Types Brands Of Hoverboards

Types Of Hoverboards

As hoverboards become more and more common, it makes sense that you need to complete research before buying a hoverboard so that you can be sure that you have chosen the right one for your needs and your use. While you need to make sure that you pay attention to the size of the hoverboard that you are going to buy so that you can be sure it will be easy for you to use, you also need to consider any additional features that you are interested in, as these will play a huge role in how enjoyable you find your new hoverboard, as well as how much use you get out of it.

Scooters that are Self-Balancing

When most people think of the word “hoverboard,” what they are actually picturing are self-balancing scooters. These hoverboards have two wheels and highly advanced technology that allows them to self-balance without the user having to hold on to a handle the way they do when using a Segway.

While this type of hoverboard has become very popular in recent years, it is important that you consider the safety of the model that you choose, as earlier models had some serious safety concerns that made them dangerous to users. Because they had major battery problems, this type of self-balancing scooter or hoverboard was simply not able to operate for very long periods of time. Additionally, a failing battery would cause the technology in the scooter itself to fail, which put the user at risk. There have been major advancements in this type of hoverboard recently, making it a wonderful option for anyone who is interested in this type of technology.

One-Wheel Hoverboards

Unlike a two-wheel, self-balancing scooter or hoverboard, this type of hoverboard only has one wheel and makes the user feel like they are snowboarding, as it will roll and move side to side rather than forwards and backwards. This type of board is generally very easy to control and will decelerate and accelerate quickly, depending on how the person is leaning and whether or not they stand back up to stop leaning in a direction. When used correctly, this type of hoverboard can actually travel up to 15 mph.

The oversized motorized wheel in the middle of this type of hoverboard is generally very sturdy and can actually stand off-road travel without being damaged. Look for a model that can charge quickly and is able to travel long distances on a single charge so that you don’t have to wait between rides. Generally they can travel up to eight miles on a single charge and will recharge the battery from empty to full in under half an hour, making them a fast option for any thrill-seeker.

Real Hoverboards

This type of technology is still in its infancy, although there are some real hoverboards that are currently in testing. Instead of relying on wheels and a battery to help a person control the board and travel, a real hoverboard uses electromagnetic repulsion to not only lift up and off of the ground but also to propel through the air. There is another type of real hoverboard that is available, and this option relies on jet fuel for travel, making it a little more attainable in some ways, but only if you have a source for this type of fuel.

Unfortunately, real hoverboards are incredibly expensive, putting them out of reach of most people. As the technology improves, however, it is very likely that the price of a real hoverboard will slowly start to decrease, making them something that more and more people can afford. However, there are major safety concerns that are to be expected with a real hoverboard that can travel at almost 100 mph and high in the air.

Devices Similar to Hoverboards

There are other devices that you can easily buy that are similar to hoverboards, but don’t fall into any of the above categories. Some of the most popular designs have four wheels and are like a flat, small skateboard that will allow you to travel quickly, moving and turning as you adjust on the board and shift your body weight.

Features to Consider

If you are interested in buying a hoverboard, then you will also want to take into consideration various features that can improve your time spent on the board. Adults need to make sure that they choose hoverboards that have a longer board so that they can comfortably place both of their feet on it, while children can easily manage a board that is only around 6 inches.

Newer hoverboards have some features that make riding them a little bit more fun, such as LED lights that will light up the night when you are using your board and can even indicate how much battery power you have left before you need to charge. Other hoverboards have built-in speakers, which make it really easy for you to enjoy your own music or podcast on the go. While additional features are a lot of fun and can make riding your new hoverboard even more enjoyable, it’s important to remember that they will increase the overall cost of your new board, and you need to weigh that increase in cost against the enjoyability of the feature.

Buying a hoverboard can be a great way to get to and from work, spend time out on trails in nature, or just goof off with your friends, but it is important that you understand the different types of hoverboards so that you can buy the best one for your needs. When you know how each type differs from others on the market, then you will find that choosing the right hoverboard for your personal use is significantly easier and more fun than if you were not aware of how they differed. No matter what kind of hoverboard you choose, remember that technology is continuing to change and advance, and newer models are likely to be lighter, faster, and easier to control.


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