Best Safest Mini Trampolines For Kids 2024

Product NamePrice
1.Skywalker Trampolines’ 12-Foot Jump ‘N Dunk Trampoline Check Price on Amazon
2.ORCC 15- 14- 12- and 10-Foot Kids’ Trampolines Check Price on Amazon
3.Clevr 7-Foot Kids’ Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Net Check Price on Amazon
4. Merax 15-Foot Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Net Check Price on Amazon
5.Lovely Snail Trampoline with Basketball Hoop Check Price on Amazon
6.Fashionsport OUTFITTERS Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Check Price on Amazon
7. Sportspower My First Trampoline Check Price on Amazon
8. Skywalker Trampolines’ Mini Trampoline with Enclosure Net Check Price on Amazon

A good trampoline should be able to keep your kids entertained without sacrificing safety, sturdiness, and durability. With this in mind, we’ve created a detailed guide that’ll help you to easily choose and buy the best safest mini trampolines for kids in 2024.

Keep in mind that the features most parents look for in a trampoline may not necessarily be the features that kids or children want in a trampoline. So before purchasing a trampoline for your kids, it’s important you first consult your kids on the type of trampoline they want and the features they want in a trampoline.

By doing this, you’ll be able to choose a trampoline that meets most if not all of your children’s needs. Your kids will also be happy playing on the trampoline and it won’t feel as if it was a waste of your money. Just in case you don’t know the features to look for in a trampoline, then just below the reviews is a detailed buying guide that’ll help and guide you on the purchasing process.

With that said, the 8 trampolines reviewed below are the ones we recommend you get for your playful kids. They are all very safe for your kids to play on and also sturdy, reliable, and durable to last long enough. Here they are!

Best Safest Mini Trampolines For Kids 2024

1. Skywalker Trampolines’ 12-Foot Jump ‘N Dunk Trampoline

Made by Skywalker Trampolines, this 12-foot trampoline and enclosure net comes with a basketball goal and is made to both jump around and play basketball on, making it a very versatile toy for kids and adults alike. It is available in different colors such as red and green and it uses top-notch technological advances to ensure that everyone who uses it is safe at all times. It even has nearly 100 6.5-inch-long rust-resistant steel springs along the outside for extra safety as well as foam-padded poles for stability and a clip closure system to make it super safe.

Jump Around or Play Basketball: It’s up to You

This jump ‘n dunk trampoline is very versatile and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. If you’re looking for something to get you moving so that you can enjoy some fresh air and exercise, this trampoline is for you. The sturdy polyethylene netting is tightly woven so that fingers can’t get through it and get hurt and the enclosed hoop and basketball are made out of soft materials for even safer play. With a weight limit of roughly 300 to 400 pounds, you can easily fit up to five people or even more children on the trampoline because it is sturdy and built to last.

Easy to Get Started and to Enjoy

Whether you install the trampoline yourself or get someone to help you, the process is simple and fast, which means that you’ll be enjoying your new trampoline before you know it. The easy-to-understand instructions are even easy for people who aren’t mechanically inclined so you and your family will be enjoying the trampoline soon after you receive it. This is a large, sturdy trampoline that is both reasonably priced and very easy to enjoy and its many added safety features ensure that you’ll be able to enjoy it for many years to come.

Looking for the right trampoline doesn’t have to be a complex process because you can stop your search once you get to this one. The Skywalker Trampolines’ great invention can satisfy everyone who loves getting exercise by jumping up and down on a trampoline, including people from 4 to 94. The basketball game is an added perk to the toy and because it is made to be just as safe as it is a lot of fun to use, this is one product that you can purchase with confidence every time.

2. ORCC 15- 14- 12- and 10-Foot Kids’ Trampolines

With a heavy-duty steel frame that is thick and rust-resistant, the ORCC kids’ trampoline comes in various sizes and is TUV-certified, which means that it has met strict regulations when it comes to the chemical composition of the material and the design of the structure itself. It also means that it offers top-notch safety for children, which is perhaps its greatest advantage of all. The 15-foot model has 108 springs, which is much more than other trampolines this size and means that it is more comfortable, sturdier, and safer than other models as well.

The Features You Deserve for Your Family

The ORCC kids’ trampoline has numerous important features that include heavy-gauge galvanized springs for excellent bounce, an extra-thick pad for both comfort and safety, a polypropylene mat that is UV-resistant and is extra strong and durable, and enclosure poles that are padded with foam so that children won’t be hurt if they accidentally bump up against them. Let’s face it; all families deserve to have a trampoline that fully protects their children from harm and this is one product that is comfortable, safe, and enjoyable all at the same time. You can also put together the trampoline without any drilling and the package comes with accessories such as a steel ladder, rain cover, U-shaped wind stake, and top-notch safety enclosure.

When You Expect the Very Best

A high-quality, sturdy kids’ trampoline isn’t as difficult to find as you might think. The ORCC trampolines range from 10 to 15 feet in size and can therefore accommodate children of any age or size. Easy to put together and built to last, this is one trampoline that you can count on to provide your family with a lot of enjoyment for many years to come. Even under difficult circumstances such as extreme weather conditions or storms, the trampoline is sturdy and will experience very little damage to the jumping surface or the netting, making it a very smart purchase every time.

If you’re looking for a long-lasting kids’ trampoline, look no further because this is it. The ORCC trampoline is made with high-quality materials and parts and is super simple to put together. It looks great and provides you with the perfect safety netting that can protect children of all ages and sizes from harm. It is also made by a company that emphasizes great customer service so if you ever have any problems or questions with your trampoline, they will be close by to help you.

3. Clevr 7-Foot Kids’ Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Net

Made in bright colors such as blue and green or blue and orange, the Clevr seven-foot kids’ trampoline is made for indoor or outdoor areas and has a heavy-duty frame that guarantees its longevity. Because of its features, the trampoline will never tip over and will always be safe for your children. It even has heavy-duty galvanized springs so the trampoline will last a very long time. The Clevr kids’ trampoline has padding that is both waterproof and safe for your kids. The company even includes pictures of all of the items that it comes with on the box so that you can more easily put it together on your own.

Making it Easy on Yourself

When you purchase a kids’ trampoline, you want the installation to be simple and fast and the Clevr kids’ trampoline is quick and easy to put together, meaning that your children can be enjoying it shortly after you receive it. You can even put it in the playroom in your home, saving you a lot of anguish and anxiety on those days when it’s raining and your kids are unable to play outside. Even when used daily, the trampoline is made to last for a very long time, providing you with the peace of mind that you deserve.

Made for Kids of All Ages

Even if you have toddlers, they can easily get on and off of this trampoline because it is low to the ground. You can even set it up on indoor carpet without it negatively affecting the way it bounces up and down. In fact, this is a very high-quality trampoline that you can let your children play on for hours at a time without worrying about their safety. Kids of all ages never get tired of playing on it and you’ll feel better knowing that they are safe the entire time. The trampoline even has springs that are completely covered with protective cushioned liners for extra safety, giving you one less thing to worry about as your children play.

The Clevr kids’ trampoline is about as good as it gets so when you’re looking for a great trampoline that is the perfect size for kids of all ages, this one is it. It has an eye-catching look that kids love and many safety features that all parents appreciate, making it the perfect kids’ trampoline for families of all sizes and kids of all ages.

4. Merax 15-Foot Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Net

The Merax 15-foot trampoline includes a safety enclosure net as well as a basketball goal for a lot of extra fun. Sturdily built and made to last, this trampoline comes in an attractive blue color and has a total of six W-shaped legs to add even more stability to the structure. Its galvanized steel construction makes it a super-safe trampoline to own and play on year after year. The poles are padded for extra comfort and safety and the steel ladder makes it simple to get on and off of the trampoline at all times.

Made for All Weather Conditions

If you live in an area that is more than a little humid or one that experiences a lot of rain, do not worry because the Merax 15-foot trampoline can withstand even extreme weather conditions as it is rust-proof and strong. It is the perfect toy to keep children active and healthy regardless of their age. The protective netting is high enough to keep both children safe while jumping and the basketball from falling into the yard. It can be used on a daily basis and still be around for many years to come.

If you choose not to use the basketball goal, you can simply remove it and use the toy as you would any other trampoline so this is a very versatile product that can be used in more than one way. It also holds up to nearly 400 pounds; therefore, it can accommodate both children and adults at any time.

A Great Value for the Money

The Merax trampoline is a high-quality trampoline that is well worth the money that you spend on it and it takes practically no time to put together and assemble. It also comes with everything that you need to install it. The process is simple even if you aren’t the most mechanically inclined person around. If you’re looking for something to keep your children active and healthy but don’t want to spend a lot of money, this trampoline is well worth considering. It won’t let you down because it is built well and designed to keep around for many years.

Buying the perfect kids’ trampoline doesn’t have to be difficult because this trampoline is easy to put together, easy to use, and extremely safe for children of all ages. It is the perfect addition to any home that has children living there and it is a purchase that you will never regret making.

5. Lovely Snail Trampoline with Basketball Hoop

Made by Lovely Snail, this trampoline comes complete with a basketball hoop for extra fun and a bright green color that is sure to catch your child’s attention immediately. It is made for smaller children and can accommodate up to 220 pounds of weight. You can use it either indoors or outdoors. Since it only has a five-foot diameter, it is specifically made for smaller children but your toddlers and school-aged children are guaranteed to love it and will likely spend hours at a time jumping up and down on it.

Perfect for Young and Active Children

If it’s raining outside or you need an activity that allows your young kids to expend some bottled-up energy, a trampoline is the perfect toy to have. Because this one can accommodate your children whether it’s in your yard or in your playroom, it is a very versatile structure that not only lasts a very long time but also promises to be a lot of fun for your children every time that they play on it. It is even good for special-needs children such as those with autism or others who benefit from participating in a lot of motion-based activities.

Active Kids Are Healthier Kids

All parents want their children to be healthy and letting them jump up and down on a trampoline is fun for them, which means that they’ll barely notice that they’re getting the exercise they need. Even inactive children find trampolines a lot of fun to play on and most kids will spend hours playing if you let them. This is a safe, high-quality trampoline built to last and to enjoy for many years and it provides a lot of great value for the money that you’ll spend on it. It is also very fast and easy to assemble, in part because the instructions are so easy for everyone to understand.

If you’re looking for a well-built but reasonably priced trampoline for your very young children, the Lovely Snail trampoline is definitely one to consider. You’ll love its many safety features and your children will love its bright colors and its ease of use. Its five-foot diameter is the perfect size for your toddlers and schoolchildren. They can play not only basketball while jumping on it but also other kids’ games such as certain board games and more, making it a very versatile toy indeed.

6. Fashionsport OUTFITTERS Trampoline with Safety Enclosure

The Fashionsport OUTFITTERS kids’ trampoline is the perfect size at five feet in diameter and its bright yellow and green colors are certain to catch your children’s attention every time. It has three well-built legs for extra stability and the safety enclosure ensures that your child doesn’t fall or become injured while playing on the trampoline. It is easy to install and comes with everything that you need to put it together. You can use it both indoors and outdoors depending on your own personal tastes and preferences.

A Useful Addition to Your Playroom

Trampolines offer a wide variety of advantages for children of all ages, including improvement of fine motor skills, muscle development and coordination, better flexibility and balance, an easier way to get the exercise they need, and even mental stimulation. They are especially good for children with ADHD or even autism and the best part is that they will play on it for hours at a time, enabling them to relax and sleep much better night after night. The Fashionsport OUTFITTERS five-foot trampoline is well made and extremely safe so your children can play on it as long as they like without you worrying about their safety or any injury issues.

In addition, the safety enclosure net is made strong yet comfortable so even if kids accidentally fall against it, they won’t get hurt or fall off of the trampoline. If it’s a rainy day, your kids can stay inside and still get the exercise they need so the trampoline is both functional and attractive, not to mention a great complement to your home or outdoor area.

A Fun and Worthwhile Experience

A good trampoline such as this one is a true asset to any home with children in it because they can get the exercise they need without even realizing that they’re doing something that’s good for them. If you read real customer reviews of various trampolines, the Fashionsport OUTFITTERS trampoline always has great ones, giving you yet another reason to try this type of trampoline. It is a great value for the money that you’ll spend and it is made by a company that promises great customer service whenever you need them, giving you great peace of mind every time. When you want a fully functional and safe children’s trampoline but you don’t want to spend a lot of money on it, this is the perfect trampoline to consider.

7. Sportspower My First Trampoline

In a bright blue and green eye-catching design, the Sportspower My First Trampoline is guaranteed to get your child excited about playing on it, thanks to its high-quality construction and its fun features that are bound to please. The netting is UV-protected and the frame is made out of rust-resistant galvanized steel parts for extra support and stability. It has a maximum weight limit of 100 pounds and is therefore recommended only for children but it is a very safe trampoline and one they can play on for many years to come without injuring themselves or becoming bored with it.

Their First Experience Should Be a Good One

Introducing your child to a trampoline is better with a smaller trampoline and since this one has a very sturdy but smaller base, kids won’t be intimidated by it and will be anxious to try it as soon as they see it. This Sportspower trampoline is recommended for children ages three and up and its 84-inch-wide size makes it perfect for smaller jumpers. If you’re looking for something to encourage a healthy lifestyle for your kids, look no further than a trampoline. This toy teaches them how to improve their cardiovascular health without even realizing that this is what they’re doing because the only thing they’ll notice is how much fun they’re having while playing on it.

Your Kids Deserve to Be Healthy

A healthy child is a happy child and teaching your kids healthy habits early on is much easier than you think. With the right kids’ trampoline, they will be playing on it in no time and instantly improving their health. Since this trampoline is specifically made for very young children, they won’t be intimidated by it or fearful of hurting themselves on it, providing great peace of mind for both children and their parents every time.

The Sportspower kids’ trampoline is perfect because it doesn’t take up much room in your home, yet it is large enough for small children to jump on without fear of injuries. It is super easy to set up, has strong parts that allow it to last a very long time, and can be used by small children that weigh 100 pounds or less. It is easy to maneuver and can be taken apart and relocated with little effort. Its durability guarantees that you’ll be able to enjoy it for many years to come. It is simply the perfect complement to any child’s play area.

8. Skywalker Trampolines’ Mini Trampoline with Enclosure Net

A great mini trampoline with a 40-inch-diameter base, this Skywalker Trampolines’ structure is strong and built to last. It even comes with a cute, kid-friendly design on the base itself. Instead of springs, the company uses stretch bands so that tiny joints are better protected. It comes in numerous brightly colored designs that your kids will absolutely love. It is made for indoor use only and even comes with a bar that extends throughout the entire diameter of the net, which gives kids something to hold onto as they jump up and down on it.

Accommodating Small Children of Many Ages

The Skywalker Trampolines’ mini trampoline is made for children ages three to seven and has a weight limit of 100 pounds, which means that most kids will be accommodated by it. If they’ve never played on a trampoline before, this is the perfect one to get them used to it because it is comfortable and easy to maneuver. It is also very easy to put together and everything that you need to do this is included in the packaging. It is best for kids to jump on it one at a time but if you have two toddlers, they can usually jump on it at the same time, making it a toy that will be enjoyed by all small children.

Good for Developing a Sense of Balance

If children have never played on a trampoline or still don’t have a sense of balance, this is a great trampoline for them to try because the enclosure and bar make it easy for them to jump up and down on it without falling or becoming injured. It is also very reasonably priced, making it great for parents who aren’t sure if their children will continue to play with their trampoline. Skywalker Trampolines also makes trampolines in other sizes, accommodating older children and even adults as well as toddlers and schoolchildren.

Finding the perfect trampoline for your small children just got a lot easier and this one is getting rave reviews from all of its customers. It is a high-quality yet reasonably priced trampoline that is both fun to use and good for developing good health habits while children are still young. You also don’t have to worry about the trampoline toppling over at any point because it is a very well-made and sturdy toy, leaving you with no worries about your children’s safety as they play on it.

Buying Guide To Choosing A Safe Trampoline For Your Kids

When it comes to purchasing a trampoline for your children, there are quite a few things that you are going to want to think about first. Of course, you will want to make sure that the trampoline is safe to use, but you will also want to make sure that you have enough room for it and that it is something that you can get your money’s worth out of. You might not think about it all that much, but there are many different aspects to consider when you go hunting for a good-quality trampoline. However, when you put the time and effort into finding the important features to keep an eye on, you can rest assured knowing that the trampoline you settle on will be well worth your money.

What Are the Important Features?

It goes without saying that size and durability are definitely important features to look for in a trampoline. You also need to consider other aspects, such as the type of surface a trampoline does best on. After all, some surfaces don’t allow the trampoline to absorb the force, which can severely damage it in the long run. Additionally, you need to think about the construction materials as well. This includes what the safety nets are made of, what the enclosure entrance is like, the safety pads, the frame, and so on. All of these are important to consider when you are trying to make sure that your children are safe and sound while they play on their brand-new trampoline.

Something else that you will want to think about is how much weight the net of the trampoline can support. Whether you have multiple children or you are aiming for a trampoline that can pay itself off for years to come, you will want to make sure that it can adequately support the weight of your children. You might not think about it much, but the size of the trampoline also plays a large role in things. More often than not, the shape of the trampoline plays into the reaction force and making sure that your children are as safe as possible, although the shape does tie into the overall size of the trampoline as well.

Understanding How Shape Plays a Role

The shape of your trampoline is surprisingly important to think about. While part of it comes from making sure that your new trampoline looks good in your backyard, the size and shape of it will affect how well the surface absorbs impact and force when children are jumping on it. There are four main trampoline shapes: round, oval, square, and rectangle.

Round trampolines are, by far, some of the most common shapes out there. This means that you will have the most variety in choosing a good size as well. Round trampolines are also good to consider because the evenly spaced springs allow the reaction force to be distributed evenly around the perimeter, keeping your children closer to the center, away from potentially hurting themselves. However, you will want to keep in mind that because these trampolines direct people toward the middle, having more than one or two children on it at a time can become chaotic and even dangerous. This means that these trampolines are best suited to households with one, maybe two children.

Oval trampolines are quite similar to round ones in many regards. For one, they still keep the jumper aimed toward the middle section of the trampoline, but there is more space in the middle to spare. This prevents collisions from happening as much. These trampolines also tend to have a thicker, heavier frame, which means that they will be much safer for your children to use. Many people agree that oval trampolines are some of the safest out there, being a hybrid between rectangular and round trampolines. They are also good trampolines for families that have more than two children, or families who expect more guests to be using the trampoline on a regular basis. With that being said, there is not much size variation with these trampolines.

Square trampolines, as you might expect, are vastly different. Unlike the rounder trampolines, these don’t cause the jumper to gravitate toward the middle, which allows them to jump wherever they please and avoid collisions more easily. They are also much better for backyards that might be short on space, as they can fit into places much more easily, although you shouldn’t keep a trampoline too close to a wall or fence. Ultimately, these trampoline shapes are going to be the best for cramped yards and children who want to control where they jump while using the trampoline.

Finally, there are rectangular trampolines. These are some of the largest trampoline sizes out there, which is why you tend to see them in large trampoline parks. This size has been quite popular in the past, and it still remains popular to this day for the versatility in size that it offers. Whether you want a trampoline that barely goes past 10 feet in length or you want a massive trampoline just under 20 feet in length, you can rest assured knowing that a rectangular trampoline will come in that size. While you might need to be careful about making sure your children don’t jump into each other, these trampolines are also some of the sturdiest out there, which is important for many parents to note.

Understanding the Important Parts of the Trampoline

Just as the shape plays a massive role in determining which trampoline you might get, you will also want to think about some of the various aspects of your trampoline’s construction as well. For instance, thicker, heavier frames will ensure that your children do not topple the trampoline easily, but it can make storage and transport cumbersome and problematic.

Something that many parents might be concerned about is the safety nets. Not all trampolines have them, but the safest ones tend to. You will want to make sure that your trampoline’s safety nets are made from a durable material, such as polyethylene (PE), which is naturally resistant to dust, moisture, and most organic materials. This ensures that not only are your children safe while jumping but that the net itself will not wear down for a long, long time.

A material that you will want to avoid in safety nets is polypropylene (PP). Compared to PE, it is more rigid, which can be troublesome. Nets should have some elasticity to prevent hard injuries when your children are jumping into them. It also means that these nets are more prone to tears and breaks, which is something that you should never have to deal with when it comes to safety nets. If you see a tear in a polypropylene net, then you will need to replace it as soon as possible.

Another area you will want to think about is the enclosure’s entrance. This is where your children enter the trampoline to jump and play. If it is not properly sealed or is not high quality, a clumsy or rambunctious child could jump straight out of the trampoline when he or she doesn’t mean to. This can result in injuries that no parent wants to deal with. Ultimately, you will want to make sure that the enclosure entrance has reinforced stitching on the zipper track to strengthen it against the weight of a child.

Of course, you will also need to think about the jumping mat. After all, this is one of the main parts of the trampoline itself. Thankfully, most jumping mats are made from similar materials, so you don’t have to worry too much about scouring every store for a specific mat that is safer than others. The main things you will want to pay attention to are the number of stitches keeping the mat attached, the way it is sewn into the trampoline, and any labels to indicate quality. For example, you can expect a waterproof jumping mat to stand up to outdoor weather better than one that isn’t labeled as such. If you are debating a certain part of the trampoline to spend your money on, it should be on the jumping mat, since this is the part of the trampoline that gets the most wear, tear, and abuse out of it.

How Do You Buy a Trampoline?

More often than not, most sports stores and outdoor-centered stores are going to have trampolines for sale, and a variety of them at that. This will give you the best option to look at many different trampolines in person, allowing you to gauge and compare the quality of various ones you find. When it comes to prioritizing what is important in a trampoline, you should think about three things. You need to think about how much space you have in your backyard for the trampoline so that nothing is too cluttered and your children have ample room to jump around. You need to think about the shape of the trampoline so that you can make the most out of what you purchased, both in terms of size and safety. Lastly, you need to think about the overall safety of the trampoline, including the frame materials, the safety net, and the jumping mat.

Final Thoughts

Once you have your priorities down, you should begin your search for the best safest mini trampolines for kids that suit your kids’ needs. When your search has been narrowed down to a handful, you can then begin to think about secondary aspects, such as how easy it would be to move the trampoline, whether or not the trampoline looks good, and what your budget allows. If you still have more than a few choices left after this, you can begin thinking about what your children might personally like, such as design, color, and patterns on the trampoline. Before you know it, you will have the perfect trampoline for your children to enjoy.

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