Best Baby Humidifiers 2021 – Buying Guide


A humidifier for your baby’s nursery is very important yet it’s something that’s usually overlooked by most parents when they’re organizing or setting up their baby’s nursery or room. In this guide we’ve listed and reviewed the best baby humidifiers for 2021 so parents can pick a model that will produce a clean and fresh mist in their baby’s nursery for a healthy and comfortable atmosphere and living environment.

Depending on your taste or preference, you can either choose a cool mist or a warm mist humidifier or a versatile model that features both cool mist and warm mist. The benefits of warm moisture are many including killing of germs and viruses together with preventing your baby from respiratory issues like cold, flu, allergic irritations and even keeping your baby’s skin smooth and soft during dry winter seasons.

Cool mist humidifiers are much safer since there’s no risk of the baby getting burns if he/she accidentally puts his/her hands on them. Cool mist is also recommended for babies suffering from croup. So a humidifier in your baby’s nursery or even in your living room is something that’s very important if your baby is to enjoy the benefits of clean and fresh air every time he/she is sleeping in the nursery. There are also real studies that have been done that show how a humidifier can be effective in helping to prevent the spread of influenza.

With this in mind, we have created this guide on the best baby humidifiers to help you pick the right model that’ll meet your baby’s needs in terms of providing a refreshed and comfortable breathing atmosphere to help combat dry skin, itchy skin, respiratory issues and discomforts brought about by dry air.

Best Baby Humidifiers 2021

1.TaoTronics Cool Mist Humidifier

taotronics cool mist

The taotronics cool mist humidifier is ultra-silent with ultrasonic air diffusion that produces less than 38db of noise for a very quiet and noiseless humidification that won’t disturb your baby’s sleep during the day or at night. The sleep mode also turns off the LED light at night so it doesn’t disturb your baby’s sleep. It has been built and designed to provide your baby and other family members with a clean and eco-friendly mist for a better and safer air in your baby’s room. This is due to the microporous cartridge that thoroughly filters the water and completely gets rid of microorganisms to produce odorless and pure air. It has three different mist flow settings of low, medium and high mist output that allow you to control and adjust the vapor in your room to cater to the multiple needs you and your baby have. Additionally, the 360 degrees rotatable nozzle creates uniform distribution of humidity and can fill rooms up to 66 – 82 square feet to enable you and your baby combat dry skin, wrinkles, winter cold and even mildew.

A water tank with a capacity of 4L provides your family with up to 15 hours of adjustable humidification for purified air that can last well into the night. It also significantly reduces the number of times needed for refill, with some parents reporting that they only need to refill it once every 2 to 3 days. The built-in LED display is very easy for anybody to use or operate and it also helps you see the current humidity level together with other modes in operation. A timing function also enables you to choose how long you want the humidity level to be on from between 1 hour to 24 hours after which the humidifier is switched off for safety purposes. Filling it with water is also easy thanks to the two handles at the top and bottom of the unit.

However, this humidifier does not double as an aroma diffuser and is therefore not recommended for use with essential oils or perfumes. The microporous filter also requires semi-frequent cleaning for it to continue doing its job effectively. If you also want best results you need to use distilled water since ultrasonic humidifiers usually leave a fine mist of white dust and this is usually exacerbated with the use hard water.

Even though this humidifier is somewhat lacking in design, it’s still one of the best humidifiers you can get for your baby or family especially with all the important features it provides at such an affordable price.


Quiet and noiseless
LED display and timer function
Over a gallon (4L) of water tank
Microporous cartridge filters micro-organisms from water and prevent bad odor
Easy to refill
360 degree rotating nozzle for uniform distribution of mist


Filter needs to be cleaned frequently
Not for use with essential oils or perfumes
Ultrasonic humidifiers can leave a fine white mist of dust

2.URPOWER Humidifier

urpower humidifier

As a best seller in the baby humidifiers’ category, the urpower humidifier comes loaded with impressive features all at a very pocket friendly price. It has a large water tank with a capacity of 5 liters that’s capable of adding humidity in your baby’s room all night or all day without the need to re-fill the tank again and again. The use of only one power button makes it very easy for anybody to operate and control this humidifier without the need to worry about how it operates. With up to three different mist mode settings, you can press the power button to choose between low, medium or high mist flows according to your needs or situation.

It features an advanced whisper quiet ultrasonic cool mist technology that safely moisturizes the air in your baby’s room while allowing your baby to sleep peacefully without any annoying beeps from the humidifier. All you need to do is to long press the power button to choose sleep mode to allow for a middle mist output and turn off all the indicator lights so your baby can sleep like a log. Additionally, you can short press the power button to choose any of the 3 mist flows such as low, medium or high mist output just according to your needs. A maximum power output of 30 watts together with a maximum mist volume of 350ml/h enables this humidifier to achieve an impressive working time of between 14 – 17 hours.

For safety purposes, it has an automatic shut-off function that shuts off automatically if there’s no water left in the tank to prevent the humidifier from overheating or short circuiting. The matte black body design also makes it a perfect decoration that blends well with any decor in your baby’s room.

However, the use of regular tap water means you’ll need to frequently clean this humidifier like twice a week or after 3 -5 uses since tap water contains many micro-elements that accumulate in the humidifier. You also need to refill the water tank when it’s upside down since you can’t add water to the base or via the top directly.

All in all, this is a great humidifier that comes highly recommended and any parent who wants a humidifier that adds humidity in the air to prevent them from dry skin, wrinkles, mildew or getting a cold then this humidifier from urpower will perform this task very well.


Large 5L water tank means less refilling needed
Very quiet while in operation
Easy to operate
Auto shut off for safety
Attractive design that blends with any home décor


Frequent cleaning required
You have to turn the tank upside down when refilling

3.Anypro Cool Mist Humidifier

anypro cool mist

Depending on the mist control setting you’ve chosen, the Anypro cool mist humidifier is capable of providing your baby and other family members between 20 to 36 hours of continuous operation to enable your baby to breathe easily and sleep better. Speaking of sleep, it has a super quiet function that provides your baby with sound sleep while producing a clean and fresh mist that helps you and your baby to cope with dry skin, flu and allergies. Using the dial knob control, you can adjust vapor output to your preferred level of choice and humidify anywhere you want with the help of the 360 degrees adjustable mist spray. This nozzle also produces longer streams of mist to provide perfect coverage and won’t leave any condensation on the floor if you use distilled water instead of regular tap water. This makes this humidifier suitable for medium-sized rooms to large rooms.

The 3.5L capacity water tank is sufficient enough to allow for long periods of operation but this depends on the mist control setting chosen. Keeping the humidity levels high will result in less hours of operation but it can operate for several nights without a refill if you keep the humidity levels low. The filler hole at the bottom makes it easy to fill the tank with water and the premium materials used on the water tank help to suppress mold growth but this is only if you use distilled water. You also don’t need to worry about leakage and the base cracking since it employs a deep grove design that greatly reduces the chances of leakages while increasing its resistance to compression.

The variable night light features up to 6 different colors that you can choose for your baby to enhance his/her moods while sleeping. If you want to diffuse fragrance throughout your room or baby’s nursery, it has a separate aroma therapy drawer where you can insert essential oil pads. It’s also filter free which means less time spent in cleaning it and less money spent on replacing moldy filters. But again the lack of a filter means that the mist it produces is not as clean and healthy as that of other humidifiers which have a microporous filter.

But to be honest, this is one humidifier that we feel should be at the top of any parents list as far as cool mist humidifiers are concerned. Even though you need to use distilled water to get the most out of it, it’s still packed with features that sets it apart from other humidifiers in the same price category.


Variable night lights
Leakage and crush resistant
Adjustable humidity control
Antibacterial material in water tank to suppress mold growth
Easy to fill water tank
Blends well with any room décor
Place for adding essential oils or perfumes


Requires regular cleaning
Works best with distilled water instead of tap water

4.Levoit LV600HH Warm and Cool Mist Humidifier

levoit humidifier

As a warm and cool mist ultrasonic humidifier, the levoit LV600HH humidifier is loaded with high tech features that make it a cut above the other humidifiers on our list. It has an auto mode whose function is to automatically sense the humidity in your immediate surrounding and then releases the right amount of moisture to provide your baby with a refreshed living environment. For customizable and comfortable levels of humidity, the humidity level on the humidifier can be programmed and maintained at comfortable levels ranging from 40% to 80% RH. Both the warm and cool mist output can be set at 3 different levels and it’s capable of increasing the humidity levels up to 25% quicker than other humidifiers that use only cool mist.

A featured built-in timer enables you to programme how long you want the moisture to be released in your baby’s room and you can choose from 1 hour to 12 hours after which the humidifier automatically shuts off for safety purposes. Setting this timer to 12 hours is perfect when you want the humidifier to operate throughout the night so you can wake up in the morning feeling refreshed. The humidifier is also very quiet even at night when you or your baby is asleep since it uses ultrasonic technology that quietly disperses a gentle mist throughout your room or baby’s room allowing you or your baby to sleep peacefully.

All the above features are very easy to operate thanks to the intuitive control panel that you can use to set up the mist levels, timer, and even the warm and cool mist functions. This remote control also allows you to operate and set up the humidifier even if it’s up to 16 feet or 5 meters away from you. You can also transform this humidifier into an aroma diffuser by simply adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil or perfume into the aroma box and be able to relax with the sweet smell from the aroma diffuser.

We also like the huge capacity water tank of 6L that allows for a working time of between 20 to 36 hours of continuous use while the mist produced can cover up to 280 square feet of space in your office, bedroom or living room. Refilling the tank with water is also easy.

The only issue we have with this humidifier is that the backlight is super bright especially at night and would be better if there was a dim switch for reducing the brightness. But on the whole, this is a great humidifier for any parent who wants to get the benefits of both warm and cool mist and all the other important features they expect to find in a humidifier.


Get the benefits of both warm and cool mist
Large 6L water tank can last for days without refill
Intuitive and easy to use remote control
Customizable humidity
Timer with auto shut off for safety
Very quiet
Aromatherapy diffuser


Super bright backlight can be disruptive at night

5.TaoTronics Warm and Cool Mist Humidifier

taotronics warm and cool

This is the second humidifier on our list from taotronics but unlike the one reviewed above that’s only a cool mist, this one has both warm and cool mist capabilities. For this purpose, it has a warm or cool mist mode that allows you to choose or switch between cool and warm mist modes to cater to your baby’s needs. If you choose warm mist mode, this humidifier is capable of heating the mist flow from 39 degrees Celsius to 47 degrees Celsius in just 30 minutes. With the Cool mist you will enjoy cool fresh air during summer or hot seasons and the warm mist produces a warm steam during dry and cold seasons. The dual 360 degrees nozzle gives you ultimate control over the angle and direction which you want the mist to go.

Your baby is also going to enjoy a better and clean moisturized air from this humidifier thanks to the built-in water filter that helps to get rid of bacteria and bad odor as well as a disposable air filter that prevents dust from spreading. However, the use of a filter means more time spent in cleaning the filter or more money spent in replacing the moldy filter.

A vast water tank with a capacity of 6L is enough to add moisture to the air and keep the humidifier up and running for the whole night so you can wake up in the morning feeling refreshed. You also don’t need to worry about leaving it on for a long time since it will automatically turn off when there’s very little water left in the tank to prevent it from overheating. The touch sensitive full LED display enables you to easily and conveniently operate the in-built features in this humidifier.

You can choose up to 3 different intensities for both the warm and cool mist output; you can preset the humidity level, set up the timer mode, control screen lock and even choose a night mode for quiet and peaceful sleeping environment simply by using the intuitive LED display. Additionally, the contemporary minimalistic design together with the matte black color on this humidifier is a perfect match with any décor you have in your baby’s bedroom and living room.

All in all, this is a great humidifier that we feel should be on the top of any parent’s list and might be one of the most versatile humidifier on our list because of its warm and cool mist modes that make it suitable for those who don’t know which type of humidifier they want for their home or baby’s room.


You get the benefits of warm and cool mist
Dual 360 degrees nozzle so you can control mist direction and angle
Touch sensitive LED display for easy operation
Large 6L water tank means fewer refills
Auto shut off for safety
Cleaner and better mist thanks to filters


Filters must be cleaned frequently or replaced due to mold growth
Large footprint
Warm mist may not be safe for baby’s room

6.Homelabs Cool Mist Humidifier

homelabs humidifier

We really like the homelabs cool mist humidifier since it has features that sets it apart from the rest and yet you get all of those features at a very affordable price. Designed to be perfect for your baby’s room, table tops or office desks, it uses a ceramic diaphragm that vibrates to create water droplets in the form of a cool fog inhalant while its fan delivers a light breeze in your immediate surroundings. Even better is how it can be used for warm steam aromatherapy which is great for reducing cold flu, fever, bronchitis and even nasal congestion. For this purpose it has a warm mist air humidifying unit that features an inhaler option with internal heating elements for boiling water into steam vapor which is then released into your environment to help improve your breathing when you’re sick. It can also be used as an aromatherapy diffuser since it has a place for putting scented oils or perfumes.

Its size and weight makes it portable so you can easily carry it from one room to another. Even though it’s a filterless humidifier, it has a very quiet fan that creates a calming white noise effect that’s perfect for yoga or meditation exercises and even for helping you or your baby to relax before bed. Up to 4L of water tank capacity together with a humidity capacity of 300ml ensures you enjoy the fresh and clean humidity produced for a few days before a refill of the tank is needed. There’s also a cleaning brush included to make it easy to care and maintain the tank in healthy condition even though the process of removing the tank, filling it with water and then fixing it back is a bit of a time consuming process.

The extensive customizable options that are available in this humidifier will enable you to choose a setting for continuous humidity or keep humidity levels between 40% and 70% which is the most ideal range for a healthy and comfortable atmosphere. An auto shut off function automatically switches the humidifier off for safety purposes.

The only downside with this humidifier is that it requires distilled water for it to provide you with best performance. The transducer together with the water tank and the main body also need to be cleaned on a weekly basis.

All in all, this is one of the best cool mist humidifiers you can get on the market today. It’s filterless, very quiet and easy to use yet it doubles up as an aromatherapy diffuser.


Very quiet
4L water tank requires fewer refills
Automatic shut off
Aromatherapy diffuser
Warm steam aromatherapy for improved breathing during sickness
Customizable options for humidity levels
Sleek modern design blends with any home decor


Requires distilled water for optimum performance

7.MistAire XL Cool Mist Humidifier

mistaire xl

With a 1 gallon water tank capacity and a powerful steam output, the MistAire XL cool mist humidifier provides the ideal coverage of mist suitable for large bedrooms, offices and any room up to 500 square feet. Depending on the mist control setting you’ve chosen, you can use it to safely moisturize the air in your immediate surrounding for 10 to 24 hours of continuous operation to enable you to breathe easily and get more peaceful sleep. The whisper-quiet operation it provides makes it perfect for your baby’s nursery or office.

You can completely customize the moisture output it produces using either the single or dual-mist nozzles included in this humidifier. The dual-mist nozzle is perfect if you want the mist to flow faster from the humidifier to your immediate surroundings. Alternatively, it has a variable mist control knob which you can use to adjust the amount of moisture output to meet your needs or comfort level. In fact, when compared to other humidifiers in the same price range, this humidifier disperses vapor much more efficiently and quickly. It also produces a lot of mist when you set it to high mist output and we advise that you remove any important items or products that may be nearby to prevent them from getting wet. The optional night light feature allows you to choose from 3 different colors which are blue, red and green to offer your baby with soothing lighting for maximum relaxation and operation at night or in the dark.

For safety purposes, an automatic shut off function safely turns off the humidifier when the level of water in the tank is very low or when the tank is removed for cleaning or refilling. Speaking of cleaning, there’s a cleaning brush that’s included in the package to make it easy and convenient for you to maintain and care for the water tank. You also get an AC power adapter, a user manual, a caring customer support of 7 days a week together with an industry-leading warranty of 5 years. The color mixture of blue and white also makes it blend well with any décor in your living room or baby’s nursery.

All in all we do like this humidifier from Mistaire XL and the features together with the performance it provides at such a reasonable price makes it a strong contender among humidifiers in the same price bracket.


Whisper-quiet operation
Auto shut off for safety
3 soothing night lights
Large 1 gallon water tank
Powerful mist output for large coverage


Can’t be used as aromatherapy diffuser

8.NEXGADGET Cool Mist Humidifier

nexgadget humidifier

The Nexgadget cool mist humidifier gets very high customer ratings thanks to the features and performance it provides your family at such a pocket-friendly price. It has a water tank with a capacity of 3.8L with a great mist output of 300ml/h to provide your baby and family with a smart solution for soothing the discomforts of nasal congestion, itchy skin, dry skin, flu, cough and more respiratory issues. It can conveniently produce mist that covers an area of up to 350 square feet even though this is less coverage than that provided by some of the humidifiers on our list. When the water tank is full it’s capable of providing you and your baby with up to 13 hours of continuous mist output and its super quiet operation ensures you enjoy the fresh air it provides without disturbing your reading, sleep or work. The removable water tank also provides for easy and quick cleaning or filling operations.

It has a very convenient control knob that allows you to control and adjust the amount of mist flow nicely and easily to meet your needs and comfort level. We really like the dual 360 degrees rotating nozzle that gives you the ability to direct the mist in your preferred direction. You can also choose a low or high mist output according to your needs but keep in mind the mist output setting you choose will affect how long the humidifier can operate before needing a refill. The blue nightlight is a great feature that creates a soothing and relaxing environment for sleeping and you can turn it on/off. Additionally, it can be used as an aromatherapy diffuser by adding your favorite essential oils or perfumes in the aroma pallet.

For safety purposes, it has an auto shut off function that will shut off the humidifier and turn on a warning red power indicator light when there’s very little water left in the tank to prevent the device from short circuiting. The mix of blue and white color on this humidifier makes it a perfect match with any décor in your baby’s nursery, living room or office. Combine all these features with the built-in ultrasonic high frequency oscillation that increases air moisture for easier breathing and you have a device that’s not only safe, but one that’s aesthetically appealing, super quiet and versatile enough for any family to use.


Super quiet operation
Nightlight feature
Aesthetically appealing
Aromatherapy diffuser
Dual 360 degrees rotating nozzle so you can choose the direction of mist flow
High quality yet affordable
Large 1 gallon tank to last all night
Auto shut off for safety



9.Marsboy Cool and Warm Mist Humidifier

marsboy warm and cool

With the marsboy humidifier, your baby and family will get the benefits of both warm and cool mist without breaking your bank in the process. You can adjust the mist output to meet your needs and comfort whether you decide to choose warm mist in winter or cool mist in summer. The speed at which mist is generated from this humidifier is almost instant and really powerful thanks to its cool mist volume of 300ml/h and warm mist volume of 400ml/h. The 6L or 1.6 gallons water tank enables it to provide your baby or family with continuous mist flow up to 16 hours without a refill. Additionally, the advanced water refill technology used allows you to easily and conveniently refill or add water to the tank anytime and anywhere with your mug. Thanks to ultrasonic technology, it provides your family with super quiet operation throughout the night irrespective of whether you’ve chosen warm mist flow or cool mist flow. For a better and peaceful sleep, the adjustable LED night light can light up your baby’s night peacefully.

It’s also designed to be easy to clean thus making it mold resistant. When compared to other humidifiers on our list which are a bit cumbersome to clean, this one can be cleaned easily and completely to keep the chances of bacteria and mold growth to a minimum. But as is usual with any humidifier, this one also requires frequent cleaning on a weekly basis to prevent the growth of mold or bacteria. If you’re tired and need some refreshing rest, you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil or perfume in the aroma chamber to refresh your mind and release yourself from stress.

If there’s very little water left in the tank or when you remove the tank for cleaning or refilling, the shut off function will automatically switch the device off for safety purposes. The materials used to build this humidifier are eco-friendly thus making it healthy for anybody to use and safe for the environment. The white color is definitely a perfect match with any décor in your living room, bedroom or baby’s nursery.

All in all this is a versatile humidifier that marsboy has brought to the consumer market. Though it’s slightly more expensive than other humidifiers on our list, it still provides your baby and family with the benefits of warm and cool mist plus all the other important features you would expect to find in a humidifier of its kind.


Versatile due to warm and cool mist flow
Auto shut off for safety
Easy to clean and refill
Large 6L water tank for up to 40 hours of operation
Aromatherapy diffuser
Ambient night light
Adjustable mist output


Weekly cleaning is required to prevent growth of mold or bacteria

Baby Humidifiers Buying Guide

A humidifier for your baby is something that most parents don’t think it’s important especially when they are setting up and organizing their baby’s nursery. However, pediatricians stress on the importance and benefits of a humidifier for your baby’s nursery since it helps in treating eczema to soothing a sore throat and even easing a stuffed up nose. When the temperatures outside your house plummet, the amount of humidity and moisture inside your house can quickly drop from pleasant levels to uncomfortable levels. This as a result can lead to common skin and respiratory problems such as dry, itchy skin, allergic irritations, cold, flu and a host of other physical discomforts. In such situations a humidifier can be very useful since it works by pumping either warm mist or cool mist into your baby’s room so as to counteract the effects of a central heating system to help keep your baby’s skin smooth, soft and clear whether it’s in winter or in summer. However, it’s also important to note that excessive moisture in the air isn’t good either since it creates a conducive environment for the growth of bacteria, mold and dust mites and so you need to ensure you get just the right amount of balance.

Consider the size of your baby’s room

The ideal amount of indoor humidity for a comfortable atmosphere should be between 30 to 50 percent. Without a humidifier, those levels can quickly drop to as low as 10 percent especially in winter since cold air holds less moisture than warm air and it dries out further when there’s a furnace or wood fire in your house.

To know the size of humidifier you’ll need for your baby’s room you’ll have to measure the square footage of your baby’s room. The bigger the square footage, the bigger the size of humidifier you’ll need. Humidifiers usually come in an array of styles and colors and finding the right type for your baby’s room usually involves some few trade-offs either in terms of noise levels, efficiency or even convenience.

For rooms that have an area of between 300 to 499 square feet, then a small or medium sized humidifier will do the job well enough. But small humidifiers usually have small water tanks that need to be refilled frequently and may therefore not be suitable for continuous long periods of use and operation. Large humidifiers can be used in rooms from 500 to 999 square feet. Extra-large humidifiers can produce enough mist that covers areas of up to 1,000 square feet or more.

Types of humidifiers

Normally there are two main types of humidifiers: warm mist and cool mist. Both types add moisture to the air but using a different process to produce the mist output. The type of humidifier you choose is totally a matter of personal preference and the price of both types can range from $40 to $170.

Warm mist humidifiers – these usually heat water until it boils after which the resulting steam is emitted into your baby’s room or immediate surroundings. Some warm mist models have a filter that helps to trap water deposits to ensure the moisture produced is better and cleaner. However, these filters need to be cleaned regularly or replaced every one to three months due to mold growth. Warm mist humidifiers are not recommended for use near babies or children due to the risk of burns when your baby accidentally puts his/her hands into the water tank with hot water.

Cool mist humidifiers – when it comes to cool mist humidifiers, there are usually three types according to how they operate. We have evaporative, ultrasonic and impeller cool mist humidifiers. Evaporative models consist of a fan that’s used to blow air over a wet wick and depending on the model; you can incur an additional $10 to get a spare wick. Ultrasonic humidifiers use a vibrating nebulizer to pump mist into your baby’s room. Ultrasonic models are known to be super quiet and less noisy than the evaporative and impeller types. Impeller models use a rotating disk that emits moisture into your baby’s room.  You can check out this helpful article for more important benefits of cool mist humidifiers.

Important features to consider in a baby humidifier

Even though humidifiers come in different models that are designed with décor in mind, it’s important to keep function ahead of form if you want to get a model that’ll meet your baby’s needs and one that best suits the dimensions and space requirements of your baby’s room. The features listed and discussed below are the most important to consider.

Easy to clean – the best way to ensure a humidifier continues to function and operate properly is by keeping it clean. The model you choose should be easy to clean since a model that’s difficult to clean can be frustrating leading to less frequent cleaning that will result in unhealthy and unsafe moisture being produced into your baby’s room. You need to drain, rinse and dry it every day and ensure you remove any visible residue in the water tank using vinegar and a bleach solution and then rinse it thoroughly in clean water every week.

Large water tank – a large water tank will enable the humidifier to produce mist into your baby’s room the whole night without needing a refill. It can even operate for days continuously without a refill and this makes it convenient.

Auto shut off – for safety purposes, most humidifiers feature an auto shut off function that automatically turns off the humidifier when you remove the tank for cleaning and refilling or when there’s very little water left in the tank to prevent it from short circuiting.

Customizable mist output – most humidifiers allow you to adjust the amount of mist flow to three different levels such as low, medium or high. This enables you to choose the best mist flow setting that meets your baby’s needs and comfort. However, the mist flow setting you choose will also affect how long the humidifier will operate before needing a refill.

Ambient night light – some models feature ambient night lights of different colors that provide your baby with a soothing and relaxing atmosphere suitable for a peaceful sleep.

Quiet operation – a noisy humidifier can distract your baby’s sleep during the night. It can also make it difficult for you to concentrate on your work or studies. Ultrasonic humidifiers are known to be super quiet while in operation and some models even have a night mode which when activated turns off any distracting lights from the humidifier so you and your baby can sleep peacefully at night.

360 degrees rotating nozzle – a rotating nozzle gives you the ability to choose the direction and angle which you want the mist to go. This is very important since you may want the mist flow to be directed towards a specific area of your baby’s room instead of the whole room. Rotating nozzle will also allow for uniform distribution of mist if you want it to cover the whole room.

Aromatherapy diffuser – even though this is not a necessity, some parents may prefer to diffuse a nice scent of perfume in their immediate surroundings for a fresh, relaxing atmosphere. For this purpose, some models have an aroma pallet where you can add your favorite essential oils or perfumes if you want to diffuse fragrance into your living room or bedroom.

Decor – a humidifier doesn’t have to look like humdrum. Even though its main purpose is to add moisture to your baby’s room or environment, you can still get one that blends nicely with any décor that’s in your baby’s nursery or even your living room. Doing so will enable you to get the performance you want from a humidifier without sacrificing on beauty.

Easy to use – if the humidifier you choose has an LED display with buttons, it should be intuitive and easy to use so you can know the clear functions of each button. Some models have a remote control that gives you full access to all the features and ultimate control over the humidifier so you can operate it even from a distance.


We hope this guide on the best baby humidifiers will make it easy for you to choose a great humidifier for your baby’s nursery to provide him/her with a clean and fresh air for the health and comfort needed both in cold winter and hot summer seasons.

If you’re still undecided on the type of humidifier you want to get for your baby, we recommend you choose a versatile model that produces both warm mist and cool mist flow so you can choose the type of mist you want anytime, anywhere without having to incur extra costs in the process. You can also leave any questions you have about baby humidifiers in the comments below and we’ll do our best to answer them to the best of our ability.

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