Best Cloth Diapers 2024 – Buying Guide

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1. Lil Bums Cloth Diapers Starter Kit 18 Pack Check Price on Amazon
2.Bumgenius Freetime Cloth Diapers 6 Pack Check Price on Amazon
3.Alva Baby Reusable Pocket Cloth Diapers Check Price on Amazon
4. Charlie Banana 2-in-1 6-Piece Reusable Diapers Check Price on Amazon
5.SoftBums One Size Cloth Diaper Check Price on Amazon
6.20 Pack Pocket Cloth Diapers with 40 Inserts Check Price on Amazon
7. Babygoal U Pick Baby Pocket Cloth Diapers Check Price on Amazon
8.Thirsties Package Snap Newborn All In One Check Price on Amazon
9.Baby Cloth Pocket Diapers 7 Pack Check Price on Amazon
10.10 Pack Pocket Cloth Diapers with 20 Inserts Check Price on Amazon

If you’re a parent who’s been using disposable diapers on your baby but you’re now thinking about shifting to reusable cloth diapers, then simply have a look at our guide on the best cloth diapers for 2024 that will help you choose the perfect cloth diaper for your wetting baby.

Every parent has their own tastes and preferences when it comes to diapers since some of them prefer disposable diapers because they don’t require any maintenance or frequent cleaning whenever the baby messes on it. However, when you compare disposable diapers with cloth diapers in terms of cost effectiveness, durability and environmental consciousness, then the reusable cloth diapers take the cake as far as each of those factors are concerned.

Also from a health and safety perspective, cloth diapers are much more safer than the disposables since they are built with natural unbleached materials that are free from any harmful chemicals. Disposable diapers on the other hand are full of chemicals which can pose safety and health hazards to your baby. With this in mind, we would advice new mothers to opt for reusable cloth diapers since they come with more health, safety and cost effective benefits than the commonly used disposable diapers.

To help parents stay on the right track when it comes to choosing and knowing the most important features that make an excellent cloth diaper, we’ve created a top 10 list of the best cloth diapers together with a buyer’s guide to educate parents on the types and most important factors to look for when buying cloth diapers.

Best Cloth Diapers 2024

1.Lil Bums Cloth Diapers Starter Kit 18 Pack

lil bums cloth diapers

Lil bums as a brand is very serious about the good reputation of its cloth diapers and will go the extra mile to ensure you get a cloth diaper that will fit your baby comfortably while still remaining extremely durable and stain resistant. According to lil bums, these 18 pack starter kit features the smoothest cloth diapers you can ever get on the market. This smoothness is achieved through the use of organically grown bamboo cotton inserts that help prevent your baby from getting rashes especially if he/she has a sensitive skin.

This cloth diaper is built to ensure your wetting baby stays dry thanks to the inner stay-dry suede lining that wicks moisture away from the baby’s skin thus making the inside of the diaper feel as dry as possible. This is further enhanced by a waterproof backing and elastic leg openings that ensure the fit is leak proof. Keeping your baby’s toosh dry promotes a healthier skin that’s free from rashes or infections caused by bacteria that thrive in wet or dumb environments. These diapers are suitable for both newborns and grown toddlers since their super durable snaps can be adjusted to fit infants of different sizes comfortably. You also have the option of choosing colors that are suitable for either boys or girls but you must notify the seller in advance.

Are there any reported issues/problems when it comes to using these cloth diapers? No. we couldn’t find any reported problems with the lil bums cloth diapers and this is proof enough that they are an excellent set of cloth diapers. Most parents are happy with the purchase and they even describe them as being eco-friendly and quality diapers.

With this in mind, the lil buns cloth diapers are a great set of diapers for those parents who are looking for a pack of cloth diapers that are easy to wash, comfortable and still durable enough to last until the baby becomes a toddler.

2.Bumgenius Freetime Cloth Diapers 6 Pack

bumgenius freetime

The Bumgenius freetime cloth diapers are also a great option to consider especially for those parents who are fed up with using disposable diapers on their babies. They come with absorbant pads that are attached to the diaper, one sewn at the front and one at the back and this means no additional inserts are required. In case you’re wondering how absorbent these pads are, then you’ll be relieved to know that they are very absorbent. However, if you need extra arbsorbency, you can purchase separate inserts of 15.7×5.5 inches that should fit in these diapers without any problems.

We also like the adjustable options offered by these diapers since they can be adjusted to comfortably fit infants of different sizes plus they are simple and easy to use. The gentle leg elastic will allow many weeks of consistent usage without any leakages or blowouts experienced. Most parents like how they are convenient to use and describe them as being the best in quality and the best fitting all-in-one cloth diapers on the market. The material used to make these diapers also allow them to survive a hot or sterile machine washing operation and the inside of the diapers is softer than most disposable diapers and this means less irritation on your baby’s private parts.

As for the downsides, some of the parents complain that these diapers lose their elasticity and get a permanent sour stench after about one year of consistent use. With that said, the durability and absorbency offered by these diapers are reasons enough to make you choose these cloth diapers over the other brands out there.

So there’s a lot to like about the Bumgenius Freetime cloth diapers and Bumgenius as a brand is known for the excellent quality of its cloth diapers as well. If you’re looking for cloth diapers with the best absorbency then you can’t go wrong with this all-in-one cloth diaper pack from Bumgenius.

3.Alva Baby Reusable Pocket Cloth Diapers

alva baby pocket diapers

If you’re a new mom who’s new to cloth diapering, then we would advise you to grab the Alva Baby reusable pocket cloth diapers that features up to 18 pieces of nappies and 36 additional inserts in the package. These diapers are made from 100% microfiber terry cloth that makes them more absorbent than regular flannel with the ability to dry much faster after being washed. In addition, these cloth diapers are also easy to use, soft on your baby’s bum and very breathable to ensure your baby stays dry and comfortable throughout the day.

Each diaper features two rows of snaps to offer your baby the best fit and the size of the diaper can be adjusted to either small, medium and large to fit and accommodate babies whose weight range from 6 pounds to 33 pounds. Parents will also be happy to know that these diapers are machine washable and dyer safe. The recommended washing temperature is less than 30 degrees centigrade and the diaper cover should be washed separately from the inserts. Please don’t even wash the diapers together with other clothes. If your baby has experienced blowouts or leakages with other diapers, then that won’t be a problem if you purchase the Alva Baby cloth diapers since the leg gussets help to contain all the messes. But it’s important to note that these gussets are not double gussets and can therefore leak depending on the fit and the size of your baby.

With that said, we still find the Alva Baby cloth diapers to be a cut above the competition and the quality, ease of use, comfort and absorbency they provide makes them a great choice for any parent. Most parents are in fact very happy with their purchase and say that these cloth diapers work great with no issues or problems to report at all.

4.Charlie Banana 2-in-1 6-Piece Reusable Diapers

charlie banana diapers

If you’re parent who’s looking to buy a cloth diaper that will offer your baby the best of both diaper worlds, then the Charlie Banana 2-in-1 6-Piece reusable diapers would be a great choice to consider. The kind of versatility you get from the Charlie Banana reusable diapers is simply amazing since it offers a hybrid option for using either washable inserts or disposable inserts depending on your baby’s situation. For daytime and nighttime absorbency, each cloth diaper comes with two thick microfiber inserts – a short one of 12 inches and a long one of 13 inches. In special occasions where you need extra absorbency, the diapers feature a smart front panel for tucking in disposable pads or reusable inserts. They are also super soft thus making them very comfortable for the baby to use without any irritations.

Most parents like how these cloth diapers are easy to use and clean with no issues of staining reported either. They also like how the leg elastic band can be adjusted to fit babies of various sizes to prevent leakage plus the extra snaps at the waist allow it to fit tiny babies snugly. With your baby’s growth in mind, the leg casing features innovative adjustable elastic that allows the diaper to expand in length to fit babies whose weight range from 6 to 35 pounds. For those parents who are anxious about the safety of the materials used for the diapers, they will be more than happy to know that these diapers are free from perfumes, chlorine and any other chemicals that may pose health risks to the baby.

As for the cons, few parents have complained that the diaper’s elastic stretches more than the required limit after adjusting it only 2 to 3 times. With that said, we still think these reusable diapers from Charlie Banana should be at the top of the list as far as cloth diapers are concerned since they are super soft and are versatile enough to be used with both washable and disposable inserts in case you need extra absorbency.

5.SoftBums One Size Cloth Diaper

softbums cloth diaper

The SoftBums One Size Cloth diaper starter kit includes all the necessary essentials to ensure your baby stays dry even when on-the-go. They offer parents the option to choose from neutral colors for both genders or girly colors if they wish to buy one that’s suitable for their baby girl. The starter kit features a 6 pack of super 2-in-1 pods, and these pods are the absorbent inserts that are stuffed into the SoftBums diaper shell. A very convenient 2-in-1 pocket diaper is also included for putting the pods that are not in use. These absorbent pods work great since they wick moisture away from the baby’s skin leaving the inside of the diaper feeling completely dry. Parents will also like the freely included waterproof bag for putting soiled diapers. This wet bag is easy and light to carry around and is also very effective in retaining the odor from soiled diapers especially when on-the-go.

The diapers are also easy to put on your baby and the fact that they are adjustable enables them to fit growing babies of different sizes. When it comes to washing these diapers, the whole washing procedure isn’t intimidating at all but you need to take caution by following the washing directions to ensure you don’t spoil the diapers. For example, you need to pre-wash the diapers before using them in a specific way and always wash the diapers separately from the inserts, don’t wash the two together. And in case you’re wondering whether these diapers have any fit or quality issues, then you’ll be happy to know there aren’t any reported issues we could find so far.

That being said, the SoftBums one size cloth diaper is an excellent choice to consider plus the wet bag that’s freely included provides for those convenient diapering on-the-go.

6.20 Pack Pocket Cloth Diapers with 40 Inserts

20 pack cloth diapers

When compared to other more expensive cloth diapers, these 20 pack pocket cloth diapers are more durable and their absorbency is just impressive. The diapers consist of a soft and breathable microfiber with anti-leak 3D leak prevention channel. The few parents who have bought these cloth diapers have stated that these diapers are excellent at soaking things up and the absorbency is simply amazing. The quality and durability of these cloth diapers is also something most parents are happy with saying they have been using these for more than one and a half years yet they are still holding up really well. There are no leaks or any smells experienced with these diapers and even if you subject them to a lot of washing the quality still remains the same.

In order to fit comfortably on babies of different sizes, the diapers can be adjusted with the use of snaps to accommodate the size of the baby. It is also recommended to use these diapers on babies whose weight range from 6.5 pounds to 28 pounds and the fact that they come with two inserts means you won’t need to bother with prefolds or snappies.

The only con we could find about these 20 pack pocket cloth diapers is that some parents find them to be a little bulkier than they would like them to be. However, this is something that depends on the taste of the parent since what one finds to be bulky might not be the case for another. With that said, there is almost nothing to complain about as much as these cloth diapers are concerned.

All in all, these are a great pack of cloth diapers that will surprise you with their absorbent ability, quality and more importantly durability. The microfiber used on these also makes them very soft and breathable for the baby to stay comfortable all day long.

7.Babygoal U Pick Baby Pocket Cloth Diapers

babygoal u pick diapers

When you consider the price together with the 12 pieces of diapers and 12 pieces of charcoal bamboo inserts that come included in the pack, this is one heck of a deal you’re getting from Babygoal U Pick Baby. As expected from any cloth diaper, absorbency and breathability is very important and the Babygoal reusable pocket cloth diapers don’t disappoint in this regards. Each cloth diaper has two layers: the outer layer is a waterproof and breathable PUL while the inner layer is a suede cloth that wicks moisture away from the baby’s bottom leaving him/her feeling dry and comfortable the whole day. Parents will also like the bottom three rows of snaps that can be adjusted to fit a small (8-15 lb), medium (12-25 lb) and large (20-35 lb) baby or child. This offers parents the convenience of adjusting the diaper size as the baby grows thus making these diapers one size style diapers from birth to potty training age.

These pocket diapers are also easy to use and whenever the baby messes on them, parents would be happy to know that they are machine-washable and dryer safe. The 12 pieces of charcoal bamboo inserts included in the pack will be more than sufficient even for those parents who need some extra absorbency. It’s also important to mention here that these diapers may leak once every few days especially if the inserts are fully saturated with pee. But parents still say that these are much better at containing leaks when compared to other cloth diapers that leak every day.

So there’s a lot to like about these pocket cloth diapers from Babygoal U Pick Baby and considering all the important essentials for diapering that come featured in the pack for such an affordable price, this is an absolute steal. So parents can confidently grab these cloth diapers knowing they are getting a good value for their money.

8.Thirsties Package Snap Newborn All In One

thirsties package

If you’re looking for an all in one cloth diaper pack that’s been designed with the needs and comfort of your baby in mind, then the thirsties all in one package would be a great choice to consider. The package comes with 5 newborn all in one diapers: 3 whimsical nature-inspired prints and 2 solid diapers. We like how this trim-fitting diaper features an umbilical cord snap down ( but it’s only available in the snap closure version) and an adjustable rise that provides a custom fit for most babies who weigh from 5 – 14 pounds. When it comes to absorbency, the diaper features an in-built three-layer microfiber terry soaker that absorbs up to seven times its weight in liquid plus this soaker is topped with a stay-dry microfleece that keeps the baby feeling dry during the day.

These diapers also line dry very quickly after washing them and this is because the soaker has been sewn at the top of the diaper thus tremendously decreasing drying up times while still making the addition of extra absorbent layers a cinch. Apart from the quick drying up time, they are also super soft on your baby’s bottom to ensure your baby doesn’t get any rashes or irritation plus the design is simply adorable.

However, it’s important to note that these cloth diapers do leak and are therefore not the best option if your baby is a super heavy wetter. Some parents find this to be true despite the fit being a little tight around the legs. But despite the leakages, parents say that these cloth diapers fit their babies perfectly when compared to other brands and this is thanks to the many snaps that makes it easy to find the right fit on your baby.

All in all, the thirsties all in one package are great diapers for newborns with a great overall fit and a pretty quick air drying time that makes them convenient for everyday use.

9.Baby Cloth Pocket Diapers 7 Pack

baby cloth diapers

If you’re looking for cloth diapers that are both environmentally conscious and budget friendly then the Baby Cloth Pocket Diapers would be a great option to consider. Just like the other cloth diapers on this list, these are also soft and absorbent to keep your baby’s bottom dry and comfortable. In addition, these absorbent inserts are made with eco-friendly 4-layer bamboo polyester or microfiber that makes it get softer and more absorbent with each and every wash and this adds to the durability of these cloth diapers.

The array of easily adjustable sizing snaps that come with each diaper enables parents to get just the right fit for their baby while still being able to be adjusted to accommodate babies who weigh from 10 to 33 pounds in weight. One handy feature that’s been freely included with the purchase is the wet/dry bag that’s very convenient for diapering on-the-go. This wet/dry bag has an outside pocket for keeping fresh, dry diapers while the soiled and wet diapers are stored in a zippered, waterproof main compartment thus making this tote bag effective in containing bad odors. These diapers also come with beautiful unisex designs that are perfect for both boys and girls thus making them a great baby registry gift for baby shower.

When it comes to containing leaks, these do the job well but some parents still complain that they’ve experienced some leaks with these cloth diapers. But this shouldn’t be the main decision factor as to whether to buy these diapers or not since leakage is a problem that’s common with nearly all diapers. They might be holding things up well at first but later on may start to leak as they start to lose quality.

With that said, these Baby Cloth pocket diapers should be able to keep your wetting baby dry and comfortable for as long as they last and are still a great option for those parents who are on a budget.

10.10 Pack Pocket Cloth Diapers with 20 Inserts

10 pack cloth diapers

These 10 pack pocket cloth diapers are the cheaper alternatives to the 20 pack pocket diapers reviewed above but the features you get from both are just the same. The only features that differentiate these from the 20 pack diapers is the reduced number of diapers from 20 to 10 and the inserts are also reduced down from 40 to 20 inserts. With that said, the fact that these are nearly two times cheaper than the 20 pack diapers makes them a great and attractive choice considering what you’re getting in the package.

When compared to other brands like Bum genius, these are less bulky and this is something that most parents are happy with. If you want to prevent any leaks, you can put prefolds in them as inserts and even though they come with 2 microfiber inserts, some parents find these microfiber inserts to be inconvenient for babies who are heavy wetters. They also fit perfectly well on babies with skinny legs and this helps a lot in containing leakages. The microfiber material used to build these diapers is soft and breathable thus making them irritation free and very comfortable on the baby’s bottom.

With this in mind, we can confidently recommend parents to grab these cloth diapers since they are super soft, comfortable and come with one of the cutest prints on any cloth diaper.

Cloth Diapers Buyer’s Guide

What’s a cloth diaper?

A cloth diaper is a piece of cloth made from polyester or bamboo microfiber that is wrapped around a baby’s crotch in order to contain leaks from urine and poop. When it gets messed up or soiled from the baby’s poop, it can be easily machine washed and air dried to be reused again.

Benefits of cloth diapers

Discussed below are some of the important benefits of using cloth diapers:

Reusable – unlike disposable diapers which can only be used once and then disposed off in a diaper pail from where they’re finally sent to the land fill, cloth diapers on the other hand can be washed when dirty and reused over and over again. This makes cloth diapers to be more environmentally friendly.

Healthier – when compared to disposable diapers, cloth diapers are much healthier since they come with natural unbleached varieties unlike the disposable diapers which are full of harmful chemicals. Even those disposables that are considered to be eco-friendly still contain sodium polacrylate which is a substance that was banned from being used on diapers because it has been linked to Toxic Shock Syndrome.

Effective – the latest designs of cloth diapers are built with the baby’s comfort in mind and are soft enough to prevent the baby from getting rashes or irritation thus proving to be even more effective than disposable diapers.

Economical – over the long term, cloth diapers tend to be more cost economical than disposable diapers. Even though the initial upfront cost of cloth diapers is a bit more, this cost becomes spread out due to the continued use of them. They may have the added cost of washing but they still trump even the cheapest of disposable diapers. Don’t forget that you can save cloth diapers for future use on newborn babies.

How many cloth diapers does your baby need?

The answer to this question depends on how often your baby poops or urinates in a day. If your baby poops 5 – 9 times a day, then about 24 cloth diapers would be sufficient to cater to your washing schedule and the baby’s diaper changing needs. However, if you can buy more than 30 cloth diapers, then the better for you since you can take a break from washing them each and every day.

What are the cons of using cloth diapers?

Even though cloth diapers do come with important benefits that have been discussed above, it’s wise to note that cloth diapers are not meant for every one since every baby and parent is different. Discussed below are some of the problems that will make cloth diapers unsuitable for you especially if these problems are a burden to you as a parent:

Shortage of diapers – this can happen when a parent doesn’t have a steady washing routine in place or if the cloth diapers are too few to allow for convenient and efficient diaper changing routines. In this situation, it is possible to run out of cloth diapers and this can be a disaster for the baby in terms of health and comfort. To avoid this problem from appearing in the first place, you need to ensure you have more than adequate cloth diapers before the baby arrives and also create a washing schedule and stick to it.

More work – unlike disposable diapers which don’t require any maintenance since they are automatically sent to the land fill after a single use, cloth diapers on the other hand need to be washed frequently in order to be reused again.

Poop handling – if you opt for cloth diapers, then you’ll have to deal with poop each and every day and may even touch the poop at times when changing your baby. This is a common complaint amongst new mothers but parents usually become used to their baby’s poop and urine with time.

Types of cloth diapers

Flat cloth diapers – these are usually square in shape and consist of a single layer of fabric with equal thickness across the whole entire cloth. These do come with the benefits of being cheap and being able to fit on babies with unusual body shapes. As for the cons, they require some practice in order to fold them correctly and they also need diaper covers to effectively hold the wetness in.

Prefold cloth diapers – these are the modern versions of the flat cloth diapers and consist of layered fabrics that have been stitched in place. When compared to the flat cloth diapers, these are more absorbent and very versatile since they can be folded in different ways to fit on your baby’s bottom. They also require diaper covers in order to contain the wetness in. The pros and cons of prefolds are just the same as those of the flat cloth diapers.

Contour Cloth Diapers – these are different from prefolds and flat cloth diapers in the sense that they don’t need to be folded but instead they are wrapped around the baby’s bottom and held in place by a pin or built in snaps. These features make them incredibly easy and appealing to use on newborns. Their pros include: being easy to obtain custom fits and the ability of trimming through the crotch thus providing extra adjustability in the rise. As for the cons, they still require diaper covers to contain wetness in place and learning where to set the rise takes some practice and time.

Fitted Cloth Diapers – just like the contour diapers, fitted diapers also take an hourglass shape. They have elastic around the legs and waist and are also held in place around the baby’s bottom by snaps or fasteners. These save lots of time when changing diapers since they are very easy to fit on your baby but tend to be somewhat bulky on your baby making your baby’s butt appear to be bigger than usual.

Pocket Cloth Diapers – these feature two layers with the outside layer being waterproof and the inside layer has a pocket opening for stuffing reusable absorbent inserts into it. This insert absorbs moisture from the baby’s urine or poop thus leaving the baby felling dry and comfortable. For extra absorbency, you can add more inserts into the pocket opening. These have some benefits such as being better at keeping a baby dry than other cloth diapers and not requiring diaper covers for containing wetness in place. As for the cons, they come with the added work of washing not just the diapers but also the inserts.

All-In-One Cloth Diapers – these have the absorbent insert sewn directly onto the diaper thus making the diaper wrap on your baby in one piece and when it comes to washing time, the entire diaper is washed in one piece with no fuss at all. They have the advantage of coming as a single solution with no extra parts needed but the absorbent insert that’s sewn onto the diaper increases the air drying up time.

Hybrid Cloth Diapers – these allow the diaper to be used by both disposable inserts and washable cloth inserts thus offering the convenience of a disposable diaper together with the reusability of cloth diapers. These are very portable while the removable inserts decreases the dying up time of the diaper after being washed. However, you will incur the extra cost of the removable inserts sold separately.

Swim Cloth Diapers – these are best suited for swimming or when the baby is playing in water. They are good in preventing accidents both in and around the water environment. When the baby poops when in the water, these will prevent the poop from rising to the water’s surface thus disrupting the whole swimming experience. When choosing a swim diaper, ensure you go for those with buttons and snaps.

What to look out for in a cloth diaper

There are a number of factors to consider when you’re out there looking to buy or choose a cloth diaper for your baby. Babies come with different needs and what works for one baby may not necessarily work for another. With this in mind, it’s important to know the features that will make a great cloth diaper for your baby’s needs. Discussed below are some of the important features to consider:

The material – latest cloth diapers do come with different materials such as bamboo, cotton, polyester, wool and even hemp. Basically when choosing a material, you want to ensure that the material is super soft on your baby’s bottom thus making it irritation free and is excellent at absorbing moisture from the baby’s waste leaving the inside of the diaper feeling as dry as possible. Also the breathability and durability of the material is important since the durability of each material is different and so is the ability of the material to enhance good air circulation around your baby’s bottom.

The fit – how the cloth diaper fits your baby as he/she grows is of paramount importance and for this reason, the diaper should be adjustable so as to accommodate the growth of your baby. A proper fit should not just be comfortable but should be able to contain your baby’s poop or urine to prevent leaks.

Type of diapering system – this is also an important factor to consider since each type of diapering system comes with its own pros and cons. The type of diaper system you choose will determine how fast the diaper dries up after being washed, the convenience of portability or on-the-go diapering and the ability to absorb and contain your baby’s mess. However, you need to experiment with all types so as to find the one that suits the situation of both you and your baby perfectly.


As we conclude our detailed guide on the best cloth diapers, it’s important to point out that not all parents are comfortable with cloth diapers and so they opt for disposable diapers since they don’t require any maintenance through frequent washing and air drying. This helps to save lots of time especially for those parents who are working full time and don’t have enough time to change the baby during the day.

However, for those parents who care even the slightest about the environment, they would find the cloth diapers more cost effective and resourceful in the long run. With this in mind, it’s important to know which type of cloth diaper works perfect for your baby and that’s why we’ve created a top 10 list to help parents choose the right diaper for their baby’s needs. Each of the diaper reviewed in our list should be able to keep your baby dry, comfortable and free from any irritation or rashes.

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