Best Cribs 2024 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

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1.DaVinci Kalani 4-in-1 Convertible Crib Check Price on Amazon
2.Babyletto Modo 3-in-1 Convertible Crib Check Price on Amazon
3.Delta Children Canton 4-in-1 Crib Check Price on Amazon
4.DaVinci Jayden 4-in-1 Convertible Crib Check Price on Amazon
5.Delta Children Archer 4-in-1 Crib Check Price on Amazon
6.Stork Craft Tuscany 4-in-1 Convertible Crib Check Price on Amazon
7.DaVinci Jenny Lind 3-in-1 Convertible Crib Check Price on Amazon
8.Dream On Me Full Size 2 in 1 Folding Crib Check Price on Amazon
9.Graco Bryson 4-in-1 Convertible Crib Check Price on Amazon
10.Dream On Me Sophia Posh Round Crib Check Price on Amazon

Are you a parent who’s looking for the best cribs for 2024 to provide the safest and most comfortable sleeping place for your young infant or newborn baby? Then gladly check out our guide below to ensure you start on the right track to choosing the best crib that will satisfy your baby’s sleeping needs both in terms of comfort and safety.

If you don’t know what features to look out for in a crib, then jump directly to our informative buyer’s guide that’s full of important advice that covers every important aspect as far as cribs are concerned. For those parents who already know what they want or expect from a crib but are still anxious to find out the best cribs on the market today, then our most up to date reviews on the best cribs is the best starting place to finding that crib you’ve always been dreaming about.

Best Cribs 2024

1.DaVinci Kalani 4-in-1 Convertible Crib

davinci kalani

Starting our list of the best cribs is the davinci kalani 4-in-1 convertible crib. If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly crib that will see you baby grow from infant to teen age, then this particular crib would be a suitable choice for you.

Apart from being used as an infant bed, it can be easily converted to toddler bed, day bed and more importantly a full-size bed with a full-size bed conversion kit that’s sold separately. This gives it the flexibility and convenience of being converted to suit the different developmental stages as your baby grows. Parents also like the four adjustable mattress positions that make the job of putting a baby to sleep very easy since you can choose the perfect mattress position that’s suitable with your body height. It also comes with mattress springs that make it safe for bouncing babies to bounce on the bed without any risks or danger.

The crib is also easy and quick to assemble or disassemble even if you’re doing this without any harry, you can assemble it within minutes plus the assembly directions are very straight forward. Most parents are stunned at how beautiful this crib looks and the gorgeous espresso wood matches perfectly with any other espresso furniture you might have in your nursery.

When you lean on the bed, you can’t help but notice how strong and sturdy it is, feeling sturdier than a regular bed. Once you’ve finished assembling the bed, you’ll also notice how heavy it weighs if you try to lift or carry it. The sturdiness together with the heavy weight makes the crib feel durable enough to last through to the teen days of your baby.

As for the cons, we find the crib easily gets scratches and indents from buttons especially if you like leaning on it. It also doesn’t come with the rails for full-size bed conversion. There’s also a 3 drawer and 6 drawer dressers that are sold separately and this can set you back 400 dollars if not more if you want to complete the kalani collection.

The davinci kalani is thus a beautiful and sturdy crib built with 100% sustainable fine wood and finished in a non-toxic multi step painting that’s free from harmful lead and phthalate substances to ensure the safety and good health of your baby. Should you decide on buying this crib, you can be rest assured of getting great value for your money.

2.Babyletto Modo 3-in-1 Convertible Crib

babyletto modo

The babyletto modo 3-in-1 convertible crib is also built with sustainable new Zealand pine wood that’s finished in lead and phthalate safe substances to ensure it doesn’t pose any safety or health risks to babies and parents alike. Right out of the box it can be quickly and easily assembled within minutes since some of the parts like the side panels and base come when already pre-assembled. However, you should take care and be gentle when assembling this crib together. This is because the beautiful finish can get scratched or indented easily even with cloth buttons or zippers. Its dimensions of 57x34x6 inches makes it compact and therefore a space saver in your nursery and it will comfortably fit or accommodate most crib mattresses that are bought separately.

With this crib, you’ll comfortably see your baby grow from being an infant to a toddler thanks to its ability of being converted to a day bed or a toddler bed when your baby grows bigger and older. Since the toddler bed conversion kit is included in the package, you won’t be spending extra money on the toddler conversion kit. The toddler bed can support maximum weights of up to 50 pounds and the evenly spaced slats with strength of 135 pounds provides strong protection even from the strongest and roughest toddlers while still allowing you to keep a close eye on your baby from any angle.

Parents really like the four mattress positions that can be easily and quickly adjusted to provide the perfect positions for both mom and baby plus the crib also feels sturdily built to last a number of years. Additionally, you can purchase the modo 3-drawer changer dresser that’s designed to be smart, stylish and sleek looking with up to 4 colors to choose from, a pure by babyletto crib mattress and tranquil woods bedding collection that includes crib skirt, fitted crib sheet, contour changing pad cover, stroller blanket and fitted mini crib sheet.

Are there any reported cons with this baby crib? Well to be honest, there aren’t any cons we could find only for some few parents complaining that it’s not suitable being used as a toddler bed and the fact that it isn’t durable enough especially considering the high price it costs.

But even with those few cons, we think the babyletto modo 3-in-1 crib is a modern and stylish crib that will comfortably see your baby grow to being a toddler.

3.Delta Children Canton 4-in-1 Crib

delta children canton

If you’re looking for a crib that will offer you and your baby the perfect blend of safety and comfort, then you can’t go wrong if you opt for the delta canton 4-in-1 baby crib. The materials used to construct this crib have all been tested for lead and any other toxic elements to make sure it meets and exceeds all safety standards set by the CPSC and ASTM.

As a 4-in1 crib, it means the crib will comfortably accommodate your baby’s growth from infant to teenage days. It can be converted from crib to toddler bed, day bed and a full-sized bed using full-size conversion rails that are sold separately and have up to 4 different colors to choose from depending on the color of your crib. However, it is good to know that both the day bed rails and toddler rails do come included in the package. Since it comes in multiple finishes, parents can choose the best color that blends perfectly with their baby’s nursery.

Two people can easily and quickly assemble this crib in as little as thirty to forty minutes and the crib feels very strong and sturdy after being assembled. The crib measures 54.2 x 35.2 x 43.2 inches respectively and this makes it compatible with most crib mattresses that are sold separately. But unlike most cribs in our list which have a four adjustable mattress position, the delta canton has only three adjustable mattress positions and this is a bit inconvenient for a few parents.

The guardrails are evenly spaced out to allow parents to see their baby from multiple angles while still providing the necessary support to ensure your baby is safe at all times. However, as is normal with any crib packaging, this one doesn’t come with a drawer changer or dresser in the package and so you’ll be spending additional money to get the complete furniture collection. We also detected a distinct odor upon opening the box. Some parents even complain that this odor smells toxic enough to make the crib uncomfortable or unsuitable for the baby.

But even so, we still think the delta canton 4-in-1 crib has a lot of important and helpful features going for it especially when compared to other more expensive cribs. Most parents describe it as a sturdy, beautiful and reliable crib that fits and blends well with their baby’s nursery yet you get all these features at a reasonable price.

4.DaVinci Jayden 4-in-1 Convertible Crib

davinci jayden

Davinci is a well known and reputable brand name when it comes to baby cribs and so it shouldn’t surprise you that we have a second 4-in-1 convertible crib from the same brand manufacturer. In fact, it comes with the same features found in the davinci kalani that’s reviewed above. The jayden is a bit more expensive than the kalani with only a price difference of around 20 dollars more.

For those parents who want and prefer cribs made out of solid wood instead of veneer or medium density fiberboards, then the davinci jayden will perfectly fit the bill. It is made from 100% sustainable New Zealand pine wood that’s finished in non-toxic multi-step painting process safe from lead and phthalate elements. To ensure both parents and babies are safe from any healthy risks, the crib has been thoroughly screened for over 10,000 chemicals to make sure it meets the ASTM international and U.S CPSC safety standards.

A full-size bed conversion kit is sold separately but the good news is that you won’t have to spend money on toddler bed conversion kit once your baby grows to become a toddler since it comes included in the package. It is also designed to meet the needs of parents with different heights thanks to the four adjustable mattress positions that make it easy and convenient for moms to put their babies to sleep in the crib.

When used as a toddler bed it can comfortably support weights of up to 50 pounds and when converted to a full-sized bed, 500 pounds of weight can be comfortably supported by it. The evenly spaced slats have strength of up to 135 pounds to ensure they aren’t broken easily by rough or playful toddlers. Sold separately is a jayden 6-drawer double dresser that completes the whole furniture collection but according to some sources, this drawer dresser isn’t manufactured by the same company and it’s of inferior quality to the crib itself which means you’ll be spending extra money to purchase a drawer that’s not up to par with the crib in terms of quality and durability.

All in all, the davinci jayden is a wonderful and beautiful crib that’s designed and built with beauty and sturdiness in mind yet it still comes with a reasonable price tag. Most parents are really impressed and happy with it since it’s easy to assemble, fits beautifully in any nursery and is durable enough to endure many years of use.

5.Delta Children Archer 4-in-1 Crib

delta children archer

The delta archer 4-in-1 crib has very interesting features that make it a great choice over and above other baby cribs even though some of the features will cost you extra money. However, for most parents who want to buy a crib that guarantees quality and durability, then the extra expenses together with highly priced crib is not an issue. The delta archer just like any other 4-in-1 crib can be converted to a day bed, a toddler bed and a full-size bed if need be. But here is where the extra costs start to kick in since unlike most of the cribs that come with the toddler conversion kit included, the delta children’s conversion kits for both toddler and full-size bed need to be bought separately.

Out of the box, the crib is easy to assemble and one can complete the whole set up procedure in as little as half an hour since the set up directions are so straight forward and easy to understand. The assembled dimensions are 55.75”W x 43.75”H x 30.50”D and this creates the perfect fit for any standard sized mattress that also needs to be purchased separately. The mattress can be adjusted to three different positions so you can lower the crib to accommodate the growth of your baby. You also can’t help but notice how strong and sturdy the wooden construction feels together with the beautiful and modern finish that blends well with your baby’s nursery.

One of the features that we find very convenient even though it’s also sold separately is the arch trundle that’s designed with a beautifully curved front to provide additional storage space for nursery essentials or crib bedding. The arch trundle comes in different colors so you can choose the one that matches well with the crib. Parents who are conscious about the safety of the materials used to build this crib will be more than happy to know that this crib has been tested for lead and all other toxic elements to ensure it exceeds all safety standards set by the ASTM.

As for the cons, we honestly can’t find anything to complain about as far as the delta archer crib is concerned. Yes, it does come with features that require separate purchases but some of the features like the arch trundle add to the convenience of extra storage spaces for all the crib bedding and essentials. The fact that most parents are happy with their purchase and even give this crib a five star rating should be enough to settle any doubts you have about this particular crib.

6.Stork Craft Tuscany 4-in-1 Convertible Crib

stork craft tuscany

The stork craft Tuscany 4-in-1 crib comes with a solid and beautiful construction with a magical sleigh design that makes it a royal centerpiece for any baby’s nursery. The wood and wood products used to construct this crib are solid, strong and sturdy that come finished in non-toxic, durable finishes. All the materials used have been screened and tested for lead and all the toxic elements to guarantee safety and good health for parents and children alike.

Out of the box, it comes with directions on how to assemble each and every part together and this makes the set up process to be easy and quick in less than half an hour. However, it is advised not to assemble the crib on your own since this can result to damage and probably poor assembly that can put your baby’s life at risk. The assembled dimensions are 54.2 x 33 x 43 inches respectively and this creates a suitable fit for any standard sized crib mattress that you’ve purchased separately. The adjustable three position mattress base support not only provides a convenient way for parents to put their babies into the crib, but it also adds to the stability and security of the crib when combined with the 4 stationary sides.

Since this crib is a 4-in-1, you can easily convert it to a day bed, toddler bed with the conversion kit that’s included and even a full-size bed that requires separate purchase of the full-size conversion kit. If you wish to complete your nursery collection and make it look appealing, you can add an assortment of accessories that match with the crib such as a changing table, dresser or Tuscany glider and ottoman by Stork Craft even though they will cost you an extra 500 dollars if not more.

But despite the fact that the finishing on this crib is beautiful and blends well with your baby’s nursery, it is still prone to scratches, indents and even the tiniest bumps can take the painting off. This we’ve discovered is common with almost all cribs that come with some sort of painted finish and so shouldn’t be the main decision maker on whether to buy the crib or not.

And as far as the stork craft Tuscany is concerned, most customers are extremely pleased with their purchase and really love the crib especially when they consider all the important features it offers them at a very affordable price.

7.DaVinci Jenny Lind 3-in-1 Convertible Crib

davinci jenny lind

For parents who are looking for a crib that will offer their babies sweet and comfortable slumber from infancy to toddler hood, then the davinci jenny lind 3-in-1 convertible crib may be the perfect choice. It can only be converted to a day bed and a toddler bed with the conversion kit for toddler bed being purchased separately. Out of the box, it can be assembled in about 15 minutes and the assembled crib has such a sturdy and quality feel to it.

It is designed and constructed with the latest and most stringent safety standards in mind. This means the materials used to construct this crib have been screened for over 10,000 chemicals and tested for any toxic elements to ensure it meets all the international safety standards. The finishing on the solid pine wood is non-toxic while still bringing a fun and creative aura to your baby’s nursery.

The crib features a signature intricate spindle posts with stationary sides that provide enhanced security and stability to the crib. The four spindle posts have wheels on the bottom which prevent your precious hardwood floor from getting scratches when you drag the crib from one place to another. With up to four adjustable mattress positions, parents can lower or raise the crib to cater and accommodate the different developmental stages of the baby.

The slats are evenly spaced out to give parents the best view of the baby from any angles and a slat strength of up to 135 pounds makes it difficult for rough toddlers to break or cause damage to the crib. When used as a toddler bed it can support weights of up to 50 pounds and there are also other accessories you can purchase separately to complete the collection. These include a poppy regency 3-drawer changer (that features a removable changing tray), twilight hypoallergenic waterproof 6” mattress and a jenny lind changing table.

However, some parents complain that the springs holding the metal frame to the bed broke after some few months due to the baby jumping on the bed. A few other parents have also reported some parts of the crib breaking accidentally on their own. So this crib definitely has some minor quality issues which need to be fixed.

But even with those few faults, the davinci jenny lind 3-in-1 crib still boosts of high customer ratings on amazon and offers parents great reliability without breaking the bank.

8.Dream On Me Full Size 2 in 1 Folding Crib

dream on me folding crib

This full size 2 in 1 folding crib from dream on me is built and designed with portability in mind. Unlike the other cribs in our list which can be converted to a day bed, toddler bed and full size bed, the dream on me crib is different in the sense that it is already a full size crib but with the added convenience of being able to be folded for easy storage and portability. This feature makes it perfect for guests who are frequented by kids, grandparents and even daycares.

The assembly and set up process for this crib is very easy and quick especially when compared to all the cribs in our list. Out of the box, the crib comes ready to use by simply unfolding and locking it into place and when not in use or when your baby has out grown the crib, you just simply fold it flat using the patented folding system and store it; no disassembly required. This is the kind of convenience that’s truly unique to this crib alone. If you want to adjust the height position of the mattress, there is a punched hole at the base of the mattress that’ll enable you to raise or lower the mattress position.

At the bottom of each of the four leg poles is a dual safety hooded locking wheels that make it easy to push the crib from place to place while protecting the hardwood floor from scratches or damage. We also like the stationary non drop side rail design that provides enhanced safety and stability to the crib and this is more evident after you’ve finished assembling the crib when you’ll notice how sturdy it feels together with beautiful finishes that fit perfectly with any nursery or bedroom. Parents shouldn’t worry about the safety of the wooden materials used to build this crib since they are non-toxic and tested to exceed all the safety standards.

The crib measures 29.2 x 53.2 x 46 inches respectively when fully assembled and this creates a suitable fit for any standard size crib mattress that need to be purchased separately since it doesn’t come included in the package. So there’s a lot to like about this 2 in 1 folding crib from dream on me and we couldn’t find any reported issues for this lovely and portable full size crib. It is affordable and offers you the convenience of easy storage or portability when not in use.

9.Graco Bryson 4-in-1 Convertible Crib

graco bryson

Graco is also another brand that’s very famous and popular when it comes to baby products and even more importantly, baby cribs. With this in mind, you should expect the graco Bryson 4-in-1 convertible crib to be designed or built to last and interestingly, this is what we’ve confirmed from reviews written out by previous customers.

Parents who purchase this crib will see their babies transition from infancy to adulthood without having to buy a bigger bed for their growing kids. Apart from it being used as a crib, it can be converted to a toddler bed with conversion kit that comes included in the pack, a day bed and into a full size headboard and footboard that requires a metal bed frame sold separately.

It comes with a fixed-side crib that has large slats, sturdy posts and subtle curves to provide it with the necessary security and stability it needs for long years of use. A 3-position adjustable mattress support also adds to the stability while still offering the convenience of lowering or raising the crib to make it easy for moms to put or pick up the baby from the crib. Parents also like the fast and easy assembly procedure that this crib offers to first time buyers.

If you’re not aware, all cribs manufactured for home use must undergo thorough screening and testing of lead or any other toxic substances to ensure the materials used in their construction are safe and pose no health risks to would be users. The graco Bryson 4-in-1 crib is no exception, since it meets and even surpassed all the safety standards set by the JPMA, ASTM and CPSC respectively. Once this crib has been easily and quickly assembled, it measures 30.6 x 56.6 x 45.8 inches which is the perfect fit for any standard crib mattress that can be bought separately.

But are there any downsides to this crib that you might be curious to know about? Well the only minor issue is that it gets scratched or indented easily but this is a problem that’s common to all cribs that come with painted finishes. Few customers have complained that the ordered package sometimes comes with damaged or broken parts and if this is the case, then the solution is to return it back and buy the crib physically from a retail store instead of ordering online.

All in all this 4-in-1 convertible crib from Graco will give your nursery a beautiful and modern look for as long as it lasts.

10.Dream On Me Sophia Posh Round Crib

dream on me sophia posh round crib

We know you might be wondering how a round crib has made it to our list of the best cribs 2018. If you didn’t know, there are parents out there who want to buy a crib that looks unique both in terms of design and appearance and this is where the dream on me Sophia round crib fits the bill.

Usually cribs that come with a circular or round design are very expensive and can set you back at least 2000 dollars or more and for this reason, the dream on me Sophia posh is actually one of the cheapest and most economical as far as price is concerned. Round cribs have additional benefits and advantages over the regular box-shaped cribs. The first benefit is added strength and stability you get from round cribs because some of them do come with more than four stand poles. Round cribs are also very good at equally distributing the baby’s weight evenly at the centre of the bed and this adds to the stability of the crib.

With this particular crib, the few parents who’ve bought it say they really like how beautiful it looks and how spacious it is for their growing babies. They also like how the crib can be quickly and easily assembled in as little as 20 minutes. Once installed, the crib feels super solid and very sturdy with the design looking classic but not out-dated. It also features the convenient 4 adjustable mattress positions for lowering or raising the crib base to accommodate and cater to your growing baby. For the mattress, you’ll need to buy the dream on me round mattress that’s sold separately.

But even though this crib looks stunning and truly unique, this uniqueness comes with a price. For example, the fitted sheets that come with it are not only hard to find but also very expensive should you decide to buy new sets. But with the high price tag aside, this round crib from dream on me is definitely worth every penny for those looking to add something different and unique to their baby’s nursery. The white color matches with most bedding options and stands out against a blue, yellow or gray nursery wall.

The dream on me Sophia posh is therefore an amazing round crib with no cons reported about it. You can thus be confident of getting a unique and stunning crib that’s backed up with excellent customer support.

Baby Cribs Buying Guide

Most parents soon after giving birth to newborns realize they need a comfortable place for the baby to sleep well during the day and at night. And for most parents the question as to whether they need a crib or not usually cross their minds way before the baby arrives. We know most parents opt for bassinets or cradles for the first few months after giving birth since these are cheaper and more portable as opposed to a crib. However, the crib is the safest place for any baby to sleep because unlike the cradles and bedside sleepers which many of them have no federal safety standards, all cribs on the other hand are certified and tested by federal safety organizations to ensure the materials used in their construction are safe and pose no health risks to both parents and babies alike. With this in mind, we’d advice parents to buy a JPMA-certified, full size crib with stationary sides in order to have peace of mind. Discussed below are some of the tips that’ll help you choose the perfect crib for your family.

Basic cribs are the best – safest cribs come with simple lines with no finials or scrollwork. This is because babies can get strangled if their clothes get trapped or caught in such detail work. Also drop-side models are no longer considered safe thanks to over 32 deaths being connected to drop-side cribs according to Consumer Product Safety Commission. You should thus buy cribs with a stationary side for the sake of your baby’s safety.

Always buy new cribs – avoid buying used cribs since older models may not meet safety standards and might also be in a state of disrepair. You should also check out for safety risks when buying a crib. For example, try to measure the spacing between the slats to ensure they are not too far apart to allow a baby’s head to get through and get entrapped. Look out also for sharp edges, protruding nuts or screws and other parts that may trap a baby’s clothing. Such dangers can only be avoided by purchasing a brand new crib.

Check for solid construction – this can be done by shaking the crib in the retail store to ensure the frame isn’t loose or weak. Also check for loose slats or spindles, cracked or damaged wooden parts since these are not defects that need to be found in a brand new crib.

Purchase the crib with the mattress together – this is to ensure the mattress fits perfectly in the crib. You can place the mattress into the crib and check if there are any spaces between the mattress and the crib frame. If that’s the case then the fit is not snug enough. Also regularly check on the mattress support attachments to ensure not a single of them is broken as this can lead to serious accidents for the baby.

Buy proper bedding – make sure you buy crib bedding or sheets that are designed to fit tightly on the mattress. This is to prevent your baby from pulling the sheet up and getting entangled. Since many of the sheets that are sold separately do come with bumper pads, it is advised to throw away these bumper pads as they can be a suffocation hazard to the baby.

Set the mattress to a safe height – to make it easy for you to place or pick up your baby from the crib, the mattress should be raised to its highest position. But this can be dangerous for your baby if he/she can pull him/herself to a standing position. For the sake of your baby’s safety, adjust the mattress height to its lowest level to prevent a self-standing baby from climbing over the side slats onto a fatal fall.

Types Of Cribs

Cribs can be categorized according to the different price points they fall under. Discussed below are the types according to price.

Economy Cribs – these are the cheapest as far as cribs are concerned. They are built of cheaper materials and hardware with simpler designs and finishes. As a result, these types of cribs tend to have minor flaws in the construction or workmanship like getting scratches and indents easily from little pressure.

Mid-priced cribs – these are of course a bit more costly than the economy cribs and they come with sturdier and more quality constructions also. In this price range there are a lot of choices to select from and these cribs come with wide array of color and decorations that fit well with most nurseries or bedrooms. Here, you find cribs that can be converted to other bed types like day beds, toddler beds and even full-size beds with conversion kits included in the pack or sold separately. Examples include 3-in-1 cribs that can convert into day bed or toddler bed and 4-in1 cribs that can convert into day bed, toddler bed and full-size beds.

High-end cribs – these are the most expensive cribs you can ever buy on the market with prices starting from at least 3000 dollars or more. With these, customers can say whether they want it custom made specific to their like or recommendation. The finishing on these cribs can be glazed or burnished and they come with mattresses that are supported by heavier-gage springs and metal frames. However, because they are custom made, there’s the high probability of these cribs not being certified or even tested for safe-use materials.

Portable cribs – these are cribs that can be folded flat and stored when not in use. They are convenient for visiting grandparents, daycare and even kids. Some parents also opt for pack n plays since they offer the convenience for easy portability but these are not cribs. Portable cribs are just like the regular cribs with the only difference of them being smaller and foldable for easy storage.

Important Crib Features

Convertibility – when buying or choosing a crib, make sure that the crib can later on be converted into a toddler bed or full-size bed to accommodate the growth of your baby. This will save you money later on when your baby has out-grown the crib and needs a bigger bed instead. But keep in mind that some cribs don’t come with the toddler or full-size conversion kit and this adds extra expenses to your budget.

Construction materials – since most cribs are constructed out of wood, look for cribs made of solid wood materials to ensure the crib is sturdy and durable enough. A crib that feels heavy and sturdy after being assembled is a sign of quality and durability. The type of finishes used on the wood is also something to check out for to ascertain the crib doesn’t scratch or the painting doesn’t peel off quickly and easily.

Bottom wheels – some cribs come with fitted wheels at the bottom of each pole which make it easy for the crib to be pushed around the nursery without damaging or creating scratch marks on the hardwood floor. Also ensure the wheels are lockable to prevent the crib from moving across the room due to the baby’s momentum and to stop other toddlers from taking your baby for a joy ride.

Slats and railings – always ensure the slats don’t have very wide spacing in between them so as to prevent your baby from squeezing her head through the slats and getting entrapped or strangled. Most cribs come with slats that have strengths of 135 pounds to ensure toddlers don’t break them.

Mattress supports – cribs come with different types of mattress supports. Some consist of a metal frame that’s suspended by stiff springs, others just have a one-piece board and in others it’s just metal hangers that are screwed into a wooden frame to support a grid of wooden slats. As a safety precaution, you should ensure the mattress supports are securely held in place to prevent them from being dislodged when the baby starts bouncing on the mattress.

Mattress height – most cribs feature an adjustable mattress position that can be altered in three or four levels of height. When your baby reaches six or eight months old and he/she can stand on their own, you should ensure the mattress position is at the lowest height to prevent the baby from climbing over the side rails onto a fatal fall. But when the baby is still an infant and needs to be put or picked up from the crib, then ensure the mattress position is at its highest level to make it easy for you to put the baby into the crib without dangerously bending over so as to avoid lower-back pains.

Bottom drawer – under the mattress support structure of some crib models you’ll find single or double drawers that add the convenience of added storage space for crib bedding and accessories. It is wise to open the drawer completely to inspect its construction. Make sure the drawer’s bottom is made of hard materials like fiberboards to prevent it from bending and giving way when loaded with sheets and bedding.

Teething rails – if your baby has a habit of gnawing on the rails of the crib, then teething rails would be perfect for protecting the crib’s painting or finish from scratches and indents caused by the baby since they completely cover the top of the side rails and are built to stay in place without breaking or cracking.

Stationary sides – cribs with stationary sides are much safer than those with drop-sides since cribs which come with drop-sides have been connected to more than 30 deaths within the last decade. Stationary sides are not only safer, but they also make the crib more stable and secure to provide a reliable sleeping place for the baby.

Crib Brands

DaVinci – this famous crib brand is part of a family-owned company called the Million Dollar Baby (MDB) that makes changing tables, cradles, cribs, dressers and other furniture for baby nurseries.

Ikea – is a Swedish company that expanded to the U.S in the 1980’s and produces its own cribs that are economically priced. The cribs, mattresses, changing tables and high chairs built by this company can be purchased online or in Ikea retail stores.

Westwood Design – is a company that designs and manufactures high-end dressers and convertible cribs and it is based in Utah, U.S.A.

Stork Craft – this company is headquartered in Canada and has been in business for over 60 years. Cribs made by this company are low to mid-priced and can be purchased from most online retail shops.

Million Dollar Baby – this is a collection of DaVinci, Babyletto and Nurseryworks products which was set up in 1989 and offers cribs in all the different price points from low, mid and high-end categories.

Delta – this company makes bassinets, strollers, pack n plays, baby furniture and various types of cribs. These cribs fall under the economy and mid-price category and are available for purchase at mass retailers like Target and Baby Depot.

Baby Mod – this brand offers very modern baby furniture at very reasonable prices while its products are built by Million Dollar Baby and purchased exclusively from

Bellini – has been in business for over twenty five years and the cribs built by this brand are high-end and sold exclusively in Bellini stores.

Simmons – is one of the largest mattress manufacturers in the world and still makes a wide range of products that include Olympic Queen, BackCare and Deep Sleep Mattresses. The mattresses, cribs, dressers and juvenile products made by this company can be purchased from Babies “R” Us, BuyBuy Baby and Baby Depot.

Bonavita – this company was founded in 1995 by LaJobi Inc. based in New Jersey. Its first crib that could be converted to a day bed, toddler bed and full-size bed was introduced in 2001 and its cribs together with dressers and hutches can be found or purchased from specialty stores.


We know there are a number of options and different products when it comes to choosing a sleeping product for babies since parents can either get a moses basket, a cradle, a bassinet, toddler beds and of course a crib depending on their tastes or preferences. You may be interested in a related post, “When is a baby too big for a bassinet?”

However, of all the mentioned products, it’s only a crib that’s proved to be the safest place for your baby to sleep since all of them have been certified by the various safety organizations to ensure they meet the latest standards with regard to safety. But even for those parents who finally decide to settle on cribs, the many brands and models that are on the market can make the selection process a bit daunting especially if you don’t know what features or crib types to look for.

With this in mind, our detailed and informative guide on the best cribs should make things easy and straightforward for any parent who’s looking to buy the best cribs. All the cribs listed in this list are the best on the market right now and thorough research has been done to ensure we only recommend cribs that will meet most of the sleeping needs that parents and babies have.

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