Maryland Car Seat Laws 2023 (What To Know)

maryland car seat laws

Maryland car seat laws requires that all drivers and riders in a moving vehicle be restrained by either car seats or seatbelts. They have a primary seatbelt law regarding drivers, front-seat passengers, and back-seat passengers under the age of 16, which means that they can pull you over simply for not wearing a seatbelt even …

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Idaho Car Seat Laws 2023 (What To Know)

idaho car seat laws

In the state of Idaho, it is a requirement that all children under the age of 13 ride in the back seat of the vehicle and every child must have either a car seat or a seatbelt, depending on his or her age and size. Many of the recommendations made in Idaho car seat laws …

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Michigan Car Seat Laws 2023 (What To Know)

michigan car seat laws

As in all other states, Michigan requires that all children be secured in a DOT-approved car seat in the back seat of the vehicle whenever that vehicle is moving. According to Michigan car seat laws, children under the age of 13 must be in the back seat and never the front. All individuals over the …

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Illinois Car Seat Laws 2023 (What To Know)

illinois car seat laws

In many areas of Illinois and throughout the country, child car safety seats are being installed incorrectly, which causes unnecessary deaths every year. Like many other states, the state of Illinois has made some changes in their policies regarding Illinois car seat laws to make kids even safer. This includes the recommendation of keeping babies …

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Colorado Car Seat Laws 2023 (What To Know)

colorado car seat laws

In the state of Colorado, all persons riding in a moving vehicle must be either in a car seat or wearing seatbelts, and there are no exceptions to this rule. Parents can be ticketed and even fined if they are caught allowing their children to ride in a vehicle without the proper child-restraint system. In …

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Oregon Car Seat Laws 2023 (What To Know)

oregon car seat laws

Oregon car seat laws regarding children and car seats are rather straightforward. The state requires that anyone who is driving or riding in a vehicle use either a seatbelt or car seat, and children must use an age-appropriate car seat that is fully fastened every time. In fact, all children 4’9” or shorter or who …

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Arizona Car Seat Laws 2023 (What To Know)

arizona car seat laws

Do you know what the Arizona car seat laws are? If you live or plan to travel to Arizona with your baby, these laws will keep you up to date so that you don’t end up on the wrong side of the law. Car seat laws vary from state to state, but all 50 states …

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Wisconsin Car Seat Laws 2023 (What To Know)

wisconsin car seat laws

Understanding Wisconsin car seat laws regarding car seats is key to making sure that children are as safe as possible when traveling. Parents and guardians need to make sure that they fully understand these laws, as they will be the ones who are held liable if they break them on accident. Learning what the laws …

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Pennsylvania Car Seat Laws 2023

pennsylvania car seat laws

To keep children safe when they are on the road in Pennsylvania, this state has created a number of laws regarding car seats. Understanding age, weight, and height restrictions for children in Pennsylvania will help parents and guardians keep children safe when on the road. Additionally, everyone driving in this state needs to understand their …

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Georgia Car Seat Laws 2023 (What To Know)

georgia car seat laws

Designed to keep children and all passengers safe when on the road, the Georgia car seat laws regarding car seats and seat belts must be properly followed by all passengers to ensure safety. Understanding these laws is imperative for anyone who will be living or traveling in Georgia, as a full and complete understanding will …

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