Best Baby Walkers 2024 – Buying Guide

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1.Chicco Dance Walker Activity Center Check Price on Amazon
2.Safety 1st Sounds ‘n’ Lights Activity Walker Check Price on Amazon
3.HABA Walker Wagon Check Price on Amazon
4.Combi Ferrari F1 Baby Walker Check Price on Amazon
5.Combi All In One Activity Walker Check Price on Amazon
6.Chicco Walky Talky Baby Walker Check Price on Amazon
7.Joovy Spoon Walker Check Price on Amazon
8.WB KidsEmbrace Baby Batgirl Walker Check Price on Amazon
9.Kolcraft 4×4 2-in-1 Activity Baby Walker Check Price on Amazon
10.Disney Baby Music and Lights Walker Check Price on Amazon

Are you a parent who’s looking for the best baby walkers for 2024 that will teach your little baby how to walk while keeping her entertained in the safest way possible at the same time? Then you can’t go wrong with any of the baby walkers that have been listed and reviewed in this informative guide.

Nowadays, there are many products on the market that have been developed to help keep our playful babies entertained at home. Examples of such products include baby bouncers or jumpers, baby gyms, and of course baby walkers.

Any of these products will do the job really well if you want your baby to stay playful and entertained at home so that you can get some free time to do more important chores or tasks around the house. However, of all the products that are meant to keep babies entertained or playful at home, we strongly advice parents to go for baby walkers since they not only keep babies entertained but they also teach babies how to walk on their own.

The safety of babies is also something that baby walker manufacturers take seriously and for this reason they build baby walkers that guarantee the safety of the baby every time the baby is riding on the walker. If you’ve noticed that your baby is trying to learn how to walk but he/she is still having difficulty to walk independently, then this would be a good time to get your baby a good baby walker.

Below is our guide on the best baby walkers where we have written the most up to date reviews for the top 10 baby walkers that are currently selling well on the market so as to help parents pick the one that’s suitable for their baby’s walking needs while still giving them a good value for their money.

Best Baby Walkers 2024

1.Chicco Dance Walker Activity Center

chicco dance walker

This baby walker comes with great features that make it perfect for both babies and parents alike. Its height can be adjusted to three different levels to offer the most comfortable and safe walking position for your baby and the seat is not only padded to add more comfort to your baby, but it can also be removed for easy and quick cleaning operations using a washing machine. When not in use, you can simply fold it flat for easy storage or portability if you want to carry it with you when travelling.

We really like how the baby’s safety has been given top priority with the Chicco dance walker. If for example the walker goes over a step, the brake pads at the bottom will stop the walker immediately to prevent any accidents or injuries to your baby and it also has bumper guards on the corners that protect your baby from bumping against wall surfaces. You can also play entertaining songs for your baby using the built-in MP3 hook-up system that features a locking player storage tray for safely keeping all the electronics out of the baby’s reach.

However, some parents complain that the leg and seat openings are small and this requires them to squeeze the baby’s legs through the opening to get the baby comfortably into the walker. Also, the activity tray doesn’t stay in place and gets displaced with even the tiniest of bumps when the baby is walking along.

But even so, this baby walker is a good one for keeping your baby entertained since it is sturdy, safe, fun and offers one of the easiest set up experiences right out of the box. You can thus be confident of getting a durable and reliable walker for your baby at a price that provides good value for your money.

2.Safety 1st Sounds ‘n’ Lights Activity Walker

safety first walker

Just like the name suggests, this activity walker is built and designed with the baby’s safety in mind. Out of the box, it offers a quick and easy assembly procedure and can easily move over any surfaces such as carpets and hardwood floors without any difficulty. The padded seat can be easily removed for a quick machine-washing operation and its height can also be adjusted to offer the best walking position for your baby. However, some parents complain that the adjustable seat is still too high even at the lowest height positions and this makes it difficult for the baby’s feet to touch the ground. You baby needs to be at least 31 inches tall for them to walk comfortably when the seat is at the lowest settings.

The frame has been sturdily built to make this walker strong and durable enough while its easy and fast folding mechanism makes it very convenient for easy storage and portability. There’s also a removable activity tray that features in-built lights, sounds and music (including 12 songs) to help keep your baby happy and entertained while in the walker. At the bottom rail of this walker, there are fitted grip strips that help to reduce movements on uneven surfaces so as to help keep the baby safe from accidents or injuries. Even though these grip strips are a safety feature and depending on the type of carpet you have on your floor, the baby might have a hard time trying to ride the walker over the carpet due to these grip strips.

The front wheels are also swiveled to make it easy for the baby to maneuver around easily. So if you’re a parent who’s looking for a walker that is fun to use, sturdily built and easy to transport or carry around, then you can’t go wrong with this activity walker from Safety first.

3.HABA Walker Wagon

haba walker wagon

When compared to all the other baby walkers in our list of the best baby walkers 2017, we feel the Haba walker wagon is more superior and like the mac daddy of them all. Unlike the other walkers which are full of confusing bells and whistles, the Haba walker is very straight forward and easy for your baby to use and operate. The wooden construction feels well made and sturdy while making it heavy enough to prevent your baby from tipping and falling over.

We really like the brakes that allow parents to adjust the wheel speed depending on your baby’s walking skills. When your baby is still too young to walk, you can tighten the brakes completely to make sure the baby only uses it as a sturdy piece for pulling him/herself up and then when he/she becomes steadier on their feet, you can loosen the wheels gradually to allow them to push it at a very slow pace. The seat has been designed to carry up to two babies at once and when the baby is not riding along, the seats provide a sufficient storage space for the baby’s favorite toys. This walker is also very quiet when compared to other walkers which produce a ridiculous amount of noise when in operation.

According to parents, the pushing posture for this walker is also better and safer than those of other walkers since with the Haba walker, your baby gets to push it in an upright position unlike the other walkers which force the baby to bend forward dangerously when pushing. They also noted an increased time of use with the Haba walker since it can also be used as a wagon for carrying toys or riding little friends along.

With this in mind, we think the Haba walker is an excellent baby walker that’s been brilliantly designed and built to excellent levels of quality especially when compared against the other walkers in our list.

4.Combi Ferrari F1 Baby Walker

combi ferrari f1 walker

Looking for a quality and fun baby walker that will make your baby feel as if they are riding a Ferrari? Then the Combi Ferrari F1 baby walker is your best choice. In fact, most parents think this is the best walker as far as performance is concerned. The seat is fully padded to offer the highest levels of comfort for the baby and when the baby messes on the seat, you can quickly remove it for an easy machine-washing operation.

We like the removable and vibrating activity center that features lights, horn, sounds and a steering wheel that are all geared towards making the baby entertained while riding along in the walker. Most babies really like and enjoy how the engine sounds, tricking them into believing they’re driving a real Ferrari. Since this activity center is removable, it means the walker can easily be converted into a full activity center for other playful activities if the baby no longer wishes to use it as a walker. Just under this removable activity center, is a very convenient snack tray for keeping your baby’s favorite snacks so the baby doesn’t get hungry while riding in the walker. The wheels at the bottom allow it to be maneuvered easily on hardwood floors and even on the carpet.

However, a few parents complained that their baby’s arm got stuck between the shifter and the mirror several times and this poses as a serious injury risk to the baby. We believe this is something the manufacturer needs to look into and correct this problem as soon as possible. Others complain that the assembled walker is too low for the baby to walk in it.

But even with those few complaints, the Ferrari F1 walker is still one of the best walkers on the market right now. The fact that it’s light in weight makes it super fast, and will offer your baby one of the most fun and entertaining experiences from a baby walker.

5.Combi All In One Activity Walker

combi all in one walker

The combi all in one activity walker is a bit different and special from the other walkers in our list in the sense that it’s not only a walker, but it also has bouncing capabilities to enable it function as a baby bouncer. This bounce feature can be locked when it’s not in use and at the bottom of the walker; it has anti skid pads that bring the walker to a stop when the baby is walking on slippery or dangerous surfaces.

The different variety of colors to choose from provides a playful and stimulating experience for your baby and the steering wheel features lights and sounds that will keep your baby entertained while riding along in the walker. It also has a hood that can be easily removed to create a very convenient space for placing a snack tray filled with all the favorite snacks for your baby. The seat is padded for enhanced comfort and is also removable for easy cleaning and washing operations. And even though it has wheels at the bottom for easy maneuverability, the wheels are too small and this makes it difficult for it to be driven on the carpet. It only works perfectly on hardwood floors.

The height of the walker can also be adjusted to three different positions to provide the best walking position depending on your baby’s height. When you activate the bouncing feature, the walker has the ability to give your baby just a lit bit of a jump that’s safe enough for the baby. Also considering that the walker is riding on un-lockable wheels, you wouldn’t want your baby to jump higher than what this bouncer does as this would pose as a safety hazard.

All in all, this is a great and entertaining baby walker for any parent who’s looking for a walker that has the flexibility of being used both as a walker and a bouncer at the same time.

6.Chicco Walky Talky Baby Walker

chicco walky talky walker

For the price, the chicco walky talky baby walker is an absolute steal considering the features you get from it. This is the first multi-lingual walker that’s capable of entertaining babies with ABC, colors and other sounds in English, German, French, Italian, portugese and Spanish languages. It also features a multi-lingual play tray that can be removed for the purposes of being used as a stand-alone toy thanks to the in-built fun tunes and colorful lights that create a playful atmosphere for the baby.

Right out of the box, this walker is easy to assemble thanks to the easy and straight forward set up directions and the walker feels sturdy and the quality is superb especially for the price. A removable padded seat not only adds to your baby’s comfort but also makes cleaning and machine washing operations easy. When the walker is not in use, you can simply fold it compactly for easy storage or transportation when you’re on the go. The three adjustable height positions of this walker caters to babies of different heights so that if your baby is short you can set it to the lowest height and if your baby is tall you can raise the walker’s height to the most comfortable walking position for the baby.

With the baby’s safety in mind, the walker features brakes pads at the bottom to help stop the walker if it accidentally goes over a step. As for the cons however, few parents complain that the sounds produced by the play tray are too low to be heard by the baby and that there’s a problem with how the front wheels rotate.

But even so, we still find this walker from chicco to be a great product especially for the price plus it’s really cute and built to quality standards to ensure your baby gets entertained for as long as the walker lasts.

7.Joovy Spoon Walker

joovy spoon walker

The joovy spoon walker is one of the best selling baby walkers on Amazon and it’s packed with interesting features that make it receive such a high customer rating on the market and it has been designed with your baby’s safety in mind. The base of this walker has been made wider than the top to help protect your baby’s fingers from getting pinched when it bumps against wall surfaces. The seat is very supportive and padded to give your baby the safest and most comfortable sitting posture plus the seat is removable for easy cleaning or washing operations.

When the time for meals and snacks arrives, an extra large tray that features a removable and dishwasher safe insert has you sorted. This large tray can also be used for keeping all your baby’s favorite toys when it’s not being used for feeding purposes. The walker’s height can be adjusted to three different positions to make it ideal for babies who weigh up to 30 pounds and are 33.5 inches tall in height. If the walker is not in use, you can just simply fold it flat for easy storage and portability purposes. Parents will also be happy to know that this walker is JPMA certified to ensure the materials used in its construction are free from BPA, PVC and Phthalate.

As a safety precaution at home, Joovy recommends the use of stair gates to keep stairs out of reach when the baby is riding in the walker. But even if the walker starts to descend down a stair way, the non slip stair pads at the bottom of the walker should be able to stop it immediately to help protect and safeguard the baby.

All these safety features found in the Joovy Spoon walker should be enough to put a smile on the faces of those parents who are really anxious about the safety of their babies when they are riding in a walker.

8.WB KidsEmbrace Baby Batgirl Walker

wb kidsembrace walker

This baby walker from WB KidsEmbrace shares most of its features with the Ferrari F1 walker reviewed above with the only difference of it being suited specifically for baby girls. It features a steering wheel , ignition key, and a gear shifter that makes a very interesting sound when moved to ensure your little baby girl will love and enjoy learning how to walk in this walker. It’s a walker that’s recommended for baby girls that weigh up to 26 pounds who can comfortably support their own body weight and are up to 32 inches tall or shorter.

The design makes it easy to assemble right out of the box and it feels sturdy and light weight enough for the baby to comfortably and easily move around in it. Its quick and easy fold feature adds to the convenience of easy storage and portability when it’s not in use. Up to three adjustable height positions will enable this walker to comfortably accommodate your baby’s growth while providing a suitable walking position for the baby when riding along in the walker. The padded seat has a high back rest for added support and comfort with the ability of being easily removed for quick and easy machine washing operations.

At the bottom it comes with sturdy race car wheels that make it fast and easily maneuverable when the baby is riding around the house. Most parents also like how compact this walker is, saying that it doesn’t take up too much space especially if your baby’s room is small. As for the cons, we couldn’t find any as far as the WB KidsEmbrace Batgirl walker is concerned; yes! It’s that good.

We would therefore advice any doubtful parents to jump in and purchase this lovely baby walker from WB KidsEmbrace since the build is of great quality, it is very fun, very entertaining for little girls and yet it comes at an unbeatable price tag for the kind of performance you get from such a walker.

9.Kolcraft 4×4 2-in-1 Activity Baby Walker

kolcraft 4x4 walker

There’s so much to like about the kolcraft 4×4 2-in-1 baby walker since it boosts of interestingly unique features that help keep your baby happy and entertained. Designed with your baby’s growth in mind, this walker can be easily and quickly converted from a seated walker to a walk behind walker when your baby has grown to the point where she can comfortably walk on her own. Your baby will also get the opportunity to develop her motor driving skills at such an early age thanks to the electronic toy steering wheel with car sounds, lights and music that keep her entertained at the same time.

The seat is padded with leather and comes with a high-back design with a head rest for enhanced comfort and support. For easy maneuverability, the front wheels are swiveled to help the baby move around with ease but we discovered it’s a bit difficult to ride it on the carpet mainly due to the small wheels and the anti skid pads that create friction when the baby is riding over rough or uneven surfaces. The height of the walker is also adjustable to cater and accommodate to the growth of your baby.

Most parents are also impressed with how versatile and safe this walker is but they still wish it could be foldable for easy storage and portability. Yes! This walker isn’t foldable and is thus inconvenient for travel but that is the only downside with this walker. However, there are still many things to like in this walker, from its easy assembly procedure to its great build quality and unmatched versatility, all these features combine to make the Kolcraft 4×4 baby walker a must have for any parent who wants their little ones to remain entertained for as long as this walker will last. And at a price of less than eighty dollars, you can be sure of getting a great value for your money.

10.Disney Baby Music and Lights Walker

disney baby walker

If you’re looking for a walker that will introduce your baby to the playful spirit of Minnie Mouse with a lifetime of magical memories, then the Disney baby walker would be a great option to consider. With the songs, lights and favorite Disney characters that are in-built into the activity tray, your baby will have lots of fun and entertaining moments that will flood her memory with the magical character of Minnie even when she gets older. It’s worthy to note that this walker is recommended for babies who weigh no more than 30 pounds and the child must also be able to sit up unassisted.

During meals or snack times, you can just swing open the activity tray to reveal an oversized tray perfect for stocking all the tasty snacks that your baby loves. This tray can also be filled up with all the playful toys when your baby is not hungry. The padded seat is comfortable enough for the baby and can be removed for machine washing operations. However, some parents complain that when you want to wash the fabric part on which your baby sits on, you need to unscrew it from the plastic pieces and this is not just difficult but it’s also time consuming. The seat can also be raised or lowered to accommodate your baby’s growth and the whole walker rides on sturdy wheels that are suited for use on tiles, carpets and hardwood floors but these wheels are not lockable if you want to keep your baby stationary in one area.

On the go parents will also appreciate how this walker folds down quickly and easily for convenient storage and transportation. Grip strips fitted at the bottom help keep your baby safe by stopping it from going down the stairs or reducing movements on rough and slippery surfaces. The walker is also very light in weight, weighing only 11 pounds so the baby can easily walk around in it.

The Disney baby walker is definitely a great value if you consider all the fun and interesting features it offers your baby for less than eighty bucks.

Baby Walker Buying Guide

There are many products that can help keep a baby entertained and playful at home and this is important for moms who need the spare time to do important house chores without being disturbed by the baby every time they are busy. All parents would want to see their babies growing and developing in the right way and for this reason, most parents are actually happy when they see their little babies being active and playful since this is something that’s normal for any young baby and it’s also part and parcel of their physical and mental development. With this in mind, any parent who pays close attention to how their baby grows and notices that the baby is trying to learn everything and also wants to move or walk around but is still too young to do this independently, then this might be the right time for the parent to invest in a baby walker. Baby walkers offer babies lots of fun and entertaining options to play while their safety is still guaranteed.

How are baby walkers beneficial to a baby?

First and importantly, the sole purpose of baby walkers is to keep your baby playful and entertained thanks to the in-built features like sounds, lights and activity trays that can be stocked with all the favorite toys that your baby enjoys playing with.

Secondly, baby walkers act as pre-walking tools in the sense that they assist your baby to maintain his/her balance while still providing side effects for the development of leg muscles needed for motor skills.

The last benefit is the way baby walkers allow your baby to explore the environments within the home settings. The freedom to freely maneuver around creates new experiences by providing new stimulation for any baby or child. However, it is advised to always keep a close eye on your baby when they are riding in the walker to ensure unexpected accidents don’t happen.

Seated Walker vs Sit-to-Stand Walker

There are two main types of baby walkers that parents can buy depending on the walking skills of your baby. At the first glance, the difference between a seated walker and a sit-to-stand walker is very noticeable and this will give most parents the idea as to which type of walker will be best suited for their baby. To help parents choose the right type that’s perfect for their babies without any difficulty, we have listed below the main distinguishing features for these two types of baby walkers:

• If you want your baby to practice standing on her own, then the sit-to-stand walker would be the better choice.
• If you want your baby to eat snacks while playing with toys at the same time, then the seated walker is the type to go for.
• Depending on the model, both types of walkers can be easily folded flat for convenient storage and portability.
• If you’re on a tight budget and are looking for a cheaper baby walker then the standing type would offer good value for money.

Important features in a baby walker

Number of height adjustable positions – most baby walkers height can be adjusted to three different positions to provide the best walking position for your baby. We all know babies come with different heights; some are tall and others short. If your baby is short you want to make sure the walker is set to its lowest height position to enable your baby’s feet to touch the ground in order to walk comfortably. Similarly, for tall babies ensure the walker is set to its highest position to enable the baby walk with ease. Some walkers however, have only two or no adjustable height levels at all and this makes them very limiting when it comes to usability and so this is something to take into consideration.

Folding mechanism – a good walker should be able to fold easily and quickly for easy storage when it’s not being used by the baby. Apart from easy storage, foldable walkers also make it very convenient for parents to transport or carry them when going for trips with the family. Their compacted size after being folded is a big space saver especially when packed in the boot of a car.

Seat fabric and padding – when we talk about the seat and its padding, there are three things that come to mind; support, comfort and sensitivity of your baby’s skin. A good seat should be able to provide your baby with proper back and head support to prevent injuries to the spinal cord. The type of material used to pad the seat is also important as this adds to the comfort of your baby. When it comes to fabric materials, some walkers have a plush and soft seat fabric while others have a hard or tough fabric material. You need to think how your baby’s delicate skin would react to each type of fabric material. If your baby has a sensitive skin, then a plush soft fabric material would be more suitable for his delicate skin.

Wheels – there are many things to look for in a wheel and the first and most important factor is maneuverability. This means the front wheels should be swiveled to allow them rotate independently so as to make the walker maneuver around with ease. For the purpose of safety, the wheels should also be lockable especially in times when you want to keep the baby stationary in one place. The size of the wheels is also another important factor to consider since small wheels are difficult to maneuver over rough or uneven surfaces such as carpets. Opt for larger wheels if you want the baby to ride the walker over any kind of surfaces without difficulty.

Anti-skid safety pads – the main purpose of these anti-skid pads is to halt the walker when the baby accidentally goes over the step of a stair. They also stop the walker when the baby is riding over uneven or rough surfaces to prevent injuries or accidents from happening. Almost all walkers come fitted with these safety pads as standard but it’s still wise to double check if the walker you’re buying has them or not.

Size and weight – baby walkers come with different weights and sizes and so parents should consider these factors when choosing a walker for their baby. Check out for bigger snack or toy trays to ensure you can store all the snacks and toys that your baby prefers while in the walker. As for the weight, opt for a lighter weight walker if you want the baby to be able to move it around easily. Heavy walkers may make it difficult for the baby to move it around but they have the added advantage of being more stable to prevent them from tipping over easily.

Entertainment console – this is the small electronic unit that’s been integrated in the activity tray with which the baby interacts with. A good entertainment console should have lights, sounds, vibration and in some cases a steering wheel. Also check whether this console can be removed for easy portability and in most cases, a snack or toy tray should also be revealed when this console has been removed.

Lockable bounce feature – a few baby walkers do come with a bounce feature that makes it both a walker and jumper at the same time. These bouncers are very good at keeping the baby happy and entertained but keep in mind that high level of jumps when the baby is on the walker pose a serious safety hazard. The bouncer should allow the baby to jump just a tad bit high for the purpose of safety. If your baby isn’t bouncing along, then this bouncer should be locked in place.

Safety information – look for baby walkers that come certified for safe use by organizations such as ASTM and JPMA to ensure the materials used for their construction are free from BPA, Phthalate and all other toxic chemicals. This is to ensure that both parents and babies are safe when using these walkers and that they pose no serious health risks to the baby.


As we conclude this guide on the best baby walkers, our main goal is to help parents choose the right walker that will not just cater to the needs of a growing baby, but one that will also ensure the baby is safe at all times when riding on the walker. Baby walkers are important when it comes to entertaining a baby at home and also helping the baby learn how to walk with ease.

So if you’re a parent who’s looking for a baby walker that’s going to teach your baby how to walk while keeping her entertained at the same time, our informative guide on the best baby walkers has been created in order to make the whole buying process easy and confusion-free. All the baby walkers reviewed in this article have been carefully selected after thorough research to ensure parents pick the right walker for their babies needs while still getting a great value for money.

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