Best Baby Food Makers 2024 – Buyer’s Guide

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1.Beaba Babycook Pro 2X Check Price on Amazon
2.Baby Brezza Food Maker With Reusable Food Pouches Check Price on Amazon
3.Beaba Babycook 4 in 1 Steam Cooker and Blender Check Price on Amazon
4.Versatile Baby Food Maker Check Price on Amazon
5.Babymoov Nutribaby 5 in 1 Baby Food Maker Check Price on Amazon
6.Cuisinart BFM-1000 Baby Food Maker and Bottle Warmer Check Price on Amazon
7. Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Baby Care System Check Price on Amazon
8.Puree and Blend By Sage Spoonfuls Check Price on Amazon
9.Infantino Squeeze Station Check Price on Amazon

If you’re a parent who loves and enjoys making your own baby food at home, we’ve created a detailed guide of the best baby food makers 2024 to help you pick only the best baby food maker that will enable you to prepare your own delicious and nutritious homemade baby food more easily, quickly and conveniently.

We know there’s some debate as to whether parents should make their own baby food at home or buy pre-packed baby food from the stores and to be completely honest, the answer to these questions really depend on the parents tastes or preferences and the life situations on a day to day basis.

Another pressing question is whether you really need to buy a baby food maker if you’re used to making homemade baby food at home? Furthermore, what are the pros and cons of making your own homemade baby food verses buying pre-packed baby food?

If you’re undecided on which is the best option between the two, then you can check out our informative buyer’s guide to get all the answers to the above questions plus some more useful tips to consider when you’re looking to purchase a baby food maker. Additionally, you can check out our 9 best baby food makers which we’ve listed and reviewed below.

Best Baby Food Makers 2024

1.Beaba Babycook Pro 2X

baeba babycook pro 2x

First on our list of the best baby food makers is the beaba babycook pro 2X food maker. If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution to preparing fruits, vegetables, fish or meat for any stage baby and even toddler food ranging from purees to solids, then look no further than the beaba babycook pro 2X. It features a patented steam heating system that helps to produce healthy meals by preserving or locking in vitamins and nutrients plus the steam basket also separates food from steaming liquid. Thanks to the large capacity of the two cup bowls, parents can make over 9 cups or 18 servings of baby food at a time. With these two large cups, you can either prepare two times as much delicious baby meals in just 15 minutes or you can make sweet and salivating meals simultaneously just the way you like it. A multi-purpose mixing blade does a great job at providing just the right texture of the food produced. Any leftovers can simply be refrigerated and later on be defrosted or reheated right in the babycook.

To make the process of preparing different types of meals easy and hassle-free, it features a push button that enables parents to operate it with just one hand. Furthermore, there’s a timer with an audible alert that lets parents know the food is ready by automatically shutting off the machine and making a beeping sound. When the food maker is not in use, you can easily remove the power cord for easy storage and the fact that this food maker is built with materials that are free from BPA, lead and phthalate elements makes it safe and healthy to use.

The only drawback to this baby food maker is that it’s pricey and the blade housing is very cheaply made. We noticed that the blades tip whenever they encounter resistance from raw and uncooked foods. This as a result may cause the blades to scrape the plastic bowl thus producing plastic shavings which may accidentally mix with the baby’s food if you’re not careful.

With that said, the beaba babycook pro 2X should be at the top of any parents list as far as baby food makers are concerned. Though it’s pricey, it still manages to provide you with an all-in-one solution for preparing large servings of different types baby foods simultaneously at the simple press of a button.

2.Baby Brezza Food Maker With Reusable Food Pouches

baby brezza

The baby brezza food maker is great and perfect for parents who are looking to prepare quick meals or even single portions of meals ahead of time. It features a bowl that has 3 cup capacity which is great for cooking or preparing several portions of meals at once. What makes this baby food maker healthy is the one step process it provides during preparation of meals. This one step process enables you to steam and then automatically blend the food at the touch of a button and since this steaming and blending takes place in the same bowl, there’s no transfer or contamination of foods in the middle of the cooking process thus making the process very healthy and hygienic. To add more convenience to the food preparation process, it comes with 3 settings which are steam only, blend only or automatically blending after steaming so you can customize the process according to your needs or situation.

This baby food maker has also been designed with the ease of cleaning in mind. You can completely open the steam tank for easy filling and cleaning operations and the bowl together with the blade are also dishwasher safe. We also like the three reusable feeding and storage pouches that are included in the package. These 3 pouches make feeding your baby very easy and if there’s any food surplus, it can be stored in these pouches and refrigerated for future use. There’s also an easy-to-use funnel that makes the process of filling these pouches with food very easy and hassle-free.

As for the downsides, there aren’t any we could find as far as the baby brezza food maker is concerned. Most of the parents are very pleased with their purchase and they like this baby food maker because it’s easy to use, easy to clean, efficient and a great time saver for parents who are always busy or on-the-go.

3.Beaba Babycook 4 in 1 Steam Cooker and Blender

beaba babycook 4 in 1

This beaba babycook 4 in 1 steam cooker shares the same features that are found in the babycook pro 2X reviewed above. The only difference is that the babycook pro 2X is capable of simultaneous or multi-stage cooking, something that the babycook 4 in 1 cooker can’t do. As a 4 in 1 food maker, it is capable of preparing baby food in four different methods which are steaming, blending, reheating and defrosting simply at the press of a button. For safety purposes, there’s an automatic shut-off function with a beeping alert to tell parents when the food is ready. The materials used to build this baby food maker are also free from harmful BPA, lead or phthalate substances thus making it even more safe.

Just like the babycook pro 2X, this babycook 4 in 1 steam cooker is also capable of making purees, soups, steamed vegetables, apple sauce and more variety of meals not just for the baby but also for the rest of the family in less than 15 minutes. In addition to this, the large 4.7 cup bowl is enough to produce more than 18 servings of baby food at a time thus making it a great time-saver. The whole machine is also easy to clean thanks to the dishwasher safe parts plus the removable cord or cable can be easily stored when the food maker isn’t being used. A recipe booklet, a mixing lid and spatula are also some of the additional accessories that come with this great baby food maker.

With that said, the babycook 4 in 1 steam cooker comes as a cheaper and affordable alternative while still providing all the important features found in the more expensive babycook pro 2X and so if your purchasing decision between these two baby food makers is strictly based on performance and price only, then the beaba babycook 4 in 1 steam cooker is the clear winner hands down.

4.Versatile Baby Food Maker

versatile baby food maker

This is also a great baby food maker that’s designed as an innovative all-in-one appliance capable of steaming, blending, warming and reheating in the same bowl thus making it healthy and hygienic. With the ease-of-use in mind, it features a large LCD display, digital controls, built-in timer and temperature-controlled heating system, all of which combine to make this machine a breeze to use and operate. We really like the dual flavor baskets that provide for simultaneous dual steaming to enable parents to steam two different foods concurrently while still preserving the individual flavors of each food. In order to help preserve nutrients, vitamins and flavors, the steam is produced using regular water just for this purpose.

We also like the massive water reservoir with a capacity of 10 fluid ounces. The powerful steam that’s produced inside this water tank is not only used for cooking and steaming your baby’s food, but it also effectively sterilizes all the bottles and pacifiers to ensure you feed your little baby with only safe and savory meals. With your baby’s growth in mind, the selectable blending modes will unleash your creativity and enable you to dial in the correct texture for the baby’s eating stage – starting from bottles to complete toddler meals so you can happily watch your children enjoying fresh, nutritious meals in various consistencies.

As for the cons, few parents complain that this baby food maker isn’t durable especially for the high price. It also takes up more counter space than your typical blender, but this shouldn’t be an issue considering the impressive array of capabilities that are packed into a single machine.

With that said, this versatile baby food maker is still a great option that’s loved by most parents because it is easy to use, super easy to clean, and has exceeded most, if not all of their expectations as far as baby food makers are concerned.

5.Babymoov Nutribaby 5 in 1 Baby Food Maker

babymoov nutribaby

As a 5-in-1 baby food maker, the babymoov nutribaby is capable of steaming, blending, warming, defrosting and sterilizing. This machine has one of the largest capacity as a food maker thanks to the two units that combine to make real food. The unique system that features 2 steamer baskets and a separate blender allows for various cooking time or periods to help preserve nutrients and the most salivating taste ever. Furthermore, the 2 separate steamer baskets allow for the cooking of ingredients separately so that parents can start with the foods that take longest to cook in the first basket, and then add the remaining ingredients in the second basket with only a few minutes to spare before the end of the cooking cycle.

Thanks to the larger capacity, you can prepare about 25 servings of fresh and nutritious meals for your baby within minutes and this is made possible by the 6 ¼ cup steaming bowl capacity together with the 2 ½ cup blender capacity. This means parents can cook more than enough food to last several days or feed multiple babies at once and this saves a lot of kitchen time which can instead be spent on their little babies. If you’re new to cooking baby food, there’s a recipe booklet and a Nutribaby app which will be of great help in guiding you to do real cooking for your baby.

The whole machine is also easy to use thanks to the LCD screen and audio alerts that inform parents when the meal is ready. The components used to build this baby food maker are also dishwasher safe thus making it easy to clean. Your baby’s health and safety has also been given top priority since the building materials are free from harmful BPA, lead or phthalate elements.

The only drawback this food maker has is the slightly big footprint it has that makes it occupy a good amount of counter space. The blender also needs some improvement in terms of quality and performance. But overall, this is a great baby food maker that continues to impress parents with its awesome performance, ease of use and lifetime warranty.

6.Cuisinart BFM-1000 Baby Food Maker and Bottle Warmer

cuisinart bfm-1000

If you’re a parent who’s looking for a baby food maker that will provide you with a fast and easy way of turning your preferred foods into healthy meals for your little baby, then the Cuisinart BFM-1000 baby food maker would be a commendable choice for you. Built and designed with health and hygienic standards in mind, it practically steams and purees delicious meals in the same bowl to prevent contamination caused by transfer of meals in the middle of cooking. A massive 4-cup work bowl will not only produce more than enough meals for your baby, but will also leave behind lots of leftovers which can be stored in the freezer for future use. We also like the built-in bottle warmer whose function is to heat the baby’s bottle to the right optimum temperature to help keep the meals warm at the perfect conditions without losing nutrients.

For steaming purposes, there’s a steam blade that creates even distribution of steam to prepare meals quickly and more efficiently. In addition to this, the work bowl has a tight seal that helps to prevent spitting while improving steaming at the same time. A powerful motor provides for precise chopping of food and quicker steaming time when preparing meals. The cutting blade features a patent-pending blade lock system which holds the blade in place when you’re pouring the meals out of the bowl. Other accessories that come included in the pack are recipe booklet, bottle adapter ring, spatula and an integrated measuring cup.

The main drawback to this baby food maker is the constant mold growths that occur inside the chamber. Few parents complain that they frequently clean and descale the machine but the issue of mold growth keeps repeating again and again.

All in all, the cuisinart BFM-1000 baby food maker is still a good option for those parents looking for a baby food maker that’s easy to use, has a small footprint but still produces great results when it comes to preparing delicious food for little babies.

7.Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Baby Care System

magic bullet

Considering all the helpful features that the magic bullet baby care system provides for such an affordable price, this is truly an unbeatable deal you’re getting from such an awesome baby food maker. In less than five minutes parents will be able to prepare healthy and nutritious baby food that can last for up to a week and this creates some more free time for the parent to spend with their little baby. In addition, there are up to 6 date-dial storage cups which can be easily stored and organized to allow parents to always have access to freshly prepared baby food anytime of the day. Any surplus foods can also be stored in the batch tray that’s flexible and easy to pop. Apart from the ability to make a variety of wholesome and delicious purees, you can also blend, grind, chop and mill most foods with this baby food maker from magic bullet. All this is made possible thanks to a powerful motor of 200 watts that enables this machine to perform any of the food preparation tasks with ease.

The bowl has a large capacity capable of producing 8 cups of fresh and salivating baby food. The parts that come included with this machine are also dishwasher safe to ensure you have an easy time when it comes to cleaning and caring for this food maker. For health and safety purposes, the plastic used to construct it is free from BPA and any harmful elements. Its compact dimensions of 4.25” diameter by 5.625” height makes it a good space saver on the kitchen’s counter plus its light weight characteristics (weighing only 1.5 lbs) makes it very easy to carry around. Other accessories that come with the pack include a spatula, 1 short cup, 1 stay fresh resealable lid and an informative user manual.

All in all, this is a good baby food maker for those parents who expect good performance from a cost-effective and flexible package.

8.Puree and Blend By Sage Spoonfuls

sage spoonfuls

This baby food maker consists of an immersion hand blender and a food processor that both combine to make baby food preparation easy and fun. Within seconds, parents can puree fresh, natural and nutritious baby food that’s enough to last for one month. Both the food processor and immersion blender are light in weight thus making them perfect for preparing your baby’s food when on-the-go or even at home. We really like the powerful but quiet motor that effortlessly rotates the stainless steel mixing blades so you can easily blend foods ranging from fruits, vegetables, poultry and even meat without any difficulty. What makes this baby food maker to be super convenient is the freedom it gives you to prepare either one serving or dozens of servings at a time just the way you want.

To make the whole system easy to use and clean, it comes with parts and components which are dishwasher safe and all these components are also free from harmful lead, BPA, or phthalate elements thus making it very safe and healthy at the same time. If you want to experiment with the different types of baby foods or meals, you can use the various recipes from the sage spoonful simple recipes together with the healthy meals and happy babies recipe book. Furthermore, the sage spoonfuls system can also be used to make smoothies, hummus, soups and many more foods if it survives well beyond your baby’s food years.

As for the drawbacks, there aren’t any major ones to complain about considering the kind of performance you’re going to get from such an affordable product. In fact, this baby food maker works really well for making protein shakes and it excels even more in making anything into purees. Most parents are happy with the purchase and they love the sage spoonfuls system for its ease of use, quality and performance.

9.Infantino Squeeze Station

infantino squeeze station

The infantino squeeze station is the number one best seller when it comes to baby food mills. With it, you can completely customize what you want your baby to eat and this as a result enables you to save money. It is built and designed for creating on-the-go baby food and toddler snacks in just 4 simple and easy steps. First, you need to insert the squeeze pouch into the squeeze station. Secondly, pour in your homemade puree or store bought foods into the pouch. Then press down to fill the puree in the pouch. Finally, give it to your child to squeeze and enjoy. If you’re short of time and want to make enough snacks for multiple babies, you can fill up to three pouches at once. These pouches will be held firmly in place by the soft non-slip rubber press that provides for an easy grip. This makes the infantino squeeze station perfect for preparing lunches for babies, toddlers and of course preschool children. To avoid making a mess while using the squeeze station, it has a non-skid base that prevents the whole station from sliding on the counter while you’re preparing your baby’s delicacies.

We like how the filling pouches are clear and transparent with labeling on the sides to enable parents see and measure the amount of puree they wish to squeeze through. The parts that come with the squeeze station are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and maintenance. In addition, the components can be nested together for easy storage when not in use. There are also 10 squeeze pouches included and each squeeze pouch can hold up to 4 ounces of homemade puree.

The only downside with this squeeze station is how messy it can get especially when you’re filling the pouches since the baby food sometimes squeezes out of the top creating a mess on the counter. But on the whole, this is a great product that’s very convenient and makes it easy to prepare homemade baby food on-the-go.

Baby Food Makers Buying Guide

Most parents nowadays prefer to make their own baby food because they not only enjoy it but a few of them are also a bit skeptic about what goes into the jars of the baby foods they buy from the stores or supermarkets. As we are all aware, the baby food parents buy from the stores might contain lots of added preservatives and unhealthy sugars that most parents wouldn’t want their little babies to ingest. For this reason, most parents opt to prepare the baby food on their own since they know exactly the healthiest ingredients to include in the food and they do this with the help of a good baby food maker. These baby food makers enable parents to prepare healthy and nutritious meals for the baby more quickly and easily. However, if you want to take the route of making your own baby food instead of buying it from the stores, then you need to know some of the advantages and disadvantages of preparing baby food at home.

Advantages of making your own baby food

Cost-effective – if you consider the fact that the average American baby consumes more than 600 jars of baby food, you can automatically see how store-bought baby food can turn out to be expensive in the long run. However, making your own baby food will enable you to save a lot of money since you only need to buy a good food maker and the ingredients which can produce enough food to last up to a month. This means there’s no need to buy baby food on a daily basis and thus saving you money.

You know exactly what you’re feeding your baby – store-bought baby food might contain preservatives, added sugars, and some nasty chemicals which when fed to your baby for a long time may pose health risks to the baby. However, if you make the baby food yourself, you can control what you want to go into the meals to ensure your baby only eats healthy and nutritious food always. You can even choose to go 100% organic if wish to.

More ingredients in the food – it’s very important that your baby feeds on well-balanced diets from the time he/she is born. The problem with store-bought baby foods is the limited choice of certain types of ingredients they contain. On the other hand, if you make your own baby food, you can add all the healthy ingredients you want since you’re not limited by anybody. You can even include your preferred choice of herbs and combinations to produce delicious food that your baby will enjoy eating.

The food is fresh – this is because you’re using ingredients that are 100% fresh at the peak of their ripeness. On the other hand, store-bought baby foods tend to sit on the store shelves for many months before being bought for consumption. This means by the time the jar is opened, the food has either become a bit stale or has lost some of the important nutrients needed for the baby’s growth and development.

Disadvantages of making your own baby food

It’s time-consuming – if you’re a working parent who’s always busy during the week, you can find yourself short of time to prepare your baby’s food at home. This is especially true since you can’t rush over the process of making baby food and you need to pay attention to what is going into the ingredients at the same time.

It’s less convenient for long travels – store-bought baby foods have preservatives in them to keep them fresh for long periods of time. However, homemade baby food can be a problem when you’re traveling because it needs to be refrigerated or consumed immediately since it tends to stale very quickly.

It might taste gross – if you’re not careful you might make a baby food that tastes gross and bitter simply because you messed with the wrong ingredients or you chose fruits and vegetables which are not yet fully ripe. Perhaps this is the main reason why store-bought baby foods are loaded up with extra sugar so as to eliminate some of the bitter tastes from the bitter ingredients.

Is it absolutely necessary to make homemade baby food?

It depends on your situation. If you’re a working parent who is always busy throughout the week, then it’s very likely you don’t have enough time to spend with your baby and this means no time for preparing homemade baby food. In this situation, the parent might find store-bought baby food to be more convenient and that’s perfectly understandable. However, if you’re a stay-at-home mom who has all the time to spend with her baby, then the best option is to prepare your own homemade baby food since it comes with some of the benefits listed above.

Do you really need a baby food maker?

Honestly speaking you don’t really need a baby food maker especially if you’ll be making your own baby food or you already have a food processor at home. However, if you truly want to prepare your own homemade purees just for your baby, then the convenience you’re going to get from an all-in-one baby food maker is something that can’t be overlooked. Newborn babies require all the time and attention necessary to feel loved and comforted and since making homemade baby food is a time-consuming process, a baby food maker might come to your rescue to help make this process far easier and quicker thus saving you precious time which you can instead use to tend to your baby. If you look at it in another way, the baby food maker is actually making the food preparation process easier and quicker (saving you lots of precious time) while still producing healthy and nutritious meals for your baby.

All-in-one machines versus manual food mills

There are two main types of baby food makers to choose from and these are the manual food mills versus the all-in-one machines. What’s the main difference between these two types? Well the only difference is that a manual food mill requires you to steam or roast the food yourself before any pureeing of the food is done. All-in-one machines on the other hand are designed to do everything for you and are therefore perfect for parents who want a hands free way of preparing their baby’s food at home. If you’ve decided to buy a baby food maker, then the all-in-one machine is the one we’d strongly recommend you buy if you want top performance. With that said, there are some pros and cons that come with the all-in-one machines. Some of the pros include the fact that there’s no need to pre-cook vegetables since the all-in-one machine will do it for you. In fact, you only need to wash, peel of the veggies and then put them into the machine along with some water to produce a ready-to-eat puree for your baby. This makes the all-in-one machine to be far more convenient and a great time-saver. As for the cons, all-in-one machines have larger footprints than manual mills and therefore not good in saving counter space. Secondly, they are tedious when it comes to cleaning up because of the many components that come into contact with food. Lastly, they are more expensive than manual food mills.

Important features to consider when choosing a baby food maker

Manual or electric – electric models are very easy to use, are much quicker and more efficient but these features make the electric models to be more expensive. Manual models on the other hand require some manual inputs or effort but tend to be less expensive than their electric counterparts.

Easy to clean – because you’ll be using the machine almost on a daily basis, you need to ensure the machine won’t give you a hard time when it comes to cleaning it. If you choose an all-in-one machine which comes with many components, then ensure all those parts are dishwasher safe so that you can quickly throw them into a dishwasher to be cleaned and this will definitely save you lots of time.

Safety of the materials – you need to ensure that the materials used to build the baby food maker are free from harmful elements such as BPA, lead and phthalates. This will give you the peace-of-mind you deserve as a parent knowing that your baby is eating food made from a safe and healthy machine.

Capacity – a food maker that comes with a big capacity will enable you to make more than enough food to last up to a week or even a month. The more food you prepare, the more servings your baby and family will get. Any surplus food can be refrigerated for future use. However, keep in mind that a baby food maker with large capacity will take up a good amount of your counter space.

Steaming capability – this is a very important feature simply because steaming foods provides an excellent way of preserving the healthy nutrients found in the food. In addition to preserving nutrients, steaming also helps to seal in or lock in the flavor thus producing meals that are delicious and taste great.

Price – if you’re tight on budget you can definitely go with an affordable baby food maker. Even cheaper alternatives can still do a great job especially if you manage to find a model that has all the helpful features you want at quite an affordable price. So you need to do you due diligence before jumping to buy the more expensive models since you can still find a cheaper model that performs really well.


As we wrap up this informative guide about the best baby food makers, it’s important to note that making your own homemade baby food is strongly recommended but not absolutely necessary. In fact, if you’re a busy parent who works full time then you can comfortably opt for store-bought baby food as that is more convenient for your situation.

But even if you’re a stay-at-home mom who enjoys making her own baby food at home, we would highly recommend you get yourself a great baby food maker if you want to make the whole process easier and quicker so as to save lots of time that you can instead use to tend to your little baby.

If you’re on the market looking to purchase a great baby food maker so you can easily make delicious baby food from the comfort of your home, then our list of the best baby food makers would help you pick only the best baby food maker that meets most of your needs especially in terms of performance, quality and price. NOTE: Thorough and careful research has been done to ensure we only recommend the best products in this listing.

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