Best Diaper Pails 2024 – Buyer’s Guide

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1.Playtex Baby Diaper Genie Elite Pail System Check Price on Amazon
2.Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail Check Price on Amazon
3.Bubula Steel Diaper Pail Check Price on Amazon
4.Munchkin Step Diaper Pail Check Price on Amazon
5.Odorless Cloth Diaper Pail 14 Gallon Check Price on Amazon
6.Diaper Dekor Plus Pail Check Price on Amazon
7.Odorless Cloth Diaper Pail 14 Gallon Check Price on Amazon
8.Munchkin Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail Snap, Seal and Toss Check Price on Amazon
9.Dekor Diaper Plus Diaper Disposal System Check Price on Amazon
10.Akord Incontinence Disposal Pail Check Price on Amazon

In this guide we’ve listed and reviewed the 10 best diaper pails for 2024 to help parents pick the right pail system that will go a long way in ensuring they have an odorless place for stocking all the dirty or soiled diapers and adult incontinence pads to keep the house smelling fresh and sweet just like it should.

Most parents are used to the regular trash cans as a way of putting away any disposable or cloth diapers that have been soiled by their wetting babies.

However, these trash cans are not designed to seal or keep in the bad and awful smell coming out of the soiled diapers and for this reason the whole house starts to smell bad thus creating an uncomfortable place for people to stay.

To solve this problem, diaper pails have become the best alternative to the regular trash cans since they have been designed to effectively contain and seal in any smell being produced by soiled and dirty diapers thus leaving the whole house smelling fresh and making it a welcoming place to stay.

If you’re intending to purchase a diaper pail system for your growing family but don’t know what features make a perfect pail system or what are the top and highly rated diaper pails on the market today, then our list for the best diaper pails together with our informative buying guide should be enough to answer any questions you might have as far as diaper pails are concerned.

Best Diaper Pails 2024

1.Playtex Baby Diaper Genie Elite Pail System

playtex baby diaper genie

Starting our list of the best diaper pails is this wonderful pail system known as Playtex baby diaper genie elite. This is the number one selling brand as far as diaper pails are concerned and it comes with impressive features that make it a top pick and highly rated pail system by the parents who’ve already purchased it. This new system features a safe and natural activated carbon filter whose main purpose is to absorb the strong odors from soiled diapers. The pail is also great at fighting germs thanks to diaper genie elite ultimate odor lock system that features a double-lock design with a multi-layer refill that combine to seal in bad odors and contain germs at the same time. The fight against germs is further enhanced by the antimicrobial protection that inhibits any odor causing bacteria.

The thing that impressed us the most is how the diaper genie refill can comfortably hold up to 270 diapers and this helps to drastically reduce those unpleasant trips to the trash bin. Apart from the refill, the diaper pail itself has the capacity to hold up to 38 diapers before cleaning out is required. The process of putting a soiled diaper into the pail is completely hands-free thanks to the convenient foot pedal that opens up the lid so you never have to touch the pail thus making it even more hygienic.

If you’re curious to know whether this diaper pail has any downsides, then you’ll be relieved to know there aren’t any cons with this amazing pail from Playtex diaper genie. We know it’s a bit pricey but it’s absolutely worth it. For those parents who are looking for a diaper pail that will help keep their baby’s nursery smelling sweeter, then they should look no further than diaper genie elite. The extra bucks you pay for this genie elite makes it much better than the cheaper brands out there.

2.Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail

ubbi steel diaper pail

The ubbi steel diaper pail has lots of impressive features that make it a great choice when it comes to diaper pail systems. Unlike other pails which require expensive, inconvenient and hard-to-fill refills, the ubbi pail can be used with any regular cloth liner or kitchen bag and this means you won’t be spending extra money on refills. To effectively contain bad smells from getting out, it features powder-coated steel and rubber seals around the rim and sliding lid for maximum odor control and making the pail airtight in order to lock the smell inside.

Parents also like the innovative sliding lid together with the child safety lock and slow-close lid whose sole purpose is to keep children safe from eminent injuries thus providing parents with peace of mind. We also like how this pail can comfortably hold up to 50 diapers at once yet its sleek oval shape enables it to fit perfectly well into tight and narrow spaces. Also keep in mind that the pail comes available in an array of stylish colors so parents can choose the one that blends well with the décor in their house.

The only downside we found with this pail is that even though the opening has a lock that prevents children from sliding open the cover over the hole where the diapers are stored, there is no lock mechanism that prevents the lid from flipping up and this means any smart toddler can figure out how to flip up the lid.

With that said, the Ubbi steel diaper pail should be at the top of any parents list as far as pails are concerned since it does an excellent job in containing all the odors, it’s stylish design enables it to easily fit anywhere in the room and the fact that it uses regular cloth liners and kitchen bags will save you lots of cash that you could have spent on inconvenient refills.

3.Bubula Steel Diaper Pail

bubula diaper pail

If you’re looking for a diaper pail that features a unique and attractive design that will enable the pail to be easily converted into a regular trash can for long-term use, then the Bubula steel diaper pail would be a great choice for you. There are lots of things we like with this diaper pail from Bubula and the first feature that impressed us the most is the fact that it uses standard sized can liners which means you don’t have to spend money on expensive custom bags. Its taller base together with the ergonomic lid offers parents an easier way to access the pail and dispose off diapers without bending over even when carrying a baby. This diaper pail is also larger than most leading brands to enable it hold 50% more diapers and this as a result extends the life of the bag.

We also noticed how the pail is easy to operate thanks to its simple to operate and advanced design that also helps to keep odors inside even during disposal. This is further enhanced by the air-tight lid together with the strong and flexible rubber seals that help to prevent leaks. For safety purposes, the container features a very handy safety lock that prevents child injuries and unwanted spills.

As for the cons, the lid can be broken easily since it’s made of plastic and so you should handle it with care. Other than that, there’s nothing else to complain about the Bubula diaper pail. Most parents are pleased with their purchase and they say the customer service is fabulous.

With that said, the Bubula diaper pail is a great option to consider if you’re looking for a pail that can hold at least 40 – 50 diapers at once. Also the nice looking style and design adds beauty to any room in the house. Grab this pail today and you’ll be impressed not just by its performance, but also by the excellent customer service you’re going to get.

4.Munchkin Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail

munchkin arm hammer pail

This magnificent diaper pail from Munchkin is a bit special in the area of concealing and containing bad odors from getting out. It features a patented self-sealing lid system that captures odors and locks them away by sealing the bag whenever the lid is closed and reopened. To further enhance odor containment, a built-in dispenser sprinkles baking soda each and every time the lid is closed so as to help eliminate odors. Unlike other pails whose refill bags need to be cut and tied in the clean out process, the refill bags that come with this diaper pail can be easily sealed and replaced without the need to cut or tie them. Each refill bag has the capacity to hold up to 30 diapers at once.

We really like how the sleek and gender neutral design of this diaper pail blends well with most home décor. The whole process of putting a diaper into the pail is a one-hand-operation but the fact that it lacks a foot pedal makes the process become more extensive than one would imagine. The lack of foot pedal is a downside to some of the parents but other than that, we think there is no other diaper pail that comes close to Munchkin arm and hammer when it comes to effectively containing bad smells or odors. This pail will keep your baby’s room smelling sweet just like your baby should.

With that said, this diaper pail from Munchkin is excellent at what it’s intended to do: containing bad smell and odors. Its mode of operability may not be the simplest or easiest due to lack of a foot pedal but still it manages to impress very many parents with its performance. Keep in mind the pail costs less than a hundred dollars and this means you’re getting great value for your money.

5.Munchkin Step Diaper Pail

munchkin step diaper pail

Munchkin is a well known and reputed brand when it comes to diaper pails and infact its diaper pails are praised and highly rated because of their performance. With this in mind, we have a second diaper pail from the same brand and it’s the Munchkin step diaper pail. It comes with dual refill compatible system that works with both rings and snap, seal and toss bags. For odor and smell containment, it has three features just for this purpose. First we have the lavender scented refills which utilize the beautiful scent of lavender refills to neutralize bad smell of dirty diapers. The next feature is the puck baking soda cartridge for additional odor protection and the third feature is the self-sealing system which twists the refill every time you close the lid to completely eliminate the odor and ensure there’s not a single stink blast.

There’s also a childproof locking system in the form of an out-of-reach button that prevents babies from opening up the pail. We also like the inclusion of the convenient and easy-to-use step pedal which makes filling up a breeze even when holding a baby.

What we didn’t like about this diaper pail is the slightly hard process of manually closing the lid in order to push a dirty diaper into the pail. So what you have here is a pail that’s very easy to open thanks to the step pedal but somehow hard to close since you’ll have to apply some pressure when closing the lid.

With that said, this diaper pail is very effective in containing odors and most parents say they’ve been using it for a long time and it is its ability to keep in bad smells that sets it apart from the rest. Also the cost of the refills is cheaper than those of other brands out there and this means you’re getting an affordable diaper pail with outstanding performance for the price.

6.Odorless Cloth Diaper Pail 14 Gallon

odorless cloth diaper pail

As its name suggests, this diaper pail is perfect for parents who use cloth diapers on their wetting babies and is big enough to hold cloth diapers from two or twin babies at once. It features activated charcoal filters that do a great job in keeping or containing the bad smell in while at the same time letting the moisture from soiled diapers out leaving the inside of the pail dry. The plastic handles ensure the lid is sealed tight so as to effectively contain the odor inside and this is very true since most parents have confirmed that once the cloth diapers are in the pail, there’s not even the slightest odor you can smell from the pail.

The pail is large enough to hold cloth diapers for a full week before sending them off to a diaper service. The process of putting a cloth diaper into the pail is somewhat a hassle since you have to take the entire lid off with both hands to put in a diaper due to lack of a stepping spot for holding the pail down while pulling up the lid and this can cause the pail to accidentally tip over in the process. And as much as this pail is excellent at keeping in bad odor, the one area where it disappoints is in eliminating the moisture from inside the pail. The inside stays very moist and damp plus the inner side of the lid is also very moist whenever you open the lid.

With that said, we couldn’t find a better diaper pail specifically for cloth diapers and one that can hold up to a week’s stock of soiled diapers without leaking out any odor. If you’re used to cloth diapering and you need a completely odorless place for putting your baby’s soiled diapers, then this odorless cloth diaper pail would be a great choice to consider.

7.Diaper Dekor Plus Pail

diaper dekor pail

The diaper dekor pail system is one of the best in the market right now and it’s loved by parents everywhere. Unlike other brands that are built with cheaper plastics that absorb odor, the diaper dekor pail is built with ABS plastic which does a great job at exuding bad odor thus leaving the whole room smelling nice. It comes in an array of beautiful colors that allow parents to add a splash of color to their baby’s nursery while blending well with any décor in your baby’s room.

When it comes to ease of use, the dekor pail system is the easiest to use thanks to the step and drop function that makes loading up a breeze. When full, it’s very easy to empty the pail and installing a new refill is also a simple process. The use of continuous refill liners offer parents the convenience of using just the amount they need and this helps a lot in reducing waste. We also like the very handy lockout that’s hidden under the top cover so as to help keep curious children from opening the pail and causing unwanted spills. The other great thing about this pail is that it can continue to be used as a trash can or even as a pet litter box when your baby is out of the diaper stage.

The only downside to this wonderful pail is that few parents complain that the opening for putting in the diapers is really small but most of the parents don’t have a problem with the opening at all. With that said, the diaper dekor pail system is great at keeping in bad smells, it looks awesome and it’s also very easy to use. Yet the most interesting thing about it is the fact that it offers all those features at a very affordable price.

8.Munchkin Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail Snap, Seal and Toss

munchkin arm hammer pail snap

This is one of the best selling diaper pails from Munchkin and it comes with 30 disposable refill bags that can hold up to an impressive 900 diapers. When you consider all the features you’re getting at such an affordable price, this offer is an absolute steal. As is synonymous with Munchkin, this diaper pail features the self-sealing technology together with the odor busting duo of baking soda that eliminates and contains the bad smell from soiled diapers inside thus leaving your baby’s room smelling sweet and fresh.

The 7-layered snap, seal and toss bags are made to fit all Munchkin diaper pails such as the step, pail and the original diaper pail from Munchkin. What impresses parents the most is the pack of 30 refill bags that have a combined total capacity of holding up to 900 diapers combined. These refill bags are very easy and simple to replace since unlike other refill bags that require to be cut and tied, these don’t require any cutting and tying thus providing for an easy sealing and replacing procedure.

However, some parents complain about these refill bags saying that they split each time they open the pail in order to replace the bag and they end up with a slew of smelly diapers all over the floor. This indicates there may be some minor issues with the quality of these refill bags. Some parents also don’t like the new added scent on these refill bags.

But even with those few cons, most customers are happy with this Munchkin arm and hammer diaper pail and they describe it as being reliable and durable at the same time. The fact that these bags fit perfectly with the other models from Munchkin adds to their flexibility and compatibility without the inconvenience of increased price or cost.

9.Dekor Diaper Plus Diaper Disposal System

dekor diaper plus

The dekor diaper plus disposal system comes ready to use with no assembly required and this adds to its ease of usability while still making diapering delightful for any parent anywhere. It features a clever step-and-drop design that not only makes it easy and economical to use, but also helps to keep curious kids or playful pets out of reach. Parents will be pleased with its contemporary design that also complements well with any nursery décor and when your baby is out of the diaper stage, it can be used as an elegant trash can for the bathroom or kitchen. As for the holding capacity, it can comfortably hold up to 46 diapers before the bag change is required.

The scratch-resistant ABS plastic that’s used to construct this diaper pail doesn’t absorb any odors and yet it can be washed or cleaned with bleach if optimal hygiene is desired. The one feature that parents love the most with this pail is the easy process of replacing the bag which is simply a long shoot of plastic that you pull through and tie. This is due to the built-in door-mounted liner cutter that provides for easy removal, tying and disposal.

It’s important to note that even though this pail does a great job of keeping in the bad smell of soiled diapers from coming out, it won’t be able to contain the smells the moment your baby starts to feed on solid foods. With that said, the hands-free operation that this diaper pail offers to parents should be enough to seal the deal for you. And if you want more convenience you can purchase the diaper décor plus liner refills that are sold separately.

All in all, this dekor diaper plus disposal system offers an odorless place for putting away your baby’s soiled diapers and yet it comes with a very affordable price tag.

10.Akord Incontinence Disposal Pail

akord incontinence pail

Just like the name suggests, the Akord incontinence disposal pail offers a great place for storing adult incontinence pads together with soiled diapers. It offers parents odor free and hygienic ways of disposing off incontinence products in a stylish and discreet pail that blends well with décor of any room inside your house. With this disposal pail, you can easily dispose of pads, briefs and other items in a simple and hygienic manner using a truly hands free system. To dispose off an item, you simply step on the ergonomic pedal to open the lid, then you drop the item via the trap doors and it’s done.

The main reason why parents prefer diaper pails over the regular trash cans is because diaper pails are excellent in containing bad odor from soiled diapers or dirty items. With this in mind, the Akord disposal pail doesn’t disappoint when it comes to containing odors since it features a double sealing system combined with a strong, powder-scented refill liner to effectively contain the odors. The job of cleaning out or emptying the pail has also been made easier thanks to the use of continuous refill liners that can be simply cut and tied whenever someone wishes to empty the pail.

The only con about this diaper pail is that it still leaks some odor but this odor is not easily detectable. With that said, if you’re looking for a diaper pail that’s easy to use, easy to clean and yet holds more than you expect, then the Akord incontinence disposal pail would be a great option to consider.

Diaper Pail Buying Guide

What is a diaper pail?

A diaper pail is a basically a sealed trash can that’s used for storing soiled diapers or even adult incontinence pads. The main purpose of a diaper pail is to contain or keep in the bad and awful smell coming out of dirty or soiled diapers. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re using disposable or cloth diapers since they can all be stored in the pail and the smell from the baby’s waste will be effectively contained.

Any parents who have young babies at home know firsthand how a soiled diaper can stink up the whole room or house especially if you don’t have an odorless place for putting your baby’s soiled diapers. Most parents are used to the common trash cans as a way of disposing of used diapers at home but they usually have to struggle with the bad and awful smell coming out of these trash cans. However, there is a better product for putting away soiled diapers and this product does a great job in containing all the bad smells or odors from a dirty or soiled diaper, and this product is called a diaper pail. Usually, a diaper pail is designed in a way that enables it to seal in all the bad odors being produced by soiled diapers so as to help keep your baby’s nursery smelling nice and fresh, something that a trash can can’t do and so this is the main difference between a diaper pail and a trash can.

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Types of diaper pails

There are two main types of diapers pails that you can buy from the market and they are the dry diaper pail and wet diaper pail. So what are the main features and differences between these two types of pails? Below we’ve listed each type and discussed the features of each type.

Dry diaper pail – this type of pail is very similar to a trash can and the pail is commonly used with a liner. With this dry pail you can use it to store either disposable diapers or cloth diapers. In the case of cloth diapers, one must first shake or scrape out the cloth diaper over a toilet so as to get rid of loose waste before putting it into the diaper pail. Dry diaper pails come with certain advantages like being suitable for disposable and cloth diapers, being the lightest type of pail thus making it easy to be carried around and providing for a safer storage option than a wet diaper pail. However, dry pails also come with some disadvantages. First, they require a liner in order to be used effectively and secondly, they need to be deodorized from time to time for them to continue smelling fresh.

Wet diaper pail – if you’re a parent who uses cloth diapers on your wetting baby, then the wet diaper pail would be the perfect choice for you since wet diaper pails are used exclusively for cloth diapers. The concept behind a wet diaper pail is that the pail is filled with water and the cloth diapers are then soaked in it up to the time they are ready to be thrown through a wash cycle. In order to contain the bad odors and to prevent staining, parents usually add baking soda or even white vinegar to the water just for these two purposes. What are some of the advantages of wet diaper pails? First, they are better in odor control especially if the water is treated correctly. Secondly, they are the best option for cloth diapers and provide for easier stain removal because the water acts as a pre-wash soak. As for the disadvantages, they are heavy to carry around due to the water’s weight and they can also become messy if the water spills accidentally.

Important features to look for when choosing a diaper pail

There are important features that parents should consider before buying a particular type of diaper pail because these are the things that will ensure you pick a diaper pail that works well and meets most of your needs.

Is the diaper pail excellent in sealing in odors?

We all know the main reason parents choose diaper pails over the regular trash cans is because diaper pails are effective in containing bad smells and odors from soiled diapers. And so any diaper pail that doesn’t contain bad odors is simply useless because it has terribly failed to deliver on what it’s been designed to do. If you didn’t know already, different brands of diaper pails use their own unique systems for odor control. Some use scented diaper pail liners, others use air filters that are usually made from charcoal and in other brands, the manual addition of deodorants or fragrance is required to keep the diaper pail smelling fresh and sweet. Just make sure that you’re comfortable and at ease with whatever system your diaper pail uses for odor control and containment.

Brand specific liners

It’s important to keep in mind that not all pails are the same when it comes to using liners and majority of the diaper pails will use any of the liner systems discussed below. First we have diaper pails that only use brand specific liners and these pails won’t work with any other liner from a different brand. It’s important to note that brand specific liners tend to be more costly than the regular liners. Secondly, we have diaper pails that can use any liner which can be filled with household rubbish bags or standard plastics. Lastly, we have diaper pails that use cloth liners which usually need to be dried before being returned to the diaper pail.

Is the lid lockable or childproof?

For the safety of your curious baby or kid, you need to ensure the diaper pail comes with a lid that’s lockable and childproof. Remember dry diaper pails use plastic liners and we all know too well that plastic bags pose a suffocation risk to young children. And even for a wet diaper pail that uses water, that water can pose a drowning risk to the baby because children can drown in less than an inch of water. With this in mind, parents can only have peace-of-mind when they are sure the diaper pail features a childproof lock that will keep babies from accessing the pail.

Holding capacity of the diaper pail

The number of diapers that the pail can hold is important because a pail with small capacity means you’ll be emptying each and every day. A larger pail will enable you to store soiled diapers for up to a week before cleaning out is required but you should also remember that the longer soiled diapers stay in the pail the more smelly they become. With this said, if you have twin babies then a larger pail would be a great one to get and also keep in mind that when your twins start to grow they’ll need bigger diapers and this means the diaper pail will only be able to hold less diapers than before. So it’s wise to opt for a diaper pail that has a big holding capacity so as to avoid storage problems later on.

Step pedal

The process of putting a soiled diaper into the pail should be easy, hands-free and hygienic at the same time since you don’t want to juggle with a dirty diaper while trying to put it in the pail. For this reason, a step pedal is very handy and convenient for any parent who buys a diaper pail. With a step pedal, you can even open up the pail’s lid and throw in the soiled diapers even when holding your baby.

What material is the pail made from?

The two most common types of materials used to construct diaper pails are plastic and metal/steel. Each material comes with its own merits and demerits and so it’s important to know what each material will offer you. For example, diaper pails made out of metal do not absorb odors and are also very long lasting and durable. However, they are more expensive than plastic diaper pails. On the other hand, plastic diaper pails are less expensive but they do absorb odors and are also not durable.


You need to consider whether the diaper pail falls within your budget especially if you’re tight on budget. Of course there are cheap and expensive models on the market. As is the case in most situations, with diaper pails you usually get what you pay for and so if you want a pail with premium features you should be ready to spend more money on it.


As we conclude our informative guide on the best diaper pails, it’s important to note that diaper pails are much better than regular trash cans when it comes to sealing in bad odors from soiled or dirty diapers. Also some diaper pails can be used as trash cans or even as pet litter boxes when the baby comes out of the diaper stage.

With that said, there are a number of factors to consider whenever a parent is out there looking for a diaper pail for storing the soiled diapers used on their wetting baby and if you know exactly the features that will offer you a diaper pail that works as advertised and one that will solve most of the problems you have when it comes to disposing of dirty or soiled diapers, then you can be rest assured of picking up the perfect diaper pail that will satisfy most of your needs.

But for those parents who are a bit confused on what to look out for or don’t know what are the best pails to buy on the market today, then our detailed guide on the best diaper pails should be able to set you on the right track to finding that diaper pail that meets the needs of your growing family.

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