for baby’s comfort. Lack of proper support for the baby’s head, neck and back can make the baby feel distressed and uncomfortable.

Parent’s Comfort

The parent also needs to feel comfortable since he/she is the one who’s doing the hard work of carrying the baby. Important to note is how the baby’s weight is going to be distributed over your body. There are some baby carriers which are designed to provide the parent with shoulder, hips and lumbar support thus ensuring the baby’s weight is evenly distributed over the parent’s body. The straps also need to be padded in order to help ease or reduce the pressure on your shoulders. The position you choose to wear your baby is also key to comfort. For example, there are some parents who find it more comfortable to wear their baby’s on the back as opposed to other carrying positions.

Ease Of Use

You also need to consider whether it’s going to be easy to use the baby carrier on a day-to-day basis. After getting it out of the box, it’s important to spend some few minutes reading the instruction manuals on how the carrier should be used. This will help you know from the start what you can or can’t do with the carrier. You can also try to fit it on immediately in order to detect and solve any fitting problems that may arise.
And if the carrier you just bought has additional features like storage pockets or sleeping hoods, it means it’s going to offer you the added convenience you need especially when you’re out and about.

Ease Of Cleaning

Of course you need to choose a baby carrier that’ll be easy to clean and care for since it’s going to be used on your messy baby. Babies can do all sorts of messy stuff on the carrier. They can chew on it, grab it, stuff it and even drag it over rough surfaces. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you therefore that you’ll need to wash and clean the baby carrier on a regular basis. For this reason, you need a carrier that is machine washable to make the whole cleaning process easy and fast.


From our detailed and informative guide on the best baby carriers, we hope you’ll be able to make up your mind faster and choose the right baby carrier for you and your precious baby. We take pride in providing you with detailed reviews and buying guides that help you narrow down your selection to the best baby carriers that fit your needs or situation.

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