How To Assemble a Sleep Number Bed


Getting a good night of sleep is something that you should never take for granted. When you sleep well, you feel a certain sense of energy that allows you to tackle your work day. You need this energy in order to be as successful as you’d like to be. To ensure that you always get a good night of sleep, it’s a good idea to make sure that your bed is up to snuff.

Many people have trouble sleeping at night because of poor-quality mattresses. When you use those old coil mattresses, you’re bound to have certain spots on your bed be less comfortable than others. You’re unlikely to get the amount of support you need for your back, either. This can lead to soreness as well as lots of nights where you toss and turn instead of truly sleeping.

One way that people have been changing their lives for the better is through buying a sleep number bed. This bed is fantastic and allows you to adjust the firmness level of the mattress on the fly. It’s perfect for couples who have different preferences on how firm a mattress should be. Purchasing one of these beds can really allow you to sleep much more soundly at night.

If you’ve just purchased a sleep number bed yourself, you may feel a bit intimidated about assembling it. Don’t worry about the process too much because there are several tips you can make use of to make the assembly much easier. Take a look at all of the information available to you before you start putting it together. You’ll be sure to have a simpler time and won’t get frustrated at all.

Things to Know Ahead of Time

There are a couple of things that you should know about assembling these sleep number beds before you start. Firstly, you’re going to need a surge protector. Go ahead and buy one ahead of time for the best results. The surge protector will protect the firmness control system inside of the sleep number bed from being damaged due to power issues.

Also, this may seem obvious but you need to pick a spot for your new bed that is near an electrical outlet. If you don’t have an outlet near your usual sleeping spot, you will want to think about changing the position of your bed. Your new bed is going to need a power source in order to function properly. Once you’ve picked out the perfect spot, you’ll be ready to get started on assembly.

Start with the Modular Base

You should start the assembly process with the modular base. Identify all of the right pieces for the modular base and begin connecting them together. There will be pins that you need to insert into the side rails. Be careful not to lose these pins as they are essential for keeping the base together properly.

There are legs that you can attach to the base. These are completely optional and whether you will want to use them depends on how you’re going to set your bed up. If you’re going to use a standard bed frame to set the sleep number bed in, then you shouldn’t need these legs. Decide what you plan to do and then you will be able to figure out whether or not you need the legs.

You’ll move on to inserting the support and end beams. No matter what size the bed is that you’re assembling, the important thing to remember here is to keep the tabs pointed up. The support beams should slide right into the rail grooves without any issue. If everything has gone smoothly to this point, you’ll be ready to start with the firmness control system.

This firmness control part will need to be powered, of course. As mentioned earlier, it is ideal to have a surge protector to keep this important part safe from harm. This control module is supposed to be placed under the base right at the head of your new bed. Placement is important so make sure to situate it exactly as you’re supposed to.

The final step involves inserting the deck panels. This will be simple and shouldn’t give you any issues. You won’t need to force these deck panels into place as they should slide right in. They’re meant to fit tightly and it will be easy to tell that they’re in right.

Mattress Assembly

The final big step towards getting your sleep number bed up and ready is assembling the mattress. This looks intimidating at first but it really isn’t too bad. You just need to make sure that you’re following the instructions properly. Making use of a few tips should help you to avoid any pitfalls as well.

You can start by placing your mattress cover on top of the modular base you just assembled. Unzip the mattress cover because this is where you will be working to get the inner workings of the sleep number bed assembled properly. You need to put in the foam side walls and then the foam end walls.

Don’t be alarmed if it feels as though the foam walls aren’t fitting snugly just yet. This will be fixed as the assembly goes further. You need to place the air chamber inside now and it should fit in between the different foam walls. Attach the hoses to the corresponding parts of the firmness control system.

Attaching the different hoses may take a few minutes. You’ll want to make sure that all of the hoses are attached properly in order for the bed to function as it should. Take your time with this section as it is the most important part of the whole process. There should be good visual aids for you to help you make sure that the hoses are attached properly.

After you have done this, it’s time to put on the border wrap. This is nice and simple and it should extend over the air chambers. Zip up your mattress cover and the bed should be ready to use. You’ll want to power it on and off to ensure that the firmness control system is working properly.

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